11 April 2007

State (part 1) We're Here!! ((revised))

Well, despite some kinda crazy rainish like weather twixt Medford and Salem, the first wave of Troupe 358 has successfully arrived and are settling in at HoJo's... Dinner will be sometime soon and if it is noteworty, we'll note it... Otherwise, expect a relaxing, early to bed night with perhaps some additional availing of the wireless internet (Garrett said something about a soccer game online) and mayhap a viewing of the Colbert Report repeat from last night.

Dinner as at Las Margaritas, just around the corner from the Elsinore - I enjoyed mine, though the full opinions were mixed. We thought maybe we'd catch the new Will Ferrell film, but the next showtime was far later than we wanted to wait for... so it was back to the hotel and we caught the tail end of a VERY cleaned up "Big Lebowski" on E! and then called it a night.


Anonymous said...

Thats awsome I'll see you guys tomorrow and hairs a lot tamer now... I think that last comment will let you know who this is.. oh yeah I did get to keep some of the color!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous!!! Although I will be up there later tomorrow I still have a long while to wait. 15 whole hours. I don't know if I can make it. (Quick breathing, I think that I am hyperventilating) Hope that you have a wonderful time tomorrow while I am here in Medford attending class with the Caveman.

*mlugh* (My tongue is hanging out)