15 April 2007

Quick note to Firefly Fans

New series a called "Drive" premiers on FOX tonight with Nathan Fillion. Heads up to Mitchell, Kayla, JJ, Jacob, and whoever else might care :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry i haven't been at seussical rehersal this week i have a mini trampoline you can use if you still need one and i am coming monday so i guess i'll take care of taking notes then... fyi i had strep throat thanx for everything at state =)

Anonymous said...

Hiya! This is probably not the right place for this question but I was wondering Doty-kins: when are you going to post that pic we took back in the Elsinore theater of the group?

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

Anyone happen to catch the Heroes marathon earlier. They had sneek peaks at mondays episode and the others beyond that.

It was so completely ferociously awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...

so ya i already knew about "Drive" but me and my bro have been watching it and Nathan is still a Mal character and its pretty good.

Anonymous said...

oh ya the last one was me mitchell