09 June 2007


ATTENTION ALL BOWMER PROJECT RECIPIENTS: The following troupe memebers and drama class students want to go to plays. CONTACT ME or SAMI or ERIN to get phone numbers and then TAKE THEM:

Note also the link to the OSF site is on the right of this page... go and check ticket availibilty, and call on shows that show seats available. When you find one that is, call other kids in the troupe... grab up as many tickets as we can, then call the list below, me, your parents, whoever... SEE PLAYS :)
Mitchell Price (Any)Angela Sword (not As You Like It)Gabby Mahon (Any)
Andrew PolettoJazmin Barker (not Romeo & Juliet)Breanna Imus (Any)
Jordan Buttolph (Any)Amanda Kulmac (not As You Like It)Natasha Minor (Any)
TJ Todd (Any)Kelli Mix (not The Tempest)Tiffany Blazer

Carol O'Hare (not Razzle)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Doty,
I am currently at home, very sick, and would like to have the phone numbers of the people listed just in case I don't make it back in time for the end of school. I would be more than happy to take these fellow thespians to an OSF production, I just don't have their numbers.
Thank You :)

A very sad and sick
Erin Ebert

Anonymous said...

Feel better Erin! I love you!

Anonymous said...

hey doty, i might like to go too if i have time. can you please put my name on the list? thanks- carol