25 January 2007

2007-2008 Season

It's early, I know to be thinking of next year, but honestly, this is when the thinking needs to begin. I have a sense of the talent base that will carry over, and I have a sense of the technical challenges I want to tackle.

So, the calendar, first of all: We again will have SIX full length productions
  • The Summer Workshop, beginning rehearsals at the end of July and going on stage in the Little Theater the second week of school
  • A fall date for a Senior Project, in the Little Theater the 3rd weekend in October
  • The Fall Play, a main stage production the weekend before Thanksgiving
  • The Winter Play, a main stage production the final weekend in February
  • A spring date for a Senior Project, in the Little Theater the 2nd or 3rd week of March
  • The Musical, on the main stage two weekends spanning the end of April and beginning of May
In addition, we will have regional competition exhibition in late January, a one act to take to State, and two or three nights of short scenes later in May -- plenty of opportunity to act!!

So the question: What to do? One show is already selected already - in early June, we will audition The Fantasticks, a musical with 9 roles. 2 must be male, 1 must be female. The remainder have some flexibility.

Beyond that? I want your thoughts

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Fall - Macbeth Fall - King Lear Fall - Romeo + Juliet
Winter - Philadephia Story Winter - The Play's the Thing
Winter - Much Ado About Nothing
Musical - Kiss Me, Kate Musical - The Wizard of Oz
Musical - Bugsy Malone


Anonymous said...

Damn, can't we do Much Ado in the Fall and A Philadelphia Story in the winter.

Well I guess in any case next year will be another amazing one!

Anonymous said...

i must say i agree with that idea...pretty please with sugar on top? and a puppy? nothing better than sugar and puppies. how can you resist? haha

Anonymous said...

Doty when do you suppose that scrubs the musical will be open to the ammeter production level?

James Bond-
(aka TJ Todd)