07 May 2007

Madwoman of Chaillot

Troupe #358 alum Mr. A Christopher is in the cast of RCC's upcoming production, opening May 11 and running until the 20th... Madwoman showcased at State the year before I got to NMHS and was well-recieved.

The story is good, RCC's program has solid buzz, I recommend as many of us who can, go.


Anonymous said...

We should go as a group on the 19th, that way most of the AP tests are over and we wont have to stress about cramming. This weekend would work too but we've got prom Friday till Saturday morning. Just a suggestion from a tired thespian whose been up doing makeup icky things. Hope your hand is feeling better Doty-kins!

~Amanda C

John said...

Um...check a calendar - we have a show that night... if they are doing a matinee, though...hrmmm I'll look at their poster again.

Anonymous said...

Well me and Chase just got back from it and well.... it was prety freakin' sweet!

Arick is the coolest bad guy ever! Chase knows more about that actors but the show itself was rather interesting. The accordian player, the prospector, and the madwomen were definetely highlights of the show.

The set was very well done and as the audience walked in we got a nice taste of what the first act may be about.

So to anyone who wants to know if the show was good or not, here's an answer. AMAZING! Watch it!

-Jacob & Chase