14 May 2007

tonight's ep: "Landslide"
Ohmigosh, people...this is the second to last one for the year. Can you contain yourself? Will JJ or Jacob flip out more in class tomorrow? Or will Kayla beat them to it be flipping out at or before lunch... And I won't even SEE Kylee tomorrow, so if she goes out of her mind over tonight's episode, I won't even know.

The IMDB listing for tonight's ep includes George Takei (Sulu, also Hiro's Dad)

Can I even wait the remaining 102 minutes?


Anonymous said...

DOTY!!!! I'm going to have a freaking mental breakdown with this whole heros thing!!! I swear I'm gonna freak out 2morrow...I have grease rehearsel so you will see me after school and I will Pop a top!! AHHHH! I can't wait any longer...oh yeah and short scenes...what a pain!!! But So much fun!!!! Oy!!!! HEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John said...


OH... MY...!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Dear sweet wounded jesus. How more amazing than that can you get!?

7 days... 7 days.


John said...

SO many good moments, so many good lines... "Didn't I throw you out a window?" "What am I thinking now, Parkman?"

And what is with Milo (Peter) doing the website promo with the bleeding forehead?

AND will Mohinder EVER have all the info he needs? Nothing like complete pictures upon which to base your descisons...and poor Matt... fire extinguisher to the head - ouch.

BSG's third season has nothing on this... BSG's 2nd season, maybe... 1st? Yeah... and coming NEXT season? Heroes has a 30 (THIRTY) episode order (that is 7 more than normal), and also a thing called "Heroes:Origins" as a filler mini-series, during the main series hiatus.. Holy whew!!

Anonymous said...

HEROES...OH MY AMAZING SHOW!!!! wow I locked myself in my room through the whole show and didn't talk to anyone...I was totally freaking amazed tonight!!!! It was awesome!!!! WOW this season is NOT allowed to end yet! No Not funny! uh yeah great episode!


William said...

Does this mean heroes is finally over?

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the final episode of the year...oh my wow! Totally freaking amazing! Can't wait till next season. Poor Peter...he better come back to help!!!!!!!! Oh wow...theater...look what it does to you!!!


jj said...

omgwtf this season cant be over.....NOOOOOOOOOO

Someone.....i might need u to please record the first part of next season because from july 2 to octber 26 im not going to have any way to watch it.....so ill need to pick it up from someone when i get back but my grandma wont remember to record it.....

but it was hilarious when hiro cussed in japanese.....cant wait till next season