23 February 2007

Seussical Rehearsal & Bird Girl Info

Mr Reppert has provided this initial rehearsal schedule for Seussical - small group musical stuff only...

Mon - 6pm, How to Raise a Child - Mayor, Wife
Mon - 6:45, Military - General, Mayor, Wife
Tue - 6pm, Notice - Horton, Gertrude
Tue - 6:45, Alone - Horton, JoJo
Wed - 6pm, Monkey Around - Wickershams
Wed - 6:45, Chasing - Kangaroo, Bird Girls 1-3
Thu - 7pm, Thinks - Cat, JoJo
Thu - 7:45, Lucky - Cat
Fri - 6pm, One Feather - Gertrude

Also note, the Bird Girls (1-3) sep from the Nool Chorus are Jen Warren, Denise Anderson, and Elicia Blue


Nik said...
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Nik said...

Doty. There is a very strong chance R&G won't be out before 6 o'clock this week.

Erin, Chimeo, Jenny, Garrett, myself, might not be available for these rehearsal.

We are doing full run throughs starting tomorrow. We have yet to do the whole show at once. Timed as separate acts, I believe it's a good deal longer than two hours.


This comment could be all for nothing, who knows what might happen tomorrow.. but for right now. It's what I know.


Anonymous said...

sooo when will we know who is what.... next week?