29 May 2007

movies Doty always references

Do you ever feel like Doty refers to things and you don't know what he's talking about? Some of it is movies - movies everyone should have seen... except some of them are old(er), and not on the radar of all you whippersnappers :)

So - what to watch? Well, I recommend you go to the Internet Movie Database and look at their top #250 list and to the American Film Institute's Century list.

I have a very long list, myself, some of which are movies I must wait to recommend to you AFTER HIGH SCHOOL (Rated R and such).

What makes a movie worth it for me? Solid acting and story are almost a must, but I admit to liking some that lack in areas. I also like to tip my hat to particularly good camera work and eye for detail in editing.

So... my 'short' list (not including some reasonably new stuff, and missing some that I do like, but you can wait for...)
The first two Godfather films; Crouching Tiger; Sunset Blvd.; Philadelphia Story; Shakespeare in Love; Glory; Princess Bride; most Jackie Chan films (Supercop and Druken Master being my faves); the first three (meaning IV V & VI) Star Wars films; A Fish Called Wanda; Spinal Tap (double bill it with the documentary Bring on the Night); The Green Mile; Shawshank Redemption; Witness; Rear Window; Vertigo; Bladerunner; Jaws; LotR (but NOT the extended RotK); House of Flying Daggers; The Usual Suspects; many of Branagh's films - all his Shakespeare, plus Dead Again; the orig Terminator; the first two Alien films; Hero; the Crystal comedies (When Harry met..., City Slickers, Analyze This); the Hanks romantics (Big, You've Got Mail, Sleepless...); anything with Jay and Silent Bob, but I like Dogma best; Victory (don't ask); the baseball quartet (Bull Durham, The Natural, League of the Own, and Field of Dreams); Rudy; Matewan; Some Like It Hot; all Pixar (particularly the Toy Stories and Incredibles); Rashamon; The Seven Samuri; Hidden Fortress; and (don't ask me to explain) Silverado


Anonymous said...

One movie that you've got to add is Citizen Kane. You can't leave it off of there.

Oh and Scorseses work, I nkow its R. But come on, you can't pass on Marty.


John said...

I don't have to add anything...MY list :) I told you to check out AFI and IMDb and Kane is on both those lists... it isn't on MINE. As for Marty, I know you adore his stuff, and I like it, too... But again, MY list... My favorite Scorsese material is the Animaniacs 'Goodfeathers' stuff... which of course relies on athe viewer having a good idea about Marty's films... But you guys wanted the list of MY fave films... feel free to give us your list, Jacob :)

Anonymous said...

sooo just wondering can we use monologues from movies for tryouts??????

amanda k

Anonymous said...

You're forgetting the awesomeness of Mel Brooks movies! Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstine are must sees!

~Amanda C