25 February 2007

Strike / Build

Sunday's strike was attended by: Mr Doty (12-4), Mitchell Wiuff (12-4), Hillary Burrelle (1-3), & Jacob Schatz (1-3). We did manage to get all the Carmina orchestra decking down and prepare the orchestra pit for re-installation of the rail and skirt. We also got the pillars off the skene.

Monday, Block 3 will take down the skene and move the row 2 seating back into place.
Block 6 will drop the 1st electric to pull lights for R&G.
Block 7 will organize materials back into the loft.

Tuesday, Block 6 will move the row 1 seating back into place & strike the palace stairs.
Block 7 will resume work on finishing the cart and on getting FA6 show ready & continue safety cleaning on the main stage.

My AmStudies classes will move to the auditorium until R&G closes, starting Tuesday.

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