25 March 2007

BSG Season Finale

Trial of Baltar... some new Cylon revelations? Anders, Tyrol, Tigh, and Tory all hear the music. Hera, Sharon, Six, and Roslin have the same concurrent nightmare... who are cylons... who who who?

And next week, just to keep us wanting: Heroes Marathon on SciFi.

Heroes returns with new episodes during production week of Seussical. Thank goodness for DVRs :)

23 March 2007

Seussical Rehearsals - POST Spring Break

M-F Apr 02 - 06 FULL CAST Daily, 6pm until 8pm - Main Stage, FA6, Lobby, and poss FA2
Sat Apr 07 BUILD DAY 12n - 5pm
Sun Apr 08 OFF
M-W Apr 09 - 11 FULL CAST Daily, 6pm until 8pm - Main Stage, FA6, Lobby, and poss FA2
R-F Apr 12 - 13 WHOS, 6pm until 8pm, Main Stage
Sat Apr 14 OFF
Sun Apr 15 Build Day 12n - 5pm
M-F Apr 16 - 20 FULL CAST & CREW Daily, 6pm until 8pm - Main Stage, FA6, Lobby, and poss FA2
Sat Apr 21 Tech Run, FULL CREW 12n - 4pm; FULL RUN, FULL CAST 5pm - 9pm
Sun Apr 22 Tech Polish - final painting, final trims 12n - 4pm
Mon Apr 23 FULL DRESS - Cast Call, 5pm, Crew Call 5:30pm, Curtain 7pm UNTIL FINISHED
Tue Apr 24 Teasers ALL DAY - Cast and Crew Call 7:30 am; DRESS REHEARSAL, Calls as on 4/23
W-S Apr 25 - 28 PERFORMANCE, Cast Call 5pm, Crew Call 5:30pm, Curtain 7pm

Spring Break Seussical stuff

Expect me at the theater, Tues thru Fri, 5pm until 8pm, with carryover possible (if productive work is happening) until as late as 10pm.

We will also have work days on Sat the 31st and Sun the 1st from noon until 5pm.

The weekday evenings will be used for everything: building, painting, choreography, and main stage rehearsal, depending on who is there and what combinations of people can be used for which activity.

20 March 2007

As You Like It script

For everyone who wants to read it before we go on April 4!!

Full Script Here

14 March 2007

Seussical Rehearsals!!! UPDATED

Additional Character Meetings will come as possible before Spring Break (Bird Girls, Wickershams, Kangaroo, Yertle/Grinch, General...

Staging / Blocking - in order, from start to finish - details before end of day, MONDAY, March 12
Mon 3/19, 6pm, Main Stage - Things
Tue 3/20, 6pm, Main Stage - HORTON & GERTRUDE
Wed 3/21, 6pm, Main Stage - FULL CAST - All the Thinks, Chasing the Whos, People vs Horton
Thu 3/22, 6pm, Main Stage - FULL CAST - Biggest Blame Fool, Egg Nest & Tree, Here on Who
Fri, OFF to accommodate Spring Break travel departures


SPRING BREAK probably off FOR SAT-FRI, BUILD / TECH days possible for final SAT and SUN of break. Small group rehearsals, based on availability. Check here!!

13 March 2007

Congrats Crusaders!

The kids at St. Mary's tackled Seussical this year, too and it went on stage over at Crater this past weekend. A handful of our cast attended (Sat night and Sun mat) and had favorable response. St. Mary's is a significantly smaller school and drew about 1/5 of their total student body into the on-stage production, maybe double that into the overall production. It was an impressive effort in any context, but in that context, it is astoundingly cool!

The visual aspect was compelling, though a different direction than my student design team is going. We liked the use of flown elements, and the clover field. We also thought the Wickershams were effectively staged with the tumbling and acrobatics.

LOVED Gertrude and JoJo, and got a strong review for the Cat from Sat PM performance, and on the whole, found the vocal work to be good.

We congratulate the effort and enjoyed seeing them!

12 March 2007

The Beginning of the End

Tonight we did our first group rehearsal - reading the collected works of Seuss. It is the first day of the last show of the year.

Seussical TM
will open April 25 and run four shows: 6pm, 4/25, 26 and 7pm 4/27,28
tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors
group rate is available Weds & Thurs for elementary age groups; inquire via email
With Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, co-conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty, and Eric Idle, & based on the works of Dr Seuss, the show is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized materials supplied by Music Theater International (www.mtishows.com).

09 March 2007

Liveblogging R&G on the other site...

Link here

IE Weirdness

Apparently the site looks odd in IE. I blame Microsoft. It looks fine in Firefox, Safari, Camino, and every other browser I use. Including having a link to the senior project blog right under the masks logo. So my advice? stop browsing with IE. You Windows stubborn people can get Firefox for free... and it has tabbed browsing and better pop-up blocking. Or you could get a Mac (hint hint)

Gollum Juice

As the R&G's cast have some health issues it has been requested that I re-post the Gollum Juice recipe. This is simply the original post, updated and bumped to current. The name comes from Andy Serkis and the catering folks who helped with the Wingnut / New Line production of Lord of the Rings. Serkis consumed this, usually two liters at a time, while doing the voice work of Smeagol/Gollum.

It existed in some form well before that - it is suspiciously similar (minus any fermenting agents) to a mead recipe I found once upon a time, and it is also basically exactly a home remedy I was introduced to by someone I used to date, back in the ancient mists of time.

Regardless, Gollum Juice is a good name for it, and it does a great job.

Use several chunks of fresh ginger, diced or blended or chopped in a food processor
Put into a sauce pan with 2 cups of water and bring to a gentle boil for several minutes
Allow the water to darken (it will look like ginger ale, imagine that)
Remove from the heat
Juice at least one lemon (some can tolerate two lemons) and add to water (pulp and all)
Crush in two whole cloves
Allow to sit for a minute
Pour into extra large mug thru a strainer
Add honey until the taste is pleasant
Sip, carefully, 1 quart at a time.

04 March 2007

Birthdays and Battlestars

It's officially a troupe member birthday again today, and in honor of that, we throw up yet another TV thread



Also this week - Rosencrantz & Guildenstern on the Little Theater stage.
And this week, I will need permission slips for Bowmer Project participants (will include a release to allow us to give your contact info to OSF)

01 March 2007

Happy Birthday!!

To Dr Seuss!! and to the wife of the Mayor of Whoville (Erin E)!
And also this week, Kayla, Brenton, Me, My Jen, and Sa'Rina.
Serious birthday cluster!