20 June 2007

AFI 100 Years 100 Movies

Is on CBS right now until 11pm. It's worth a look just to get some things in your head and build a 'to watch' list. Not all acting and directing happens on a stage.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Doty-kins, today in the paper they had an article and a list of the 100 greatest movies of all times! I don't know if you saw it or not but it was pretty interesting and I saved the artice for you to take a look at (and complain about the choices...) but I noticed '12 Angry Men' was on there at like 70-ish.

~Amanda C.

Anonymous said...

They revised the old list made a couple fo changes, Citizen Kane remains the residing champ. The Godfather However, since Brando's death has moved up. Which I'm pretty sure has quite a bit to do with the decisions given for at least the top ten.

You can't give those to people still alive the award and thats that.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know where Shawshank lies on the list. I was gone during this time so I didn't get to read the paper, what day was it on, anywhere online where i can find it, come on people I need this list!!!


John said...

Here's yer bleedin' list, Jake... meantime, learn about Google :)
"Voted the number one movie was CITIZEN KANE, Orson Welles' 1941 classic, which he directed, produced, wrote and starred in at the age of 25. The rest of the top ten, in order, are: CASABLANCA (#2), THE GODFATHER (#3), GONE WITH THE WIND (#4), LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (#5), THE WIZARD OF OZ (#6), THE GRADUATE (#7), ON THE WATERFRONT (#8), SCHINDLER'S LIST (#9) and SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (#10)."

Shawshank came in at #72 on this years' list... it did not make the original 100 Years list in 1997.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks Doty, although I should've reposted that I looked it up on google and looked at the wikipedia page on it.

And you make it sdounds like I've never seen Citizen Kane... you've got to be kidding me right!?

But yeah, I've was happy to see almost everything on there, I was against a few and saw a few movies that should've been replaced by others, but oh well. It's not my list.