17 February 2007

FINAL WEEK - updated sunday night

Wet Tech Monday, Noon to 4 - also touch up painting, and adding columns
Dress Monday, 5 to 9 - remember, meal provided at 4pm
Dress Tuesday, 5 to 9 - hopefully all set issues will be final as of here
Dress Wednesday, 5 to 9 - This day should be...nothing but a rehearsal
OPEN Thursday, 5 to 9 - WE TEASE all day. twice 1st & 3rd, once 5th & 6th
Tease, please be in FA6 dressing at or before 8am. You will be excused.


Anonymous said...

Doty I thought We were running lines at 12pm then take a break then have our dress rehersal?! I'm Confused!

John said...

Wet tech is a run thru... don't be confused, just be there

Anonymous said...

OK so be there at Noon?? and For Teasers do we need to go to our first class then be released or go somewhere else?! Sorry about all the questions!!!