03 February 2007

Regionals!!! State!!!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Southern Regional acting competition this weekend at Grants Pass HS. It was a WONDERFUL day with some amazing performances.

I am thrilled with how we did as a troupe, but I am also very pleased with the level of work I saw from every competitor in the rounds I sat in on as an observer and in the round I judged.

Four North Medford Thespians are going north for State as Showcase Audition qualifiers: Garrett Frierson (Solo Acting, Solo Music), Hillary Burrelle (Solo Acting), Nik Horaites (Solo Acting), and Jen Warren (Solo Music). Additionally, Nik and Garrett were Regional Finalists for Duo Music, Adam Chimeo was a Regional Finalist in Solo Acting, and Amanda Cyr and Erin Ebert's Duo Comic - Novice entry merited Finalist status, as well

We got strong performances from everyone, with Kayla (Solo Acting) and Hillary (Solo Music) ranking 1st in rounds on several scoresheets. I think there may have been one or two more 1st in round people - I'll amend on Monday after I go over the sheets again. EVERYone did work to be proud of, but I want to single out a few more as noteworthy: Shelby, who's first and second round scores were incredible, given the fact she was sick and it didn't become clear until round 3; Sami, who stepped in on three days notice to Solo Acting (exp), and got some very complimentary comments on her work; and Bless, who stepped into Solo Acting (nov), with equally little warning, and who also delivered solid work.

Our final thanks goes to our three accompanists: freshman Carol O'Hare, who played for Hillary's solo entry; junior Erin Ebert, who played for Katie's solo entry, and Jodi French, who played for Garrett, Nik, Camilla, & Sarah's solos, Nik & Garrett's duet, and Bless, Hillary & Camilla's trio. Our musical work was gorgeous to listen to (well except Garrett, who was SCARY).

Well done, all!


Anonymous said...

we found two typo's in this post. you win the prize turkey if you can find them!!!
-jenny and kayla

John said...

you are kidding me? how bored ARE you... I mean, really!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean "how bored are we?"
uhhh...you took the time to find and fix them...
that pretty much means you get the turkey though....nice job.
-jenny and kayla

Rad said...

yeah for sure we all broke a leg saturday especially chimeo because if he did it in novice he would amke it to state i was so happy to participate in the regionals and im really happy of my scores and my rank in some rounds it was an incredible experience for me thanks you doty for all the support and help and of course thanks everybody who acted or drove and of course support
i love you all

Anonymous said...

I found one typo, yeah I'm bored as well. What can I say?


Anonymous said...

Hey I wasn't all that sick........ ok yeah I was. But I'm finally starting to feel better and I'll be back to school tomorrow and I'm so happy for everyone!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo