30 June 2007

We're Home

Yay! Unloading the truck today and settling in!

25 June 2007

ETA from MN

Hey all! As many of you know, I am moving Jen to Oregon from Minnesota.

While we get her settled in, I won't be my usual available self, but if you need something related to one of our productions or related to a recommendation or Bowmer Project-related, please post in a current comment thread or phone if need be!

I plan to arrive midday June 30. Tonight is Fergus Falls MN. Tomorrow should be Medora ND, then Bozeman, Spokane, and Salem, making about 400 miles a day. [UPDATE] Turns out we made Glendive MT, shooting for Butte, then Pasco, then home... closer to 460 miles per day...and with road construction and only one of us able to drive the 26' trailer with the car carrier and the stray 40 mph headwind (which means we are getting crap for fuel economy), I don't wanna hear about anyone else's killer roadtripping skillz. I've been there and done it and have the t-shirt...this is my 11th road trip that has covered three or more timezones, as either solo or duo driver. I've done them for speed, I've done them for sightseeing, and I've done them for 'We need to get there, but everyone is exhausted cuz we just moved a three story house full of gear in two days of 90+ temps while one of us has a cracked rib, so we are going as fast as won't get us killed.' And yes, there was a snap in that tone.

Fantasticks scripts should be arriving July 15-20 and will be distributed immediately!

24 June 2007

Techs Needed: Ballet in the Park

Are you signed up for stagecraft and want a head start on your 80 hours of support for the year?

Ballet Rogue is doing Ballet in the Park @ Lithia.
Rehearsals are 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29
Performances 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30

Hours earned during this time will be logged and can be applied as needed throughout the year (say during a quarter you find your self acting and unable to crew, or at the end of the year when opportunities thin out somewhat).

If you are interested, I need to know VERY SOON. You need to be able to commit to at least two pairs of dates, but ideally to all 8. Post in Comments, please. I will be checking back several times today.

[UPDATED] The tech duties here are complex - curtain hanging at the outdoor bandshell, rolling out the marley floor surface, also issues with heat. But it needs doing and this is SOLID experience to put on a resume.

All of the jobs are paid!

20 June 2007

AFI 100 Years 100 Movies

Is on CBS right now until 11pm. It's worth a look just to get some things in your head and build a 'to watch' list. Not all acting and directing happens on a stage.

19 June 2007

Shrew ticket I Can't Use

HEADS UP, FOLKS! I have one ticket for Taming of the Shrew, WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 8:30pm at OSF. This is NOT a comp... I paid for it :) and it's toward the back of the house... Shrew is probably going to be impossible to get with Bowmer pass until LATE in the season (September?). Whoever wants it, post a comment and the first person posting gets it.

(Obviously, you need to be a driver or have someone willing to chauffeur you to Ashland, as this is a single seat and the show is sold out.)

I thought I'd be done with the phase of my home that I need be finished before I go get Jen, but I won't be, so...

18 June 2007

Romeo & Juliet

Wow. Saw R& J on Sunday. I'd heard some grumbling about it from two people working Tempest on Friday - one who thought Act I set up something that Act II failed to deliver, another who thought I was silly, but that II redeemed the show.

Well, I disagree with both of them :). Not to say the show is flawless - it is early in the run and not everyone has found their feet 100% yet, BUT the thigns it does well, it does exceptionally well, and the things that need work don't need much.

Things that are ON? Capulet and Mercutio. Wow again. Capulet, particularly. Bowmer Project folks will recognize Duke Senior from As You Like It. When you go (and you should go), watch him for an amazing demonstration of finding the changing beats within a single speech. He makes leaps that are astounding and resonant - I was impressed. No more 10s when I judge acting until somone matches his effort. :) While watching? Mesmerized. When looking back and analyzing? I am STILL seeing things he was doing that were so very cool.

Scenic design is wonderful - use of the trap inspired my tech side to think of HOW we could accomplish something like this.

See it. You may have to pay, but see it. When shows aren't comping, you might still be able to get a 50% off ticket as a Rogue Valley resident.

17 June 2007

The Tempest @ OSF

Went for opening night of the outdoor season on Friday. You should all see this one, particularly those of you who were involved in our production.

Without giving much away, I liked the concept and execution of Ariel and her 'shadows', I liked Caliban and the drunks a LOT (Christopher Duval was a VERY good Trinculo) - this Caliban made some very different emotional choices than ours did, but this worked well, too (proving that there is never A right way, but several or many).

They also merged Francisco and Adrian into a single speaking part and John O Hagan (from our workshop) plays that role.. they didn't cut as many of his lines as we did, though still it's a very reduced part. The Master and Boatswain are also merged into a single part. Antonia is morphed to a sister and that allows for an interesting added dynamic with Sebastian and Alonso...

Nell Geisslinger is a good Miranda, and her Ferdinand works well, too... The performance I liked least was Prospero, and that is unfortunate. The actor has a phenomenal voice, and closing my eyes to LISTEN to him was amazing, but he has an idiosyncratic tendancy and I see it in almost every role he plays - he anchors his feet at a good fighting stance, and then as the words come out, his weight shifts in little lunges and feints - as though his instincts are telling him to move, but he is resisting.

Nevertheless, this is a niggling detail that does not detract from te overall enjoyment of the show. The aesthetic is marvelous, particularly Prospero's 'magic garment' and Ariel's manifestation as a harpy whilst laying accusations upon the Neopolitan nobles and Antonia.

Heidi and Russell will be interested to know there are three kisses on the lips in this production, too, but only one is Miranda and Ferdinand and it comes far later than the first those two shared in our production. The first in this one is a drunken and hilarious celebratory greeting by Stephano and Trinculo, and the third is not unexpected given some things foreshadowed by blocking in this production, but who shares it, I leave you to see for yourself and comment on at our first Plays over Pizza in early July.

13 June 2007

Movies in the Park

I strongly encourage attendance to the following Movies in the Park... and perhaps some coordination of munchies.

July 7 - Three Amigos
July 14 - Harry Potter & Sorc Stone
July 21 - Back to the Future
July 28 - Happy Feet
Aug 4 - Indy & the Last Crusade
Aug 11 - Superman Returns

Note - the first movie is June 23, but I WON'T BE IN OREGON, so don't drop by 'just cuz'
Note also - the link above SHOULD lead to a .pdf schedule for the films, so you can see the June 23, Jun 30, and later August offerings... they just didn't appeal (at all) to me.

0708 Class Schedule + Fantasticks

Doty - Theater Arts -FA6
0 - open (office hours and prep)
1 - open (office hours and prep)
2 - PA 381 - Adv Theater Arts
3 - PA 380.a - Intro Theater Arts
4 - PA 380.b - Intro Theater Arts
5 - PA 380.c - Intro Theater Arts
6- PA 382 - Stage Craft
7 - open (use for facility management)
One Final NOTE - 'official' Fantasticks Scripts will be delivered to cast on or around JULY 25. If you want a book with text only (no music), we can order some from Amazon that will be YOURS TO KEEP, but you will need to pay me for them. Those can be ordered immediately and will arrive in two days from the time I place the order. Let me know.

10 June 2007

Notes for Firefly / Angel / Heroes fans

New to series TV this coming year, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", set in the continuity of James Cameron's Terminator films, and starring Thomas Dekker (you remember him as Claire Bennet's best friend / videographer, Zach) and Summer Glau (River Tam in Firefly, Ballerina in Angel). So far, only two episodes confirmed , and I haven't found which network is planning on carrying it.

It spins off from Terminator 2, not T3. Hrmmm.

Also announced, Jewel Staite (Firefly's Kaylee Frye) is adding to the cast of Stargate: Atlantis for season 4.

Also a note to Heroes fans (and people who think WoW is neat *ehem*). Several of the troupe are on the MMORPG City of Heroes - info here. It blows WoW away, jus' sayin'... the most NMHS folks I am aware of play on Triumph server. The most obvious might be the character "Mr. Mitchell Wiuff"

09 June 2007


ATTENTION ALL BOWMER PROJECT RECIPIENTS: The following troupe memebers and drama class students want to go to plays. CONTACT ME or SAMI or ERIN to get phone numbers and then TAKE THEM:

Note also the link to the OSF site is on the right of this page... go and check ticket availibilty, and call on shows that show seats available. When you find one that is, call other kids in the troupe... grab up as many tickets as we can, then call the list below, me, your parents, whoever... SEE PLAYS :)
Mitchell Price (Any)Angela Sword (not As You Like It)Gabby Mahon (Any)
Andrew PolettoJazmin Barker (not Romeo & Juliet)Breanna Imus (Any)
Jordan Buttolph (Any)Amanda Kulmac (not As You Like It)Natasha Minor (Any)
TJ Todd (Any)Kelli Mix (not The Tempest)Tiffany Blazer

Carol O'Hare (not Razzle)

07 June 2007

Congratulations to the Cast of...

...The Fantasticks!

El Gallo – Adam Chimeo
Matt – Cale McCoy
Luisa – Jen Warren
Hucklebee – Amanda Kulmac
Bellomy – Natasha Minor
Henry – Amanda Cyr
Mortimer – Jacob Schatz
The Mute – Kayla Garrett
The Handyman – TJ Todd
Understudy (El Gallo / Matt) – Corey Dalton
Understudy (Luisa) – Sarah Schwarz
Understudy (Huck / Bell) – Katie Sparks
Understudy (Henry / Mortimer) - Carol O'Hare

[update, now that I'm not dashing off somewhere]
This was the strongest top to bottom audition we've ever had. People who have not be cast should understand we were very happy with what we saw and everyone should try for the fall show (where the number of available role will more than double)