26 February 2007

Jacob's watching... are you?

last night

BSG has done three one-shots that barely tie to the overall arc. Last night was the best of the three weeks. Heroes is already kicking serious tail tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes But Jacob has a life that revolves around heros soooooo...yeah! Anyway well now I'm off to finish watching heros...look what you theater people have done to me!


John said...

This one was worth it...and for first timers, there are details to catch up on, but not so huge that tonight's was a challenge to watch - very straightforward, though knowing the stuff the rest of us know about would have helped. The throwout of the name Peter Petrelli, the reveal of Hiro's papa-san as part of the 'big picture' and that Mr Bennett and Claude were partnered was depth of field for us.

They also bluffed me on Linderman by bringing in Eric Roberts THIS week...and he seems to not be Linderman.

So... next week, one of the cast regulars dies.

Welcome, Ky... sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Holy freaking cow! Man this was an awesome episode. The whole Ted going nuclear thing. Damn!!!!!! As well as the very ending.

And child Hiro just made the episode for me!

And yes. My life does revolve around Heroes. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ok this episode was freaking amazing...though Claire is in some SERIOUS trouble...you know that guy has to be comming for her now! Oh Geeze! I came home from volleyball sprinting through the door leaped on the couch(after stealing the remote) just to watch heros and it was So worth it!!! This Episode ROCKED!!!! Next week is going to be freaking AMAZING!

*Yeah We know it does Jacob. You just wish you were one of the people on there* -See I've already got my split Personalities so I'm good to go!!!!-