26 January 2007

NO Scripts MONDAY, plus regionals

just a reminder.

Also, Audition Sign-up sheets go up Monday AM

Also, Sarah S - the CD arrived today!!

Also, Sparky - do you have an accompanist? (ask Erin? ask Carol?)

Thespian Scholarship apps are coming due - check the Oregon Thespians site for more info.

note - if I named you, use comments to let me know you saw


Anonymous said...

I saw should I start bring my cd player to class?


Anonymous said...
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John said...

no need, we have at least two

Anonymous said...

Evening Doty! Posting this here because I don't think it works with the BSG/Heros topic XD Just a reminder that I'm going to need press releases as soon as possible (Antigone and there may still be time to get one for Carmina Burana) and Nik if you read this I need one from you too! Just remember to specify that seating is limited!

Amanda C

Anonymous said...

Hey, Doty you forgot to give me a release form to ride in a car with one of the drivers for regionals. Depending on wether I get one or not I might not stay at my dads.


Anonymous said...

hey Doty, um would it be alight if I stayed at my dads the night of the show case, and just got him to drive me to Grants Pass Highschool and then hitched a ride with you guys to come back to Medford after?