16 January 2007

Weather Updates [UPDATED WEDS AM]

Click here for the District / School website for school cancellation updates.

[UPDATE] We are now cancelled for tomorrow - NO SCHOOL.

I will be there from 9am until 1pm building, for any who care to join me. Given the roads this AM, I am going to get in when I can. Please DON'T try to get there to help unless you call first and confirm I am there. (we've lost two days of stagecraft now, so are behind. anything we can accomplish is worth something, but risking the drive may not be THAT worth it)


Anonymous said...

yyaaaaaayyy we all get to sleep in :D
iyiyiyi!! i like the mirror idea for the lights...otherwise we'll have to come up with some other ingenious plan...


Anonymous said...

Haha! No school! *dance-dance-dance-trip* And to think I was afraid we'd never get a snowday here.


Nik said...

Doty I need you to re-new my invite or something becuase it won't give me access to the post button, since it updated from 'Beta' to ... 'Not-Beta'


Anonymous said...

YAY Doty!! you made it snow!!!!


Anonymous said...

doty, its ashlee i cant go to school this week, im really sick just so you know,