31 January 2007

Sooner or later...foul is fair

and fair is foul...

We draw closer and closer to the opening of Antigone.

Feb 12 Full Run - 4pm until 7pm, All Cast
Feb 13 Full Run - 4pm until 7pm, All Cast
Feb 14 Full Run - 4pm until 7pm, All Cast
Feb 15 Full Run - 4pm until ???, Cast, Crew, as much costume and makeup as possible
Feb 16 Full Run - 4pm until ???, Cast, Crew, as much costume and makeup as possible
Feb 17 DRY TECH, NOON (Crew Only), Dinner (ALL) 5pm, WET TECH (ALL) 6pm to 9pm
Feb 18 TECH if needed
Feb 19 FULL DRESS, Full Cast 5:00, Crew 5:30, 7:00 Curtain, ? End
Feb 20 FULL DRESS, Full Cast 5:00, Crew 5:30, 7:00 Curtain, ? End
Feb 21 OPEN DRESS, Full Cast 5:00, Crew 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm
Feb 22 OPENING, Full Cast 5:00, Crew, 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm
Feb 23 SHOW, Full Cast 5:00, Crew, 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm
Feb 24 CLOSING, Full Cast 5:00, Crew, 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm

28 January 2007

BSG/Heroes Thread

Baltar in the pre-credits sequence... wow...again.
[UPDATE] OK, all you BSG-haters, find me one other TV show with this many Oscar winners and nominees who can chew scenery with even junky scripts, and then give them a award winning writing staff, and then... and this episode is LOADED already. You don't know what you're missing. (but the back epsiodes are on DVD and on Univesal HD, so stop missing)

26 January 2007

NO Scripts MONDAY, plus regionals

just a reminder.

Also, Audition Sign-up sheets go up Monday AM

Also, Sarah S - the CD arrived today!!

Also, Sparky - do you have an accompanist? (ask Erin? ask Carol?)

Thespian Scholarship apps are coming due - check the Oregon Thespians site for more info.

note - if I named you, use comments to let me know you saw

25 January 2007

2007-2008 Season

It's early, I know to be thinking of next year, but honestly, this is when the thinking needs to begin. I have a sense of the talent base that will carry over, and I have a sense of the technical challenges I want to tackle.

So, the calendar, first of all: We again will have SIX full length productions
  • The Summer Workshop, beginning rehearsals at the end of July and going on stage in the Little Theater the second week of school
  • A fall date for a Senior Project, in the Little Theater the 3rd weekend in October
  • The Fall Play, a main stage production the weekend before Thanksgiving
  • The Winter Play, a main stage production the final weekend in February
  • A spring date for a Senior Project, in the Little Theater the 2nd or 3rd week of March
  • The Musical, on the main stage two weekends spanning the end of April and beginning of May
In addition, we will have regional competition exhibition in late January, a one act to take to State, and two or three nights of short scenes later in May -- plenty of opportunity to act!!

So the question: What to do? One show is already selected already - in early June, we will audition The Fantasticks, a musical with 9 roles. 2 must be male, 1 must be female. The remainder have some flexibility.

Beyond that? I want your thoughts

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What should we do? (select three)
Fall - Macbeth Fall - King Lear Fall - Romeo + Juliet
Winter - Philadephia Story Winter - The Play's the Thing
Winter - Much Ado About Nothing
Musical - Kiss Me, Kate Musical - The Wizard of Oz
Musical - Bugsy Malone

Schedule Info [UPDATED]

Antigone Rehearsals
Thu Jan 25 - 4pm: p 26 to END, Main Stage
Fri Jan 26 - BUILD, Noon to 5pm - NO REHEARSAL, NO SCHOOL
Sat Jan 27 - OFF
Sun Jan 28 - OFF
Mon Jan 29 - 4pm: CHORUS, Main Stage
Tues Jan 30 - 4pm: p 1-25, Main Stage
Weds Jan 31 - 4pm: p 26-51, Main Stage
Thu Feb 1 - 4pm: FULL RUN, Main Stage
Fri Feb 2 - 4pm CHORUS, Main Stage - OUT EARLY
Sun Feb 4 - OFF
Mon Feb 5 - 4pm: Speed Thru, Band Room; Seussical Audtions - Acting/Voice, Main Stage
Tue Feb 6 - 4pm: Run Thru, paced, Band Room; Seussical Audtions - Dance, Main Stage
Wed Feb 7 - LUNCH: Chorus;, OFF After School - Carmina Burana
Thu Feb 8 - 4 pm: First day with GUARDS, p 1-24, Main Stage
Fri Feb 9 - 4pm: p 26-51, Main Stage
Sat Feb 10 - BUILD Noon to 4pm
Sun Feb 11 - BUILD Noon to 4pm

24 January 2007

Seussical Audition Info

Seussical will audition on Monday, February 5 (acting and voice) and Tuesday, February 6 (dance). Both sessions start at 4pm and sign-up sheets will post in FA6 on January 29 (Monday).

You are expected to be at BOTH auditions.

For the Monday session, you will need a short memorized acting piece (under a minute), a prepared song from the show (you may select from either How Lucky You Are, Alone in the Universe, or The Military). There will also be a brief sight reading component. 5 minute slots will be available from 4pm until 7pm. COPIES OF THIS MUSIC IS AVAILABLE FROM MR. REPPERT.

For the Tuesday session, please come with appropriate shoes and clothes for dance. You will be taught a piece and then will perform it in a mid-sized group. This audition will use six 10 minute slots from 4:30 to 5:30. The first half hour (from 4) will be spent in instruction.

22 January 2007

Geek Zone - Galactica (Sun), Heroes (Mon)

Helo/AthenaSharon? I didn't see that coming and (sad to say) totally should have. Wow.
[update] CapSix/BoomerSharon?!?! I didn't see that one coming either...woooo!!!
[Update] Tonight - Are you on the list? - We're minutes away...
[Update] Just not having the wooooo moments tonight, though Nikki is clearly a total nutjob and Hiro is awesome as always... but I am thinking I got a better solid hour last night...the end of show might make the net payoff worth it, but...
Discuss - oh wait, only ONE OF YOU watched last night, so nevermind

16 January 2007

Weather Updates [UPDATED WEDS AM]

Click here for the District / School website for school cancellation updates.

[UPDATE] We are now cancelled for tomorrow - NO SCHOOL.

I will be there from 9am until 1pm building, for any who care to join me. Given the roads this AM, I am going to get in when I can. Please DON'T try to get there to help unless you call first and confirm I am there. (we've lost two days of stagecraft now, so are behind. anything we can accomplish is worth something, but risking the drive may not be THAT worth it)

13 January 2007

For JJ & Kayla, mostly

Yes, it's a Battlestar Galactica post, Schatz. Deal with it. Yeah, Nik & Mitchell - you, too :).
A marathon of Season 3 episodes (Occupation through Eye of Jupiter) will air on Monday, January 15th starting at 8AM/7C on the SciFi Channel.

Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far will air in HD on Saturday, January 20th at 9PM/8C and 12AM/11C on Universal HD.

Season 3 begins airing in HD on Saturday, January 27th at 9PM/8C and 12AM/11C with Occupation on Universal HD.

04 January 2007

Antigone Chorus Groups

Chorus A:
Jen Warren
John Criswell
Shelby Mock
Tasha Minor (until Tiresias enters)

Chorus B:
Sa'Rina Roth
Devon Bignell
Angela Sword
Gabby Mahon

Chorus C:
Ashlee Klemp
TJ Todd
Kim Zerkel
Amanda Cyr

Chorus D:
Jazmin Barker
Ariel Ibarra
Kylee Hackett