13 March 2007

Congrats Crusaders!

The kids at St. Mary's tackled Seussical this year, too and it went on stage over at Crater this past weekend. A handful of our cast attended (Sat night and Sun mat) and had favorable response. St. Mary's is a significantly smaller school and drew about 1/5 of their total student body into the on-stage production, maybe double that into the overall production. It was an impressive effort in any context, but in that context, it is astoundingly cool!

The visual aspect was compelling, though a different direction than my student design team is going. We liked the use of flown elements, and the clover field. We also thought the Wickershams were effectively staged with the tumbling and acrobatics.

LOVED Gertrude and JoJo, and got a strong review for the Cat from Sat PM performance, and on the whole, found the vocal work to be good.

We congratulate the effort and enjoyed seeing them!

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