18 February 2007

On the TeeVee


plus, BSG's Jamie Bamber is also on Cold Case tonight - he dies real early on :), but since the series is all about flashbacks, he gets some good screen time. And all you who want to do accents, try to figure out where he's from and what he really sounds like... you'll be impressed.


John said...

K'luh was wrong. I mostly was - Simone was like my third pick. But. Whoooo Sylar, whoo Peter's powers, woooo claire, and whooo to the new actual team (including cool I surf the net without a puter lady)

And woooo to Stan freaking Lee!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I may not have called who was going to die. But I did call Kayla being wrong about it being Ando!

Anyways yeah the whole comic book world reference and then Stan Lee, yeah, about as B.A. as you can get!

Oh and Peter vs. Issac, nothing but "hell yes that was awesome" comes to mind.

Simone, yeah too bad.