29 May 2007

OFFICERS - 2007-08

Congratulations to the following troupe members who will serve as officers next year.

President - Sami Pollock
Vice Presidents - Jen Warren & Kayla Garrett
Secretary - Amanda Cyr
Clerk - Shelby Mock
Historian - Erin Ebert

AND congratulations also to this year's historian, Hillary Burrelle, who was awarded one of the Melba Day Sparks Scholarships. Huzzah!


Rad said...

today was the induction night and me rad im kinda mad
in rosencrantz they put that im a thespian and im gonna have at least my 10 points and actually i have more but maybe because im a forgeiner and i dont like the ex-clerk katie sparks .so like this i didnt get inducted.and then they told me i have 8.
okay maybe im bad at math but
rosencrantz=3 points
short scenes=3point
ushering for mid summer=1 point
these are 10 for everybody who know math
and then add production hours and seeing on the ruzzel
these are 2 points that im sure off
but well good luck for next year black tornado thespian troupe thanks

John said...

I will review the situation, but I think the problem is lack of clarity on what points were awarded.

* Regionals = 2 points (1 entry, not a state qualitfier)

* Rosencrantz = 3 points

* Short Scenes = 2 for first, 1 or each additional. Iron Bar was only scene, thus 2

* every ten hours of production support = 1, thus build days and midsummer ushering exceeded 10 hours to get to 1, but didn't get over 20 thus to 2...

2+3+2+1=8, which is the total I told you and what was logged on your sheet.

However, NOT on your sheet and rightfully pointed out is the viewing of Razzle, though by itself, a single point and still not enough to get you to 10.

I will look at it again tomorrow. We ascertained qualifying points for both Alyssa and Tessa in the past day. We certainly do have the capacity to make a mistake or two.