01 March 2007

Happy Birthday!!

To Dr Seuss!! and to the wife of the Mayor of Whoville (Erin E)!
And also this week, Kayla, Brenton, Me, My Jen, and Sa'Rina.
Serious birthday cluster!


Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr. Doty!
I would like to also say Happy Birthday to everyone else that is listed. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS :) *heehee* That was my silent laugh, or if I wanted to laugh like Sarah *HAHAHAHAHA* Either way you get the message.

respectfully submitted by

Oh, and by the way I'm turning 17! I'm going to be old.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Erin is old...er XD Happy birthday in advance to all of you!

~Amanda C

Wow it's early...

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!! birthdays!!!
steven also has a brithday on Monday....I THINK!!!

la la la la la la!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Doodley doodley doo! Hehehehe. I am having fun on my first official day of being 17.
Actually that was a lie. But, I appreciate everyone singing Happy Birthday to me in theatre yesterday. It made me smile...
a lot:) That was by far the best singing of the birthday song that I had heard all day.

ummmmm, yeah

Oh, and Happy Birthday tomorrow Kayla!


Hey Mr.Doty, we should have a big party in the theatre room to celebrate the mass of birthdays. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

erin is really happpy 2 b 17
happy birth day erin