05 April 2007

Details - individual calls, numbers

  • Mayzie, Cat, 5:30, How Lucky You Are (16a), Mayzie in Palm Beach (21)
  • Mayzie, Bird Girls, Gertrude, Cat, 5pm Amazing Mayzie (12), Amazing Gertrude (12a)
  • Full Cast, 6pm, refresher on Oh the Thinks (1)
  • Full Cast, 6:30, musical thru on Chasing the Whos (14) and People vs Horton (28-29)
  • Jungle, 7pm, Horton Hears a Who / Biggest Blame Fool (3 & 4)
  • Whos + JoJo & Cat, 7pm, It's Possible (7)
  • Jungle, 7:30, Egg, Nest, & Tree (19)
  • Whos + JoJo & Cat , 7:30 (25, 26)
  • Full Cast, 2pm, With Pit for all we can fit
  • BUILD 4pm
  • Full Cast, 6pm, Choreography, People vs Horton
  • Build from 9am until 5pm


Anonymous said...


I am boycotting rehearsal until I honest to goodness get to do something. So far, I feel that my time has been disrespected, and aside from the choreography rehearsal on Wednesday, my time spent in rehearsal has been wasted.

Not Coming Anymore

Anonymous said...

Hiya Doty-kins! Just to let you know I might be late to rehearsal after school tomorrow with the orchestra. I've still got an AP Lit test, an AP Gov exam, and a Bio final to make up over my day and one of them will have to be after school. Why are there so many different ways to say 'test'? Either way it's no fun! Antyways, try to save the circus song until I get there, I want to record it! I'll try to hurry though. Hughugs!

~Amanda C

PS: -.- evil Doty-kins, you've addicted me to the 'Little Shop Of Horrors' soundtrack

Anonymous said...

Mr. Doty,
I will be unable to attend rehearsal tonight due to a family vacation. I know that I have told you before but I just want to make sure that all is clear.