12 April 2007

State (Part 2) Audition Day (revised)

It's just about time to head to the Red Lion for Showcase Auditions. A phone call earlier confirmed that the trio getting here with our friends from the OTHER Medford High School (South) had indeed caught the Panther troupe's bus and are on their way... we expect them between noon and 1. Our first audition is at 2:50 and we have 5 total, finishing just after 4:00pm.

The rest of us should roll in closer to 5pm and get checked in and get to dinner ASAP.

Dinner is intended to be at the Ram tonight, on the corner just as 22 crosses 12th, across from Willamette U's soccer field.

Again, thanks to HoJo's free wireless, which is allowing me to post this while sitting in the hallway, and streaming NPR programming on iTunes.

[Update] In the Mazama Room at the Red Lion listening to all the musical showcase auditions. There are some remarkable voices and the judges are in a very difficult position to sort the cream of the cream of the crop, as it were. In Solo Music (about midway thru) it is an amazingly tight set of choices. Group Music had two that I thought stood out above the rest I saw, but I missed two, as well, so can't say with any certainty "oh, they were the best"...

Holding out good hope for our crew!

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