13 January 2007

For JJ & Kayla, mostly

Yes, it's a Battlestar Galactica post, Schatz. Deal with it. Yeah, Nik & Mitchell - you, too :).
A marathon of Season 3 episodes (Occupation through Eye of Jupiter) will air on Monday, January 15th starting at 8AM/7C on the SciFi Channel.

Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far will air in HD on Saturday, January 20th at 9PM/8C and 12AM/11C on Universal HD.

Season 3 begins airing in HD on Saturday, January 27th at 9PM/8C and 12AM/11C with Occupation on Universal HD.


Anonymous said...

read this with an amazed yet exasperated voice...

doty, doty, doty, doty, doty, doty, doty, doty, doty, doty

have a good day off


Anonymous said...

Doty, you do realize this gives Nik and Mitchell a chance to mock us for the rest of the year right?

...but thanks for the update, I just might have to watch that. :)


John said...

If for no other reason to see all the tease footage for the second half of season 3 - one will die, one will discover they're a cylon, and one will find earth.

And man, the clips we are getting particularly the D'anna dying over and over again to learn who the Five are and the bit with Dualla and Lee and the wedding ring... zoiks!

Taunt away, kids... you all have your weakness, too...and we shall discover it!

Anonymous said...

Man this has to be the nerdiest show ever, I can't believe people watch it.

Anyways you gotta know this is either Nik, Mitch, or Jacob, but it doesn't matter, the show is still lame.

Eye of Jupiter.... man... what has this universe come to!?

John said...

Jak, if I don't miss my guess. Nik and Mitch don't say 'Lame' nearly as much

Nik said...

Battlestar Craplactica.... that's what.

I always thought that was a good way to start a conversation with Mr.Doty, especially when I need to renew my posting priviliges since blogger updated form the 'beta' version.

So I guess consider this a request for that and it would be great if you could renew it.. this is a message which without a doubt I'll post more than once.