09 March 2007

Gollum Juice

As the R&G's cast have some health issues it has been requested that I re-post the Gollum Juice recipe. This is simply the original post, updated and bumped to current. The name comes from Andy Serkis and the catering folks who helped with the Wingnut / New Line production of Lord of the Rings. Serkis consumed this, usually two liters at a time, while doing the voice work of Smeagol/Gollum.

It existed in some form well before that - it is suspiciously similar (minus any fermenting agents) to a mead recipe I found once upon a time, and it is also basically exactly a home remedy I was introduced to by someone I used to date, back in the ancient mists of time.

Regardless, Gollum Juice is a good name for it, and it does a great job.

Use several chunks of fresh ginger, diced or blended or chopped in a food processor
Put into a sauce pan with 2 cups of water and bring to a gentle boil for several minutes
Allow the water to darken (it will look like ginger ale, imagine that)
Remove from the heat
Juice at least one lemon (some can tolerate two lemons) and add to water (pulp and all)
Crush in two whole cloves
Allow to sit for a minute
Pour into extra large mug thru a strainer
Add honey until the taste is pleasant
Sip, carefully, 1 quart at a time.


Anonymous said...

mmm....now that sounds tasty!!
you try it first :P

Anonymous said...

...hm, interesting...if I get bored enough on my ONE day off I'll have to try making this stuff

~Amanda C

Lady Nicola said...

I use it a lot i recommend it for all vocalists doing death metal growling or even for hitting the high notes

Sadie said...

If you're a vocalist and you have to use this drink on a regular base, GET SINGING LESSONS because it means you're destroying your vocal folds. Even growling/grunting can be done without damaging your voice, google Cathrine Sadolin for more info! If, however, you're a vocalist with a cold who needs to perform, this is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Soooo I told my mom a VERY loose interpretation of Gollum Juice and she made it my boiling lemons and ginger in one pot. Which works wonders cept it's strong as hell and you need a frack load of honey to keep your face from turning inside out.

Eric M. said...

One our guys at Pennhurst Asylum made this up this weekend because he was losing his voice after the first night. I took a sniff of it and asked him if he put cigarette butts in it...lol! Even so, I'm gonna have to try it, as I'm sitting here at work on Monday with a lovely, hoarse rasp to my voice and I have to do an acoustic gig on Wednesday night!