26 February 2007

Jacob's watching... are you?

last night

BSG has done three one-shots that barely tie to the overall arc. Last night was the best of the three weeks. Heroes is already kicking serious tail tonight!!!

State n Stuffs

With the magenta toner situation what it is, we don't have a working printer in the room, so the promised sign up sheet for state was NOT on the call board this AM. However, I started taking interested parties at the desk and will post the list HERE, and then you can add your interest in comments while we wait for the resurrection of our dear Dell Laser :)

Cars going up: Doty (4 students), Warren (up to 6 students), Burrelle (up to 6 students), Garrett (up to 6 students) - My car going up is the showcase qualifiers on Weds eve. Everyone else is coming on Thurs afternoon. People can ride with whoever they want on the way back.

Hotel room assignments will be settled later in April, reservations will be settled later this week.

StudentCar UpCar Home
Amanda C






Shelby M

Jacob (from comments)

Sarah S (from comments)


Camilla Adam C





The Bard in the Trib

The Mail Trib has a Shakespeare blog...mostly Bill Varble, I think... you can comment and everything.

He loved Razzle, not so thrilled with As you Like It. Go check it out - add your thoughts once we see stuff!

25 February 2007

Strike / Build

Sunday's strike was attended by: Mr Doty (12-4), Mitchell Wiuff (12-4), Hillary Burrelle (1-3), & Jacob Schatz (1-3). We did manage to get all the Carmina orchestra decking down and prepare the orchestra pit for re-installation of the rail and skirt. We also got the pillars off the skene.

Monday, Block 3 will take down the skene and move the row 2 seating back into place.
Block 6 will drop the 1st electric to pull lights for R&G.
Block 7 will organize materials back into the loft.

Tuesday, Block 6 will move the row 1 seating back into place & strike the palace stairs.
Block 7 will resume work on finishing the cart and on getting FA6 show ready & continue safety cleaning on the main stage.

My AmStudies classes will move to the auditorium until R&G closes, starting Tuesday.

23 February 2007

Seussical Rehearsal & Bird Girl Info

Mr Reppert has provided this initial rehearsal schedule for Seussical - small group musical stuff only...

Mon - 6pm, How to Raise a Child - Mayor, Wife
Mon - 6:45, Military - General, Mayor, Wife
Tue - 6pm, Notice - Horton, Gertrude
Tue - 6:45, Alone - Horton, JoJo
Wed - 6pm, Monkey Around - Wickershams
Wed - 6:45, Chasing - Kangaroo, Bird Girls 1-3
Thu - 7pm, Thinks - Cat, JoJo
Thu - 7:45, Lucky - Cat
Fri - 6pm, One Feather - Gertrude

Also note, the Bird Girls (1-3) sep from the Nool Chorus are Jen Warren, Denise Anderson, and Elicia Blue

School, Show - YES; Teasers - NO :(

Just FYI. We are NOT teasing today.

22 February 2007

No School OR Evening Activites

With the snow, school is cancelled and so are all evening activities. So we will open on Friday night... and I will check with Mr Burrelle about whether we will add any dates, but for now, don't count on it. This also cancels teasers.

19 February 2007

Next Year?

Summer Workshop is going to be The Fantasticks! Auditions first week of June.

Winter Play: We've applied for 12 Angry Men/Women/Jurors for a two weekend run.

Fall Play: Not set yet, possibly something funny and OLD

Spring Musical: No idea.

18 February 2007

On the TeeVee


plus, BSG's Jamie Bamber is also on Cold Case tonight - he dies real early on :), but since the series is all about flashbacks, he gets some good screen time. And all you who want to do accents, try to figure out where he's from and what he really sounds like... you'll be impressed.

Coming Soon...

17 February 2007

FINAL WEEK - updated sunday night

Wet Tech Monday, Noon to 4 - also touch up painting, and adding columns
Dress Monday, 5 to 9 - remember, meal provided at 4pm
Dress Tuesday, 5 to 9 - hopefully all set issues will be final as of here
Dress Wednesday, 5 to 9 - This day should be...nothing but a rehearsal
OPEN Thursday, 5 to 9 - WE TEASE all day. twice 1st & 3rd, once 5th & 6th
Tease, please be in FA6 dressing at or before 8am. You will be excused.

11 February 2007

Me Sick - No Build

Build days scheduled for this weekend will NOT HAPPEN, as I am miserable sick.

Hope to see people Monday.

This can also be a comment thread for BSG and Heroes
(and for folks who watched the Grammys, huge shout out to my housemate in b7 lowrise, junior year at Wes, Julia Erwin - her dear sisters Emily and Martie won a few awards tonight, along with Adrian (Nathan from Heroes) Pasdar's wife, Natalie. they are the Dixie Chicks)

08 February 2007

CAST LIST - Seussical the Musical, Spring 2007

Congratulations!! Come to the posted list at the call board and initial your acceptance!!

Cat in The Hat . . . . . Garrett Frierson
Horton the Elephant . . . . . Adam Chimeo
Gertrude McFuzz . . . . . Brianna Houck
JoJo . . . . . Bless Lee
Mayor of Whoville . . . . . Brady Walters
Mayor’s Wife . . . . . Erin Ebert
Mayzie laBird . . . . . Hillary Burrelle
General Ghengis Khan Schmitdz . . . . . Corey Dalton
Sour Kangaroo . . . . . Camilla Whitney
Wickersham/Chorus . . . . . Nik Horaites
Wickersham/Chorus . . . . . Brian Fernandez
Wickersham . . . . . Trevor Robison
Vlad Valadikov/Chorus . . . . . Mitchell Wiuff
Grinch/Yertle the Turtle/Chorus . . . . . Sterling Robinson
Dance Captain – Jungle of Nool . . . . . Kayla Garrett
Dance Captain – Whoville . . . . . Kendra Cole
Thing 1 . . . . . Amanda Cyr
Thing 2 . . . . . Kelsey Dye

Chorus (alpha by first name)
. . . . . Amanda Kulmac
. . . . . Ashlee Klemp
. . . . . Bridget Garner
. . . . . Carissa Whitney
. . . . . Chantell Munoz
. . . . . Denise Anderson
. . . . . Elicia Blue
. . . . . Gabby Mahon
. . . . . Jangmi Baik
. . . . . Jen Warren
. . . . . Jessa Barrett
. . . . . Katie Sparks
. . . . . Kelsey Cole
. . . . . Kirsten Rahm
. . . . . Mandee Light
. . . . . Megan Wiuff
. . . . . Natasha Davies
. . . . . Rachel Gowland
. . . . . Sa’rina Roth
. . . . . Sarah Schwarz
. . . . . Tessa Houck
. . . . . TJ Todd
. . . . . Tyler Spano

Seussical Casting, Part I

The Chorus Includes:
• Bird Girls
• Whos
• Thinks
• Fish
• Soldiers

NOOL and WHOVILLE will be largely seperate choruses, but there will be individuals who crossover... as we also have the Circus and the ButterSide Up War... this will be a MANY costume show.

Male Voices will also be included in Chorus as costume changes allow and vocal needs demand (some are noted)

Several smaller roles will be doubled out of the existing chorus or leads, again depending on costume change and vocal needs

Several of you are on academic probation. Please check with your counselor to determine what you need to do to remain eligible for this show

06 February 2007


We won't be doing a call back, though we mentioned one as of the dance audition.

Cast list WILL post on Friday morning.

We don't have it all figured out yet, but we are in pretty good shape and we are going to have 'make up' auditions for several who missed one session or the other due to scheduling of activities or work, so a dance session and a voice/acting session will BOTH take place during lunch tomorrow and can roll into after school if time is needed.

Camilla, Gabby, and Bridget are doing the dance portion (more mayhap not known to me) and Amanda C, Emily, and ??? (I know there was at least one more) are going to catch the voice portion.

05 February 2007

Heroes Thread

Time for me to decompress from Auditions and to watch some ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.

03 February 2007

Regionals!!! State!!!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Southern Regional acting competition this weekend at Grants Pass HS. It was a WONDERFUL day with some amazing performances.

I am thrilled with how we did as a troupe, but I am also very pleased with the level of work I saw from every competitor in the rounds I sat in on as an observer and in the round I judged.

Four North Medford Thespians are going north for State as Showcase Audition qualifiers: Garrett Frierson (Solo Acting, Solo Music), Hillary Burrelle (Solo Acting), Nik Horaites (Solo Acting), and Jen Warren (Solo Music). Additionally, Nik and Garrett were Regional Finalists for Duo Music, Adam Chimeo was a Regional Finalist in Solo Acting, and Amanda Cyr and Erin Ebert's Duo Comic - Novice entry merited Finalist status, as well

We got strong performances from everyone, with Kayla (Solo Acting) and Hillary (Solo Music) ranking 1st in rounds on several scoresheets. I think there may have been one or two more 1st in round people - I'll amend on Monday after I go over the sheets again. EVERYone did work to be proud of, but I want to single out a few more as noteworthy: Shelby, who's first and second round scores were incredible, given the fact she was sick and it didn't become clear until round 3; Sami, who stepped in on three days notice to Solo Acting (exp), and got some very complimentary comments on her work; and Bless, who stepped into Solo Acting (nov), with equally little warning, and who also delivered solid work.

Our final thanks goes to our three accompanists: freshman Carol O'Hare, who played for Hillary's solo entry; junior Erin Ebert, who played for Katie's solo entry, and Jodi French, who played for Garrett, Nik, Camilla, & Sarah's solos, Nik & Garrett's duet, and Bless, Hillary & Camilla's trio. Our musical work was gorgeous to listen to (well except Garrett, who was SCARY).

Well done, all!

01 February 2007

"...there is nothing you can swear you’ll never do..."

Like, say, come back to the palace of Thebes... or... oh... like Battlestar Galactica. Idn't dat right? You know who you are.