22 December 2007

MUCH ADO scripts

I have SCRIPTS.. about half of the cast picked them up before leaving for break, but if you DIDN'T, I will be on campus on the 26th, 27th, and28th for a basketball tournament and you can arrange to get one then. I HIGHLY recommend it. As in HIGHLY. As is... if you don't and you have a lsrge role, your chances of nailing the off book deadline get pretty slim.

19 December 2007

Congratulations to the Cast of...

MOM . . . . . . . AMANDA KULMAC
SON. . . . . . . TAYLOR ASHLEY

GEORGE . . . . . . . “GINGER”
MEG . . . . . . . AMANDA CYR
HENRY . . . . . . . TYLER SPANO

CONDOR . . . . . . . CALE MC COY
MS. A . . . . . . . KAYLA GARRETT
SPEEDSTER . . . . . . . TJ TODD

Don Pedro - Skylar Christiansen
Benedick - Dylan Gutridge
Claudio - Cody Schneider
Balthasar - Tyler Spano
Doña Jona - Jen Warren
Borachio - Grant Hendrix
Conrada - Shelby Mock
Leonato - TJ Todd
Hero - Rachel Sinner
Beatrice - Erin Ebert
Antonio - Chase Medeiros
Margaret - Kayla Garrett
Ursula - Katy Young
Friar Frances - Sami Pollock
Dogberry - Ashlee Klemp
Verges - Ana Heller
A Sexton - Mason Yai / Yeigh (sp?)
Watchman - Sandra Schaefer
Watchman - Dillon Kline
Watchman - Gaby Linquist
Messenger / Boy - Sara Miller

Other Attendants & Messengers
To be Cast the First Week in January

[UPDATE] Changes: To Conrada, Ursula, and the Boy. Our best wishes to those who are no longer involved and congratulations to those who now are...

Casting and Other News

I know people are chomping at the bit to learn the casts of the two upcoming productions! I promise, I will post them here, BUT - I don't HAVE Adam's lists yet, and I am going to head out to dinner, so it's at least another 2 hours before I am back and checking mail to see what he settled on.

As of Now (Weds, 6:30ish, PM), I plan to have them up online before the end of tonight and posted at the LT by mid-morning.

In OTHER news, if you are a member of the Thespian Troupe currently or scheduled for Induction this year, keep January 24, Block 2 OPEN on your calendar. We have scheduled a special guest for that session of my Advanced class, and all of you who meet the Thespian point levels will be invited to join us!

16 December 2007

SPOILER: Review of Sweeney Todd

A Review of Sweeney with socio-political commentary aimed at the socio-political commentary found in the Todd text and lyrics (yes it is there).

Also for your consideration, the comments at IMDb.

NOTE: All of these links contain spoilers - some of plot (which you (mostly) all know), but others of decisions on shot choices, casting, cuts (no pun intended) that may impact you.

Don't read you want to be unspoiled whenever we manage to finally see something.

15 December 2007

To Todd or not to Todd, that is the...

... apparently Tinseltown is out of their bleeping minds and doesn't intend to bring Sweeney Todd in until after the holiday. Odd, since it has a tail-whuppin' resume already (Golden Globe nominations for Depp, Bonham-Carter, Burton, and the film, though dubiously in the catagory "Musical or Comedy").

Jacob is working to change this, and given what drek apparently WILL be playing at their 14 screens on Dec 21, we can hope he succeeds.

It might be interesting if several dozen of us go to the box office to pre-buy for a Dec 21 show and then can feign shock and bewilderment. C'mon all you Thespians, go Act Well.... :)

I will update as this changes. Meantime, I may owe Shelby a refund.

12 December 2007

More from the WGA Strike

All these boxes? Pencils purchased at $1 per dozen as a fundraiser to support non-WGA crew out of work as a result of the strike, queued up to be delivered to studio execs. The delivery guys? Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica) and Joss Whedon (Angel, Firefly)

07 December 2007

The 24/7 Project!!!

The 2nd Annual
24/7 Project
January 14, 2008

7 playwrights + 7 directors + 7 casts + 7 musicians

= 1 Exciting Evening!

interested in being part of this? Click on the title of this post and follow the links once there for info on the event and how to get involved. Applications can be emailed and do require a head shot in JPG format.

Sounds like tons o fun!

Black Tornado Theater on MySpace

We have a MySpace!!!1!!! OMG!!!11!1!

Sorry. Let me age back to my "Very Old, I'd say...nearly 40"

We do have a MySpace Group for Black Tornado Theater. Started by our very own Ashlee K, the group is not incredibly active, but does have a growing archive of production photos (I am trying to provide her with a couple per show, though I don' have ANY for some... Into the Woods, anyone? Antigone?), and could be as hopping and lively as this blog is, given how many people seem to have fallen into the black hole that is MySpace.

It could also be a hook to get more alumni involvement, as they might think to look for their beloved NMHS theater there rather than with Google for the whole Internet (is it just me, but do some MySpace users seem tto think that it IS the whole of the Internet? Sad)

04 December 2007

Supporting the WGA Strike - Live shows

The Upright Citizens Brigade - a NYC based improv theater group with some ties to current 'big comic talent' has been hosting Live episodes on popular shows currently on hiatus during the writers strike. Fairly hard PG13 recaps of Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and The Colbert Report can be found here, plus a second Colbert Report recap here. The UCB has their own theater - a 150 seat 3/4 round in the basement of a grocery store in NYC. The stage is small enough that we could fit it on our LT stage twice, probably. These three shows were selling for $20 a seat and were line out the door sellouts, with all the proceeds going to the out of work crew of the shows. The writers and most of the big talent were there, though Maya Rudolph missed the SNL show, but that was OK for them as UCB / SNL alum Rachel Dratch was able to fill in for several recurring bits.

The recaps are worth reading not only if you are fans of the shows, but also if you are tuned in to the dynamics of the strike or of the way ccast/crew families can develop on a production.

The Colbert writers also have another YouTube video out... I'll get a link up to that one soon.

03 December 2007

OMG Finale plus some Tin man stuff

I know Kulmac watched. Jacob presumably did as well... I'll bet K-la saw it three hours before the rest of us... No spoilers here, but - w00t! wow. And also, wow.

Update: Television Without Pity recap HERE

[UPDATE] Tin Man will be show in a marathon format on December 9, starting at 5pm on SciFi and running 6 hours until 11pm. (something to watch after we come back from .. oh I dunno, the skating Christmas Show at the Rrrink, which runs from 12:30 until 3:30pm) The cast includes many who we know and love from various other shows...
  • Zooey Daschenel from Elf and Bridge to Terebithia
  • Neal McDonough from Band of Brothers and Star Trek: First Contact
  • Alan Cumming from X-Men II and the revival of Threepenny Opera
  • Callum Keith Rennie from Battlestar Galactica and DaVinci's Inquest
  • Richard Dreyfus from a lot, but I'll go with Jaws and Close Encounters, for now
Anyway. It is re-airing a lot on Sci Fi channel this week (the premier runs ended with tonight's final chapter). I started watching my DVRed part 1 tonight.

30 November 2007

This Weekend

Saturday, I will be at the LT from 10:30 am until about 2:00 pm. I can use some help, but not a lot. The only task I will be working on is getting a free-standing door built.

Sunday, I will be here from 12n to 4pm, doing fabric over frames and getting some gluing and sizing done so that Mon and Tues can be painting days...

28 November 2007

Buttermilk Pie

For the people who know me, my fondness for PIE is well-documented. Among my favorites is this southern traditional pie, with the specifics of this recipe coming from my mother's older sister, Janice.

Preheat Oven to 425 and have an unbaked pie shell ready.

In a bowl, mix:
1 1/3 c sugar
3 T flour
1/2 c margarine, melted
2 eggs
1 c buttermilk
1 t lemon extract
2 t vanilla extract

pour filling into pie shell and bake for 10 minutes at 425, then reduce oven temp to 350 and continue to bake for 30-35 minutes. Filling will be a faint golden brown when done.

Note: do NOT substitute butter for margarine.

Variant: as an experiment, this pie was once made with Heavy Cream used in place of buttermilk. The effect is very different, but quite edible.


(best shell recipe is 1 c flour, 1/3 c shortening, pinch salt, 3 T iced water - don't overhandle -benefits from 30 mins chilling before rolling, though not required. Super flakey)

24 November 2007

New Tonight (9pm, SciFI Channel)

A two hour 'movie' episode called 'Razor' details Lee Adama assuming command of Pegasus and flashing back across the time Pegasus experienced from the time of the Cylon attack up until reuniting with the rag-tag fleet.

22 November 2007

RENT - high school premier last week

RENT had its high school premier last week on stage at Truman HS in Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Article and TV story here: (link), Philly Inquirer story here: (link)

21 November 2007

An idea of what a Pantomime entry at Regionals could possibly be (though you would want to adjust for a stage vs for camera framing). This is Sid Ceasar and an actress I will research in a moment having a quarrel to Beethoven. An actual regionals entry would also need to be shorter by about a minute.

20 November 2007

NOT the Colbert Report

More from the Writers...

Site Council

I'd really like it if one of the students on the site council could be a strong voice for the performing arts. If one of you would be interested, I think it would be to the benefit of Tornado Theater and NM Performing Arts to be represented. Please consider applying! Applications are in Mrs. Kastner's office and must be completed by Dec 7.

18 November 2007

Two Production shots

Two shots from the dress rehearsal of the all-women cast. The one on the left also appeared in the Tempo before opening weekend. Due to a schedule conflict, we had the assistant director on-book as Juror #2 in this rehearsal (she's on the far let of the second shot). We also had an understudy on as #9. Cast will also note when these were, since the Jury Room door hasn't got the final decorative work on the window, nor is there a clock in these shots. Diana Garrett is the photographer. If I can get any blended cast photos, I'll post them, too.

17 November 2007

Not the Daily Show

This is NOT the Daily Show, as NOT written by and performed on the WGA strike picket lines by the staff of a certain Comedy Central fake news show may be hosted by Jon Stew-something.

10 November 2007


This is the FINAL, OFFICIAL, and INDISPUTABLE Schedule. For Reals.
Note: Cast NOT CALLED work from 4pm on Show Nights.
  • MON, NOV 12 - OFF
  • TUE, NOV 13 - 5:30 ALL Call (I will split two groups for immediate start (out by 7:15))
  • WED, NOV 14 - 5:30 Call Cast #4 (Ashlee, Taylor, (Lulu), Tyler, Gabby, Colin, (Kayla), Andrew, (Katie), Sa'Rina, Chantell, Robin)
  • THU, NOV 15 - 5:30 Call Cast #4 (see WED)
  • FRI, NOV 16 - 5:30 Call (The Men)
  • SMAT, NOV 17 - 12:30 Call Cast #5 (Adam, Taylor, (Lulu), Tyler, Gabby, Sandra, Chase, Tasha, (Katie), Dylan, TJ, Robin)
  • SEVE, NOV 17 - 5:30 Call Cast #6 (Adam, Sami, Grant, Jen, Cody, Sandra, Kayla, Tasha, Josiah, Dylan, TJ, Shelby)

09 November 2007

Excellent Opening!

The attendence was low, but the show was GREAT. Folks don't know what they're missing. Go us!

07 November 2007

Writers Guild Strike

This might not seem like anything we should care about, but we all like TV and movies and some of us plan to maybe work in "The Business" someday. The late night comedy shows have already gone into hibernation and the series work will likely hiccup after the winter break. Mid-season shows might get hammered. Movies will likely see the effects about a year from now, given production timing.

This link points to a discussion about the strike and the demands of the WGA, including a portion of an opinion piece by Joss Whedon (my fellow Wesleyan Alum and creator of some of troupe #358's favorite shows). Once you go beyond the base article and into the reader comments, language might get coarse.

[Updated] One more link from the WGA, here.

04 November 2007

UPDATED - Jordan contact request

I think I've found a reliable way to communicate with Jordan. If you aren't her, but could remind (meaning, CALL) her to check her computer tonight, that would be a good thing. Add'l Update: She's been called.

T-Shirs Delayed

Some issues with the artwork are going to delay our shirts until probably Friday (they were originally slated to arrive Tuesday).

The per shirt cost (with Rush Delivery shipping) is a smidge under $17. They are still going to try to get them to us for opening day, but apparently they've tried to contact me twice (email and phone) since last Tues and didn't reach me until this AM, so we are against the ropes.

Cross your collective fingers!

three rehearsals until it's REAL

Monday will be both casts simultaneously. Tues and Weds, one group goes right after school, no costumes, the other goes at 7pm, full costume.

On show nights, the cast NOT performing, runs thru right after school.

All is well, folks! Know your lines, know your cues, and "Act well..."

28 October 2007

The Continued Rise of Female Action "Heroes"

Since we spend so much time talking about the TV series Heroes and we have a bunch of Joss Whedon fans, I thought I'd throw this in to the mix.

There is a strand of discussion about the role women play in modern heroic story-telling. College classes and scholarly texts now exist tracking the significance of Buffy Summers and Max (Dark Angel). Next into the lineup were Firefly's River Tam and Zoe Washburn. Recent seasons of cable TV have added to the discussion, particularly with the female lineup on Galactica. Sydney Bristow (Alias) and "Kate" (is it really her name? -- Lost) were joined last season by Heroes' Claire Bennett and Nicki Sanders. This brought the discussion back to the mainstream networks and this season seemed like it might adding another piece with Bionic Woman on NBC - a re-imagining of the original series (which itself was a spin-off of the Six Million Dollar Man). BW hasn't really gotten the buzz nor has it delivered. But January on Fox might be a different story when we will get The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- it is a continuation of James Cameron's Terminator concept, picking up from the end of the 2nd film (Judgement Day) and following Sarah, John and ... several Terminators.

The tie in to the strong female character thing? Before Buffy, there were two women in Science Fiction film/tv who were clearly cut from heroic cloth usually reserved for males: Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens, etc...) and Sarah Connor. If this series is successful in re-establishing Sarah, then it will be worth it. Additionally, it seems the series will bring another heroic female presence with the casting of Summer Glau, already part of this discussion from her earlier work as River in Firefly. YouTube has SCC clips (at least four uploaded by Fox, with more coming from less official sources. And as always, for really good writing about TV, I recommend Television Without Pity, though I caution that the language there can sometimes get... coarse.

25 October 2007

We few, we happy few...

And Crispine Crispian shall ne're goe by,
From this day to the ending of the World,
But we in it shall be remembred;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers:
For he to day that sheds his blood with me,
Shall be my brother: be he ne're so vile,
This day shall gentle his Condition.
And Gentlemen in England, now a bed,
Shall thinke themselues accurst they were not here;
And hold their Manhoods cheape, whiles any speakes,
That fought with vs vpon Saint Crispines day.

Henry V, William Shakespeare

23 October 2007

Twelve Angry Schedules :) - UPDATED

We are coming into crunch time, folks.

Twelve continues to meet at 4:30 through the rest of this week and will wrap at the two hour point. However NEXT week, we need to being running start to finish, so the 2 hour limit goes away. [UPDATED to reflect DIFFERENT Men/Women/Mixed Runs... who is in which will be determined by Friday]

Mon - Wed (Oct 29-31): 4:30 until finished (I will try to get us out 'on time' on Halloween)
Thu, Fri (Nov 1,2): Dress Runs - 5:30 call, 6:30 fight runs, 7:00 start - UNTIL FINISHED (this should be running under 2 hours)
SAT (Nov 3) 5:30 call, 6:15 fight run, 7:00 start
Sun (Nov 4)
Mon (Nov 5)
Women FA6, Men FA2
Tue (Nov 6)
Mixed 2 FA6, Mixed 4 FA2
Wed (Nov 7)
Mixed 1 FA6, Mixed 3 FA2
Thu (Nov 8)
OPEN - Mixed 1
(Men run-thru FA6 after school)
Fri (Nov 9)
OPEN - Men
(Mixed 2 run-thru FA6 after school)
Sat (Nov 10)
MATINEE, Mixed 2, EVE - Mixed 3

Sun (Nov 11)
Mon (Nov 12)
Tue (Nov 13)
Mixed 5 FA6, Mixed 4 FA2
Wed (Nov 14)
Mixed 4 FA6, Mixed 6 FA2
Thu (Nov 15)
SHOW - Mixed 4
(Women run-thru FA6 after school)
Fri (Nov 16)
SHOW - Women
(Mixed 5 run-thru FA6 after school)
Sat (Nov 17)
MATINEE, Mixed 5, EVE - Mixed -6

22 October 2007

Throwing up a TV thread for tonight's episode of

..if for no other reason than to get us off the previous comment string. Tonight, stunt casting continues as Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars joins the regulars... already we've had both George Takei (Sulu) and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) from original Star Trek. I am not sure what TV everyone watches this year. I know some of us tried out Bionic Woman and are tiring of it. I've taken an interest in Life and am getting good reports of Pushing Daisies ... standbys from prior seasons are still with us: Smallville, CSI, Without a Trace, and House. Of course, there is The Office, Family Guy, and 30 Rock, and some people seem to like Supernatural, NUMB3RS, and Shark, and we will always have The Colbert Report, not to mention a lot of significantly less appropriate programming on Comedy Central and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Still waiting on a season premier for Lost, not to mention the dragging out of anticipation with a two hour movie fill-in coming in November to hold us over for January's return of

13 October 2007

The Key Epic [UPDATED]

Once, there was a man named Murphy. He wrote Laws.

We had a build day today that was very well attended. Best attended of the year and one of the best ever. So... in my rush to get to it on time, I left the Lowe's parking lot with a bit of haste.

And with my theater keys resting on the rear bumper of my vehicle. I'd removed them because they were scratching the paint on my tailgate as I loaded the wood and other materials. Then I got distracted - taking plywood BACK into the store to pick up later.

And so I rushed back out and went straight to the cab, without rechecking the load.

Upon arriving at the school, only Lindsay was there, so I dashed BACK to Lowe's to see if I could see them laying on the road surface or side somewhere... Nothing, back to the school.., more people...back to Lowe's, back to the school... Jordan and Sandra and Dani and Gabby and Gaby and and and and... So with the help of custodian Bob, we went in and worked, only an hour late :P

[This part is the update] Meanwhile, a gentleman named Tom Higgins had found them, picked them up, and delivered them on Monday morning to the NMHS office. YAY TOM! We are working out the particulars of his reward [end update]

When finished, the new next phase was to head back to Lowe's... this time ON FOOT to see if I could find anything along the side of the road... the lanyard, the ID badge, anything... but even with a trusty sidekick who happened to be walking the same route as far as Delta Waters, nothing... nada, nichts, zip, zilch, bupkis.


laugh as you see fit

09 October 2007

This is for the True Heroes out there...

Jenny and Adam will appreciate this, for sure... others? maybe...

Check out the first CUSTOMER review of the linked book.

08 October 2007

Workdays on the long weekend...

The original plan was to do a 10am to 2pm on Fri and on Sat, but my Real Life (tm) has jumped in and is revising that...

Friday, I may not be available to until 4pm. I would like to do about 2 hours of SOMETHING, but it might be better for that to be a rehearsal. So keep an eye on that.

SATURDAY will be a work day from 10am to 2pm

29 September 2007

Fantasticks Cast Party - the Fun Version!!!

Since we had a somber one the first time out, we are gonna do it again and have a way better time. At the Warren's at 7pm TONIGHT, with viewing of the show using video of Opening Night and the final Friday!

I'll be getting there late (am posting this from the Bandon Library where we are doing a memorial for my father).

This one is for food, fun, and smiles - and I will be bringing some pecan fudge pie left over from this event... save room!

26 September 2007

Ramifications for OFF-Stage Conduct

This divides into two catagories - backstage and away from the theater but with theater students involved.
  • If Backstage, then my policies would be the first governing item, but both school rules (for example, for harassment) and Thespian Bylaws might also apply.
  • If Elsewhere, school rules and Thespian Bylaws might also apply.
Troupe Constitution and Bylaws will be available in printed form in my room tomorrow. I might get them up online tonight. Sample bylaws are online at the ITS site (linked from this page) and are mostly intact in our usage, so will be a reasonable first look.

Ramifications for On-Stage Conduct

All members of the Twelve Angry Jurors casts need to make sure they read the hand-out on on-stage conduct. All other participants in the program may want to look it over as well. I have them available in my room.

23 September 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the casts of Twelve Angry Jurors [UPDATED]

Note: posted version must be initialled (indicating acceptance of the role) prior to Wednesday afternoon. Roles that are not accepted by that time may be recast.
READ THRU scheduled for THURSDAY, 9/27, 4:30pm
Men in the Little Theater, Women in the Choir Room
Twelve Angry MenTwelve Angry Women
Adam Chimeo, Foreperson
Taylor Ashley, #2
Grant Hendrix, #3
Tyler Spano, #4
Cody Weeks, #5
Cody Schneider, #5
Colin Redmond, #6
Chase Medeiros, #7
Andrew Poletto, #8
Josiah Hill, #9
Dylan Gutridge, #10
TJ Todd, #11
Cody Schneider, #12
Robin Plunk, #12
Ashlee Klemp, Foreperson
Sami Pollock, #2
Lulu Lion, #3
Jen Warren, #4
Gabby Mahon, #5
Sandra Schaefer, #6
Kayla Garrett, #7
Natasha Minor, #8
Katie Sparks #9
Sa'rina Roth, #10
Chantell Munoz, #11
Kilee Rheinsburg, #12
Shelby Mock, #12

For the Blended Casts, move Jurors 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11.
Lines spoken by the Judge and onstage appearance of the Baliff will be rotated among cast members not appearing on a given night.

Jordan Wright, Robin Plunk, & Claire Halliburton will also be in the production staff. Second Director is Amanda Kulmac. We may still have jobs for two additional ADs. Chad Revel will assist with the tech needs in preproduction (building and lighting). On any given day in rehearsal, two production staff will need to be present. We'll nail down staff schedules as the week draws to a close.

For now, cast should always assume they are scheduled from 4:30 to 6:30pm, Monday - Friday from Oct 1 to Nov 1, with the schedule getting heavier after Nov 1, on. Saturdays will be possible in Nov, as well.

As always, academic eligibility concerns may trigger when the mid-term progress reports come out. If policy or parents decide to pull an actor from the play, others who auditioned will be contacted as needed.

17 September 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad

My father was born on this date in 1932. I had what I hoped would be a good present for him, in that my schedule was going to allow me (along with Mom) to get the editing done on a book he'd been writing for more than ten years and to get it some kind of published for this, his 75th birthday. We got the editing done, the proofs are back for a self-published run of about 50 copies, but Dad missed getting to see them be a little over two months.

So if I am little out of focus today, this may be why.

13 September 2007

Great Opening!

one down, four to go...Kayla, Kelsey and Sue are off for tomorrow... everyone else, speed thru after school..understudies, too (we'll try talking in unison... la! How jolly!)

very proud of you all!

01 September 2007

Fantasticks Schedule [Continually Updated]

SAT 9/15 - SHOW - 4:30 Call, Combat Run before 5pm, House 6:30, Curtain 7pm, Chair Strike After Show
SUN 9/16 - OFF
MON 9/17 - !SHIRTS! OFF (Auditions - "Twelve Angry Jurors" 4-6pm)
TUES 9/18 - ("Twelve" Auditions 4-6pm) Understudy Run Thru, no costumes or makeup, 7pm
WED 9/19 - Understudy DRESS, Call 4:30pm, Combat run before 5pm, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, Chair Strike
THU 9/20 - !SHIRTS! Understudy SHOW night, schedule as WEDS, Chair Strike
FRI 9/21 - SHOW - schedule as WEDS
SAT 9/22 - CLOSING NIGHT - schedule as WEDS, Chair Strike, DR Quick Clean, Cast Party
SUN 9/23 - Backstage Clean - Auditorium, Dock, LT, 2pm
note on SHIRTS :) On the noted days, please make an effort to wear you shirt... I will be making an effort to wear mine on the days you are not, as will Mr. Warren, Sami, Shelby, and Kelsey, AND the Admins and other staff who have one. ALSO, please always bring them to the show each night CLEAN for house staff shirts
note on House Staff: Everyone who is NOT scheduled to appear that night is expected to help as House Staff. Please dress in black slacks or skirt and wear your Show Shirt.

27 August 2007

Remember, Call Time change!!

Fantasticks now is called from 4pm to 6:30ish, since Mr Warren and I are now 'back to work'

This schedule will remain in place until production week, when we then shift to Costume and Make-up calls as needed with House Open at 6:30 and runs starting at 7pm.

21 August 2007

News as School Rapidly Approaches!

  • Rehearsals for The Fantasticks continue... Weeknights at 5pm
  • Auditions for Twelve Angry Jurors coming soon... Sep 17 & 18, 4pm (details in an upcoming post)
  • Classes next year: Advanced meets block 2; Intro sections meet Blocks 3, 4, & 5; Stagecraft meets Block 6.
  • I will also accept 3rd or 4th year students as independent study students concurrent with Intro sections, and your work will emphasize small ensemble directing.
  • Anyone who wants to be an AIDE for me, I would prefer production assistants blocks 1 or 7.

For everyone whos summer is coming to an end, our apologies :) (except the three who are suffering on MAUI right now - for them we have zero sympathy, particularly when they have to endure swimming with sea turtles or barbecuing on a beach... oh, the horror... being washed away in a raging torrent we MIGHT find some compassion for... work on that). Poor Jacob griped about 'getting his schedule' on MySpace... for him, I have sympathy.

07 August 2007


We are due for one more Pizza & Plays - comment to let me know if there is sufficient interest and what would be good times!

05 August 2007

Fantasticks - Assume ALL CALL

given cast size and staffing, assume ALL cast are called unless we tell you otherwise a day before as we wrap a particular rehearsal

rehearsals will go at 5pm now and run until 8pm

Monday and Wednesday will be music and dance intensive this week, so please wear appropriate shoes, and females should consider having a rehearsal skirt come in, as well.

01 August 2007

Quick Fantasticks Schedule note

The rest of this week:
3pm to 6pm
NEXT WEEK & Beyond
5pm to 8pm

Who on which days, we don't know, yet...

30 July 2007

Stuff of Mine

this is a housekeeping post, trying to track down stuff of mine that was once in the classroom and now is not

DVD of Kiss Me Kate - missing since... Septemberish? I haven't gotten to watch yet...grrr
DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar - disc ONLY (case is in the office) - missing since April
Blue Vase from Induction night - went home with.... Cyr? Can't remember
Most of my Shakespeare on DVD - left with Garrett, now reportedly with Nik?

Help these items find there way back to me. Thanks!

25 July 2007

Robert W Doty OSF Seminar Scholarship

I've been getting the ducks in a row for establishing a Summer Seminar Scholarship Fund in memory of my father. As part of doing this, I plan to have donation options available at each production we do this year (probably set up with a matching donation to Black Tornado Theater). I am also going to ask Mrs. Michelson at Phoenix to help, as well (as Dad did a lot for their program, back during the time that the Camelot stage was their 'home' theater). Once the fund is in place, I will put a PayPal link up to it here on this page, as well.

My expectation is that the fund will generate a partial scholorship the first year, two the second, and then after three years, be able to sustain up to two full scholarships a year. The funds are NOT assured to go to help a North Student, but I might be able to get them to restrict it to Jackson and Coos county schools (Dad's homes over the years).

All your help will be appreciated!


Mon, Jul 30 - 3pm, Matt, Luisa, Mothers (and understudies) - Music
Tues, 3pm - 6pm, Full Cast - From Beginning
Weds, 3pm - 6pm, "Rape" Ballet
Thus, 3pm - 6pm, Round and Round
Fri, 3pm - 6pm, Tree (EG & L), Wall (M & L)

NOTE - Mute and Handyman are ALWAYS called unless it is specifically a music rehearsal.

Following week will post by Aug 2!

OFF BOOK DATES is Aug 17 - that is the last day you may have scripts
Calls for Line after Aug 24 contribute to the cookie fund or something equally suitable.

Build days each Sat, 10am-2pm, starting Jul 28 - all cast expected to attend three minimum.

Start thinking of poster design ideas NOW. Bring them to first week and we will select publicity materials as a group.

13 July 2007

Fantasticks Schedule

This coming week, Mr Warren, Sami and I will sit down and hammer out some schedule things related to Fantasticks (like which actors called on which days).

BUT, we can get you the basics:

Read Thru - All Cast, All Understudies, All Support Staff - FRI JULY 27, 4pm, Little Theater
Stage Preparation - All who can make it, Cleaning the loading dock & LT - SAT JULY 28, 10am, Little Theater

Official Day 1 is Monday, July 30, in the LT. I expect we will have staging work, musical work, and some tech discussion. Mr Dalton will be working as El Gallo for the first two weeks while Mr Chimeo is at the OSF Summer Seminar.

Kate Warren will be providing support vocal coaching, and is primarily going to be assigned to the understudies.

Expect that there will be something happening in the LT from approx 2pm until about 6pm each day for the first three weeks, and that most cast and staff will be called each day. For week 4 of August, Mr Warren and I will have to be 'at work', so we won't start until 4pm. Some days, the cast will be in FA2 or FA3 singing while we do things on and to the stage :)

Plays, Pizza and Movies (& news)

OK... due to limited and non-commital responses (except for Shelby), the Pizza and Plays Night will be as follows:

SATURDAY, 6pm, at the LT, lasting approx 2 hours (though maybe not even close)

Thus allowing plenty of time to eat Kaleidescope Pizza (sorry Trev)!
Thus allowing plenty of time to talk about PLAYS!!!!
Thus allowing plenty of time to get to Bear Creek Park for the Movie Night (Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone)

And as for the news? look on the right hand side...you'll see we no longer have a Fall Play TBA

10 July 2007

Plays n Pizza

SOME of you have been using your Bowmer Passes (Hillary and Bless (Late Happy BDay, Bless) were at Sunday eve's Shrew...)

I promised we'd have some time to discuss plays and eat pizza and generally catch up on the summer, and I think we should do that SOON. One suggestion was to have such a gathering as a lead in to a Movie in the Park. Another idea was to invade the Little Theater. I like either option and would take this time to entertain an informal VOTE on one or the other... say a Thurs Eve at the LT or Sat eve before the movie. Let us all know here in the Comments!

08 July 2007

Solla Sollew

About an hour ago, my father passed away peacefully. Jen and I were with him, as was Mom. We are OK. More later.

06 July 2007


For a chance to perform on the professional stages of Southern Oregon, check the front of today's Tempo.

On page 2, we start with the Missoula Children's Theater. Their call is for students grades 1-12. The audition is Aug 6, 9:30 am to noon, and you must be there by 9:30. the show is cast that day and starts to rehearse that evening, and performs at the Crate on Aug 11 at 3pm and 7pm. That's Mon to Sat frm audition to closing curtain. The show is Cinderella. There is a $25 workshop fee for those who are cast. Those of you without a Trib can try the Crate at 779-3000.

Then on page 6, the Oregon Conservatory of the Performing Arts offers a theater camp starting July 30, culminating in a performance at OSF's Daedalus Project. The show is "Quilt" and is a musical. Caroline Shaffer of OSF directs. Info and Camp prices are to be had by phone (776-9118) or web www.oregonconservatory.org

Give it a shot! Neither will work for people cast in the Fantasticks, but everyone else is strongly encouraged to go for it!

05 July 2007

Medical Update - My father

those of you who have been in the program a couple of years have had some limited opportunity to meet my father (he came to Pen, Dream, and Seussical). His condition (Parkinson's) is reasonably well-known (Michael J Fox, the Pope, etc...). He's had symptoms of it since 1985ish and clearly symptomatic since 1995, and then significantly deteriorating since 2004.

He fell twice again in the past two days and this time the injuries are not to his limbs, but to his head, and we may not have much longer with him. Anyway, I might not be as available as I thought, but they do have wireless here at the Hospital, so I can be reached via the blog or email.

03 July 2007

Scripts here EARLY!!! Who wants one

gimme a call or post and get one as your schedule and mine allow!
Given out so far: Sami, Amanda C (via Sami); Kayla, Sarah (via Kayla), Manda K (via Kayla), Jacob (via Kayla)

I have phone numbers and/or addresses for Cale, Carol, TJ, Corey and Tasha and will try to get to them today. CHIMEO, Sparkie - I need some help to find you.

Jen is out of town and will get her's upon return.

30 June 2007

We're Home

Yay! Unloading the truck today and settling in!

25 June 2007

ETA from MN

Hey all! As many of you know, I am moving Jen to Oregon from Minnesota.

While we get her settled in, I won't be my usual available self, but if you need something related to one of our productions or related to a recommendation or Bowmer Project-related, please post in a current comment thread or phone if need be!

I plan to arrive midday June 30. Tonight is Fergus Falls MN. Tomorrow should be Medora ND, then Bozeman, Spokane, and Salem, making about 400 miles a day. [UPDATE] Turns out we made Glendive MT, shooting for Butte, then Pasco, then home... closer to 460 miles per day...and with road construction and only one of us able to drive the 26' trailer with the car carrier and the stray 40 mph headwind (which means we are getting crap for fuel economy), I don't wanna hear about anyone else's killer roadtripping skillz. I've been there and done it and have the t-shirt...this is my 11th road trip that has covered three or more timezones, as either solo or duo driver. I've done them for speed, I've done them for sightseeing, and I've done them for 'We need to get there, but everyone is exhausted cuz we just moved a three story house full of gear in two days of 90+ temps while one of us has a cracked rib, so we are going as fast as won't get us killed.' And yes, there was a snap in that tone.

Fantasticks scripts should be arriving July 15-20 and will be distributed immediately!

24 June 2007

Techs Needed: Ballet in the Park

Are you signed up for stagecraft and want a head start on your 80 hours of support for the year?

Ballet Rogue is doing Ballet in the Park @ Lithia.
Rehearsals are 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29
Performances 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30

Hours earned during this time will be logged and can be applied as needed throughout the year (say during a quarter you find your self acting and unable to crew, or at the end of the year when opportunities thin out somewhat).

If you are interested, I need to know VERY SOON. You need to be able to commit to at least two pairs of dates, but ideally to all 8. Post in Comments, please. I will be checking back several times today.

[UPDATED] The tech duties here are complex - curtain hanging at the outdoor bandshell, rolling out the marley floor surface, also issues with heat. But it needs doing and this is SOLID experience to put on a resume.

All of the jobs are paid!

20 June 2007

AFI 100 Years 100 Movies

Is on CBS right now until 11pm. It's worth a look just to get some things in your head and build a 'to watch' list. Not all acting and directing happens on a stage.

19 June 2007

Shrew ticket I Can't Use

HEADS UP, FOLKS! I have one ticket for Taming of the Shrew, WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 8:30pm at OSF. This is NOT a comp... I paid for it :) and it's toward the back of the house... Shrew is probably going to be impossible to get with Bowmer pass until LATE in the season (September?). Whoever wants it, post a comment and the first person posting gets it.

(Obviously, you need to be a driver or have someone willing to chauffeur you to Ashland, as this is a single seat and the show is sold out.)

I thought I'd be done with the phase of my home that I need be finished before I go get Jen, but I won't be, so...

18 June 2007

Romeo & Juliet

Wow. Saw R& J on Sunday. I'd heard some grumbling about it from two people working Tempest on Friday - one who thought Act I set up something that Act II failed to deliver, another who thought I was silly, but that II redeemed the show.

Well, I disagree with both of them :). Not to say the show is flawless - it is early in the run and not everyone has found their feet 100% yet, BUT the thigns it does well, it does exceptionally well, and the things that need work don't need much.

Things that are ON? Capulet and Mercutio. Wow again. Capulet, particularly. Bowmer Project folks will recognize Duke Senior from As You Like It. When you go (and you should go), watch him for an amazing demonstration of finding the changing beats within a single speech. He makes leaps that are astounding and resonant - I was impressed. No more 10s when I judge acting until somone matches his effort. :) While watching? Mesmerized. When looking back and analyzing? I am STILL seeing things he was doing that were so very cool.

Scenic design is wonderful - use of the trap inspired my tech side to think of HOW we could accomplish something like this.

See it. You may have to pay, but see it. When shows aren't comping, you might still be able to get a 50% off ticket as a Rogue Valley resident.

17 June 2007

The Tempest @ OSF

Went for opening night of the outdoor season on Friday. You should all see this one, particularly those of you who were involved in our production.

Without giving much away, I liked the concept and execution of Ariel and her 'shadows', I liked Caliban and the drunks a LOT (Christopher Duval was a VERY good Trinculo) - this Caliban made some very different emotional choices than ours did, but this worked well, too (proving that there is never A right way, but several or many).

They also merged Francisco and Adrian into a single speaking part and John O Hagan (from our workshop) plays that role.. they didn't cut as many of his lines as we did, though still it's a very reduced part. The Master and Boatswain are also merged into a single part. Antonia is morphed to a sister and that allows for an interesting added dynamic with Sebastian and Alonso...

Nell Geisslinger is a good Miranda, and her Ferdinand works well, too... The performance I liked least was Prospero, and that is unfortunate. The actor has a phenomenal voice, and closing my eyes to LISTEN to him was amazing, but he has an idiosyncratic tendancy and I see it in almost every role he plays - he anchors his feet at a good fighting stance, and then as the words come out, his weight shifts in little lunges and feints - as though his instincts are telling him to move, but he is resisting.

Nevertheless, this is a niggling detail that does not detract from te overall enjoyment of the show. The aesthetic is marvelous, particularly Prospero's 'magic garment' and Ariel's manifestation as a harpy whilst laying accusations upon the Neopolitan nobles and Antonia.

Heidi and Russell will be interested to know there are three kisses on the lips in this production, too, but only one is Miranda and Ferdinand and it comes far later than the first those two shared in our production. The first in this one is a drunken and hilarious celebratory greeting by Stephano and Trinculo, and the third is not unexpected given some things foreshadowed by blocking in this production, but who shares it, I leave you to see for yourself and comment on at our first Plays over Pizza in early July.

13 June 2007

Movies in the Park

I strongly encourage attendance to the following Movies in the Park... and perhaps some coordination of munchies.

July 7 - Three Amigos
July 14 - Harry Potter & Sorc Stone
July 21 - Back to the Future
July 28 - Happy Feet
Aug 4 - Indy & the Last Crusade
Aug 11 - Superman Returns

Note - the first movie is June 23, but I WON'T BE IN OREGON, so don't drop by 'just cuz'
Note also - the link above SHOULD lead to a .pdf schedule for the films, so you can see the June 23, Jun 30, and later August offerings... they just didn't appeal (at all) to me.

0708 Class Schedule + Fantasticks

Doty - Theater Arts -FA6
0 - open (office hours and prep)
1 - open (office hours and prep)
2 - PA 381 - Adv Theater Arts
3 - PA 380.a - Intro Theater Arts
4 - PA 380.b - Intro Theater Arts
5 - PA 380.c - Intro Theater Arts
6- PA 382 - Stage Craft
7 - open (use for facility management)
One Final NOTE - 'official' Fantasticks Scripts will be delivered to cast on or around JULY 25. If you want a book with text only (no music), we can order some from Amazon that will be YOURS TO KEEP, but you will need to pay me for them. Those can be ordered immediately and will arrive in two days from the time I place the order. Let me know.

10 June 2007

Notes for Firefly / Angel / Heroes fans

New to series TV this coming year, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", set in the continuity of James Cameron's Terminator films, and starring Thomas Dekker (you remember him as Claire Bennet's best friend / videographer, Zach) and Summer Glau (River Tam in Firefly, Ballerina in Angel). So far, only two episodes confirmed , and I haven't found which network is planning on carrying it.

It spins off from Terminator 2, not T3. Hrmmm.

Also announced, Jewel Staite (Firefly's Kaylee Frye) is adding to the cast of Stargate: Atlantis for season 4.

Also a note to Heroes fans (and people who think WoW is neat *ehem*). Several of the troupe are on the MMORPG City of Heroes - info here. It blows WoW away, jus' sayin'... the most NMHS folks I am aware of play on Triumph server. The most obvious might be the character "Mr. Mitchell Wiuff"

09 June 2007


ATTENTION ALL BOWMER PROJECT RECIPIENTS: The following troupe memebers and drama class students want to go to plays. CONTACT ME or SAMI or ERIN to get phone numbers and then TAKE THEM:

Note also the link to the OSF site is on the right of this page... go and check ticket availibilty, and call on shows that show seats available. When you find one that is, call other kids in the troupe... grab up as many tickets as we can, then call the list below, me, your parents, whoever... SEE PLAYS :)
Mitchell Price (Any)Angela Sword (not As You Like It)Gabby Mahon (Any)
Andrew PolettoJazmin Barker (not Romeo & Juliet)Breanna Imus (Any)
Jordan Buttolph (Any)Amanda Kulmac (not As You Like It)Natasha Minor (Any)
TJ Todd (Any)Kelli Mix (not The Tempest)Tiffany Blazer

Carol O'Hare (not Razzle)

07 June 2007

Congratulations to the Cast of...

...The Fantasticks!

El Gallo – Adam Chimeo
Matt – Cale McCoy
Luisa – Jen Warren
Hucklebee – Amanda Kulmac
Bellomy – Natasha Minor
Henry – Amanda Cyr
Mortimer – Jacob Schatz
The Mute – Kayla Garrett
The Handyman – TJ Todd
Understudy (El Gallo / Matt) – Corey Dalton
Understudy (Luisa) – Sarah Schwarz
Understudy (Huck / Bell) – Katie Sparks
Understudy (Henry / Mortimer) - Carol O'Hare

[update, now that I'm not dashing off somewhere]
This was the strongest top to bottom audition we've ever had. People who have not be cast should understand we were very happy with what we saw and everyone should try for the fall show (where the number of available role will more than double)

29 May 2007

OFFICERS - 2007-08

Congratulations to the following troupe members who will serve as officers next year.

President - Sami Pollock
Vice Presidents - Jen Warren & Kayla Garrett
Secretary - Amanda Cyr
Clerk - Shelby Mock
Historian - Erin Ebert

AND congratulations also to this year's historian, Hillary Burrelle, who was awarded one of the Melba Day Sparks Scholarships. Huzzah!

movies Doty always references

Do you ever feel like Doty refers to things and you don't know what he's talking about? Some of it is movies - movies everyone should have seen... except some of them are old(er), and not on the radar of all you whippersnappers :)

So - what to watch? Well, I recommend you go to the Internet Movie Database and look at their top #250 list and to the American Film Institute's Century list.

I have a very long list, myself, some of which are movies I must wait to recommend to you AFTER HIGH SCHOOL (Rated R and such).

What makes a movie worth it for me? Solid acting and story are almost a must, but I admit to liking some that lack in areas. I also like to tip my hat to particularly good camera work and eye for detail in editing.

So... my 'short' list (not including some reasonably new stuff, and missing some that I do like, but you can wait for...)
The first two Godfather films; Crouching Tiger; Sunset Blvd.; Philadelphia Story; Shakespeare in Love; Glory; Princess Bride; most Jackie Chan films (Supercop and Druken Master being my faves); the first three (meaning IV V & VI) Star Wars films; A Fish Called Wanda; Spinal Tap (double bill it with the documentary Bring on the Night); The Green Mile; Shawshank Redemption; Witness; Rear Window; Vertigo; Bladerunner; Jaws; LotR (but NOT the extended RotK); House of Flying Daggers; The Usual Suspects; many of Branagh's films - all his Shakespeare, plus Dead Again; the orig Terminator; the first two Alien films; Hero; the Crystal comedies (When Harry met..., City Slickers, Analyze This); the Hanks romantics (Big, You've Got Mail, Sleepless...); anything with Jay and Silent Bob, but I like Dogma best; Victory (don't ask); the baseball quartet (Bull Durham, The Natural, League of the Own, and Field of Dreams); Rudy; Matewan; Some Like It Hot; all Pixar (particularly the Toy Stories and Incredibles); Rashamon; The Seven Samuri; Hidden Fortress; and (don't ask me to explain) Silverado

23 May 2007

Audience Behavior

I know we know what it means to be a good audience. Please spread the word to your schoolmates who do other things... like go to band concerts.

14 May 2007

tonight's ep: "Landslide"
Ohmigosh, people...this is the second to last one for the year. Can you contain yourself? Will JJ or Jacob flip out more in class tomorrow? Or will Kayla beat them to it be flipping out at or before lunch... And I won't even SEE Kylee tomorrow, so if she goes out of her mind over tonight's episode, I won't even know.

The IMDB listing for tonight's ep includes George Takei (Sulu, also Hiro's Dad)

Can I even wait the remaining 102 minutes?

07 May 2007

Madwoman of Chaillot

Troupe #358 alum Mr. A Christopher is in the cast of RCC's upcoming production, opening May 11 and running until the 20th... Madwoman showcased at State the year before I got to NMHS and was well-recieved.

The story is good, RCC's program has solid buzz, I recommend as many of us who can, go.

28 April 2007

State Picture

Here's the picture we took up in Salem. It's a little late but who's had any time to do anything lately?!

The Troupe: I'd name all of you, but you know who you are : )

22 April 2007

Closing Night!

Seussical at NMHS in the Sjolund.

15 April 2007

Quick note to Firefly Fans

New series a called "Drive" premiers on FOX tonight with Nathan Fillion. Heads up to Mitchell, Kayla, JJ, Jacob, and whoever else might care :)

14 April 2007

State (part 3) - We're Home!!

So things went generally very well... All our solo acting entries scored high enough to make the trip to nationals, should they choose to. Our one-act was well received (and we love all the Jesuit troupe, who make sure they see us each year). We LOVED Batboy: the Musical. Ohmigosh! (but we don't think we were alone in that, based on the general reaction in the room).

More details later.

12 April 2007

State (Part 2) Audition Day (revised)

It's just about time to head to the Red Lion for Showcase Auditions. A phone call earlier confirmed that the trio getting here with our friends from the OTHER Medford High School (South) had indeed caught the Panther troupe's bus and are on their way... we expect them between noon and 1. Our first audition is at 2:50 and we have 5 total, finishing just after 4:00pm.

The rest of us should roll in closer to 5pm and get checked in and get to dinner ASAP.

Dinner is intended to be at the Ram tonight, on the corner just as 22 crosses 12th, across from Willamette U's soccer field.

Again, thanks to HoJo's free wireless, which is allowing me to post this while sitting in the hallway, and streaming NPR programming on iTunes.

[Update] In the Mazama Room at the Red Lion listening to all the musical showcase auditions. There are some remarkable voices and the judges are in a very difficult position to sort the cream of the cream of the crop, as it were. In Solo Music (about midway thru) it is an amazingly tight set of choices. Group Music had two that I thought stood out above the rest I saw, but I missed two, as well, so can't say with any certainty "oh, they were the best"...

Holding out good hope for our crew!

11 April 2007

State (part 1) We're Here!! ((revised))

Well, despite some kinda crazy rainish like weather twixt Medford and Salem, the first wave of Troupe 358 has successfully arrived and are settling in at HoJo's... Dinner will be sometime soon and if it is noteworty, we'll note it... Otherwise, expect a relaxing, early to bed night with perhaps some additional availing of the wireless internet (Garrett said something about a soccer game online) and mayhap a viewing of the Colbert Report repeat from last night.

Dinner as at Las Margaritas, just around the corner from the Elsinore - I enjoyed mine, though the full opinions were mixed. We thought maybe we'd catch the new Will Ferrell film, but the next showtime was far later than we wanted to wait for... so it was back to the hotel and we caught the tail end of a VERY cleaned up "Big Lebowski" on E! and then called it a night.

05 April 2007

Details - individual calls, numbers

  • Mayzie, Cat, 5:30, How Lucky You Are (16a), Mayzie in Palm Beach (21)
  • Mayzie, Bird Girls, Gertrude, Cat, 5pm Amazing Mayzie (12), Amazing Gertrude (12a)
  • Full Cast, 6pm, refresher on Oh the Thinks (1)
  • Full Cast, 6:30, musical thru on Chasing the Whos (14) and People vs Horton (28-29)
  • Jungle, 7pm, Horton Hears a Who / Biggest Blame Fool (3 & 4)
  • Whos + JoJo & Cat, 7pm, It's Possible (7)
  • Jungle, 7:30, Egg, Nest, & Tree (19)
  • Whos + JoJo & Cat , 7:30 (25, 26)
  • Full Cast, 2pm, With Pit for all we can fit
  • BUILD 4pm
  • Full Cast, 6pm, Choreography, People vs Horton
  • Build from 9am until 5pm

Seussical Rehearsal Details

Choreography Days upcoming:
FRIDAY, APRIL 6 (6-8p)

Vocal rehearsals, with Orchestra

FRIDAY, APRIL 6 (2-4p)

OFF BOOK!!! Get there!! We can't do menaingful staging or dancing work with scripts in our hands!!

Additional post on individual rehearsals (lunch and early starts) coming.

25 March 2007

BSG Season Finale

Trial of Baltar... some new Cylon revelations? Anders, Tyrol, Tigh, and Tory all hear the music. Hera, Sharon, Six, and Roslin have the same concurrent nightmare... who are cylons... who who who?

And next week, just to keep us wanting: Heroes Marathon on SciFi.

Heroes returns with new episodes during production week of Seussical. Thank goodness for DVRs :)

23 March 2007

Seussical Rehearsals - POST Spring Break

M-F Apr 02 - 06 FULL CAST Daily, 6pm until 8pm - Main Stage, FA6, Lobby, and poss FA2
Sat Apr 07 BUILD DAY 12n - 5pm
Sun Apr 08 OFF
M-W Apr 09 - 11 FULL CAST Daily, 6pm until 8pm - Main Stage, FA6, Lobby, and poss FA2
R-F Apr 12 - 13 WHOS, 6pm until 8pm, Main Stage
Sat Apr 14 OFF
Sun Apr 15 Build Day 12n - 5pm
M-F Apr 16 - 20 FULL CAST & CREW Daily, 6pm until 8pm - Main Stage, FA6, Lobby, and poss FA2
Sat Apr 21 Tech Run, FULL CREW 12n - 4pm; FULL RUN, FULL CAST 5pm - 9pm
Sun Apr 22 Tech Polish - final painting, final trims 12n - 4pm
Mon Apr 23 FULL DRESS - Cast Call, 5pm, Crew Call 5:30pm, Curtain 7pm UNTIL FINISHED
Tue Apr 24 Teasers ALL DAY - Cast and Crew Call 7:30 am; DRESS REHEARSAL, Calls as on 4/23
W-S Apr 25 - 28 PERFORMANCE, Cast Call 5pm, Crew Call 5:30pm, Curtain 7pm

Spring Break Seussical stuff

Expect me at the theater, Tues thru Fri, 5pm until 8pm, with carryover possible (if productive work is happening) until as late as 10pm.

We will also have work days on Sat the 31st and Sun the 1st from noon until 5pm.

The weekday evenings will be used for everything: building, painting, choreography, and main stage rehearsal, depending on who is there and what combinations of people can be used for which activity.

20 March 2007

As You Like It script

For everyone who wants to read it before we go on April 4!!

Full Script Here

14 March 2007

Seussical Rehearsals!!! UPDATED

Additional Character Meetings will come as possible before Spring Break (Bird Girls, Wickershams, Kangaroo, Yertle/Grinch, General...

Staging / Blocking - in order, from start to finish - details before end of day, MONDAY, March 12
Mon 3/19, 6pm, Main Stage - Things
Tue 3/20, 6pm, Main Stage - HORTON & GERTRUDE
Wed 3/21, 6pm, Main Stage - FULL CAST - All the Thinks, Chasing the Whos, People vs Horton
Thu 3/22, 6pm, Main Stage - FULL CAST - Biggest Blame Fool, Egg Nest & Tree, Here on Who
Fri, OFF to accommodate Spring Break travel departures


SPRING BREAK probably off FOR SAT-FRI, BUILD / TECH days possible for final SAT and SUN of break. Small group rehearsals, based on availability. Check here!!

13 March 2007

Congrats Crusaders!

The kids at St. Mary's tackled Seussical this year, too and it went on stage over at Crater this past weekend. A handful of our cast attended (Sat night and Sun mat) and had favorable response. St. Mary's is a significantly smaller school and drew about 1/5 of their total student body into the on-stage production, maybe double that into the overall production. It was an impressive effort in any context, but in that context, it is astoundingly cool!

The visual aspect was compelling, though a different direction than my student design team is going. We liked the use of flown elements, and the clover field. We also thought the Wickershams were effectively staged with the tumbling and acrobatics.

LOVED Gertrude and JoJo, and got a strong review for the Cat from Sat PM performance, and on the whole, found the vocal work to be good.

We congratulate the effort and enjoyed seeing them!

12 March 2007

The Beginning of the End

Tonight we did our first group rehearsal - reading the collected works of Seuss. It is the first day of the last show of the year.

Seussical TM
will open April 25 and run four shows: 6pm, 4/25, 26 and 7pm 4/27,28
tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors
group rate is available Weds & Thurs for elementary age groups; inquire via email
With Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, co-conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty, and Eric Idle, & based on the works of Dr Seuss, the show is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized materials supplied by Music Theater International (www.mtishows.com).

09 March 2007

Liveblogging R&G on the other site...

Link here

IE Weirdness

Apparently the site looks odd in IE. I blame Microsoft. It looks fine in Firefox, Safari, Camino, and every other browser I use. Including having a link to the senior project blog right under the masks logo. So my advice? stop browsing with IE. You Windows stubborn people can get Firefox for free... and it has tabbed browsing and better pop-up blocking. Or you could get a Mac (hint hint)

Gollum Juice

As the R&G's cast have some health issues it has been requested that I re-post the Gollum Juice recipe. This is simply the original post, updated and bumped to current. The name comes from Andy Serkis and the catering folks who helped with the Wingnut / New Line production of Lord of the Rings. Serkis consumed this, usually two liters at a time, while doing the voice work of Smeagol/Gollum.

It existed in some form well before that - it is suspiciously similar (minus any fermenting agents) to a mead recipe I found once upon a time, and it is also basically exactly a home remedy I was introduced to by someone I used to date, back in the ancient mists of time.

Regardless, Gollum Juice is a good name for it, and it does a great job.

Use several chunks of fresh ginger, diced or blended or chopped in a food processor
Put into a sauce pan with 2 cups of water and bring to a gentle boil for several minutes
Allow the water to darken (it will look like ginger ale, imagine that)
Remove from the heat
Juice at least one lemon (some can tolerate two lemons) and add to water (pulp and all)
Crush in two whole cloves
Allow to sit for a minute
Pour into extra large mug thru a strainer
Add honey until the taste is pleasant
Sip, carefully, 1 quart at a time.

04 March 2007

Birthdays and Battlestars

It's officially a troupe member birthday again today, and in honor of that, we throw up yet another TV thread



Also this week - Rosencrantz & Guildenstern on the Little Theater stage.
And this week, I will need permission slips for Bowmer Project participants (will include a release to allow us to give your contact info to OSF)

01 March 2007

Happy Birthday!!

To Dr Seuss!! and to the wife of the Mayor of Whoville (Erin E)!
And also this week, Kayla, Brenton, Me, My Jen, and Sa'Rina.
Serious birthday cluster!

26 February 2007

Jacob's watching... are you?

last night

BSG has done three one-shots that barely tie to the overall arc. Last night was the best of the three weeks. Heroes is already kicking serious tail tonight!!!

State n Stuffs

With the magenta toner situation what it is, we don't have a working printer in the room, so the promised sign up sheet for state was NOT on the call board this AM. However, I started taking interested parties at the desk and will post the list HERE, and then you can add your interest in comments while we wait for the resurrection of our dear Dell Laser :)

Cars going up: Doty (4 students), Warren (up to 6 students), Burrelle (up to 6 students), Garrett (up to 6 students) - My car going up is the showcase qualifiers on Weds eve. Everyone else is coming on Thurs afternoon. People can ride with whoever they want on the way back.

Hotel room assignments will be settled later in April, reservations will be settled later this week.

StudentCar UpCar Home
Amanda C






Shelby M

Jacob (from comments)

Sarah S (from comments)


Camilla Adam C





The Bard in the Trib

The Mail Trib has a Shakespeare blog...mostly Bill Varble, I think... you can comment and everything.

He loved Razzle, not so thrilled with As you Like It. Go check it out - add your thoughts once we see stuff!

25 February 2007

Strike / Build

Sunday's strike was attended by: Mr Doty (12-4), Mitchell Wiuff (12-4), Hillary Burrelle (1-3), & Jacob Schatz (1-3). We did manage to get all the Carmina orchestra decking down and prepare the orchestra pit for re-installation of the rail and skirt. We also got the pillars off the skene.

Monday, Block 3 will take down the skene and move the row 2 seating back into place.
Block 6 will drop the 1st electric to pull lights for R&G.
Block 7 will organize materials back into the loft.

Tuesday, Block 6 will move the row 1 seating back into place & strike the palace stairs.
Block 7 will resume work on finishing the cart and on getting FA6 show ready & continue safety cleaning on the main stage.

My AmStudies classes will move to the auditorium until R&G closes, starting Tuesday.

23 February 2007

Seussical Rehearsal & Bird Girl Info

Mr Reppert has provided this initial rehearsal schedule for Seussical - small group musical stuff only...

Mon - 6pm, How to Raise a Child - Mayor, Wife
Mon - 6:45, Military - General, Mayor, Wife
Tue - 6pm, Notice - Horton, Gertrude
Tue - 6:45, Alone - Horton, JoJo
Wed - 6pm, Monkey Around - Wickershams
Wed - 6:45, Chasing - Kangaroo, Bird Girls 1-3
Thu - 7pm, Thinks - Cat, JoJo
Thu - 7:45, Lucky - Cat
Fri - 6pm, One Feather - Gertrude

Also note, the Bird Girls (1-3) sep from the Nool Chorus are Jen Warren, Denise Anderson, and Elicia Blue

School, Show - YES; Teasers - NO :(

Just FYI. We are NOT teasing today.

22 February 2007

No School OR Evening Activites

With the snow, school is cancelled and so are all evening activities. So we will open on Friday night... and I will check with Mr Burrelle about whether we will add any dates, but for now, don't count on it. This also cancels teasers.

19 February 2007

Next Year?

Summer Workshop is going to be The Fantasticks! Auditions first week of June.

Winter Play: We've applied for 12 Angry Men/Women/Jurors for a two weekend run.

Fall Play: Not set yet, possibly something funny and OLD

Spring Musical: No idea.

18 February 2007

On the TeeVee


plus, BSG's Jamie Bamber is also on Cold Case tonight - he dies real early on :), but since the series is all about flashbacks, he gets some good screen time. And all you who want to do accents, try to figure out where he's from and what he really sounds like... you'll be impressed.

Coming Soon...

17 February 2007

FINAL WEEK - updated sunday night

Wet Tech Monday, Noon to 4 - also touch up painting, and adding columns
Dress Monday, 5 to 9 - remember, meal provided at 4pm
Dress Tuesday, 5 to 9 - hopefully all set issues will be final as of here
Dress Wednesday, 5 to 9 - This day should be...nothing but a rehearsal
OPEN Thursday, 5 to 9 - WE TEASE all day. twice 1st & 3rd, once 5th & 6th
Tease, please be in FA6 dressing at or before 8am. You will be excused.

11 February 2007

Me Sick - No Build

Build days scheduled for this weekend will NOT HAPPEN, as I am miserable sick.

Hope to see people Monday.

This can also be a comment thread for BSG and Heroes
(and for folks who watched the Grammys, huge shout out to my housemate in b7 lowrise, junior year at Wes, Julia Erwin - her dear sisters Emily and Martie won a few awards tonight, along with Adrian (Nathan from Heroes) Pasdar's wife, Natalie. they are the Dixie Chicks)

08 February 2007

CAST LIST - Seussical the Musical, Spring 2007

Congratulations!! Come to the posted list at the call board and initial your acceptance!!

Cat in The Hat . . . . . Garrett Frierson
Horton the Elephant . . . . . Adam Chimeo
Gertrude McFuzz . . . . . Brianna Houck
JoJo . . . . . Bless Lee
Mayor of Whoville . . . . . Brady Walters
Mayor’s Wife . . . . . Erin Ebert
Mayzie laBird . . . . . Hillary Burrelle
General Ghengis Khan Schmitdz . . . . . Corey Dalton
Sour Kangaroo . . . . . Camilla Whitney
Wickersham/Chorus . . . . . Nik Horaites
Wickersham/Chorus . . . . . Brian Fernandez
Wickersham . . . . . Trevor Robison
Vlad Valadikov/Chorus . . . . . Mitchell Wiuff
Grinch/Yertle the Turtle/Chorus . . . . . Sterling Robinson
Dance Captain – Jungle of Nool . . . . . Kayla Garrett
Dance Captain – Whoville . . . . . Kendra Cole
Thing 1 . . . . . Amanda Cyr
Thing 2 . . . . . Kelsey Dye

Chorus (alpha by first name)
. . . . . Amanda Kulmac
. . . . . Ashlee Klemp
. . . . . Bridget Garner
. . . . . Carissa Whitney
. . . . . Chantell Munoz
. . . . . Denise Anderson
. . . . . Elicia Blue
. . . . . Gabby Mahon
. . . . . Jangmi Baik
. . . . . Jen Warren
. . . . . Jessa Barrett
. . . . . Katie Sparks
. . . . . Kelsey Cole
. . . . . Kirsten Rahm
. . . . . Mandee Light
. . . . . Megan Wiuff
. . . . . Natasha Davies
. . . . . Rachel Gowland
. . . . . Sa’rina Roth
. . . . . Sarah Schwarz
. . . . . Tessa Houck
. . . . . TJ Todd
. . . . . Tyler Spano

Seussical Casting, Part I

The Chorus Includes:
• Bird Girls
• Whos
• Thinks
• Fish
• Soldiers

NOOL and WHOVILLE will be largely seperate choruses, but there will be individuals who crossover... as we also have the Circus and the ButterSide Up War... this will be a MANY costume show.

Male Voices will also be included in Chorus as costume changes allow and vocal needs demand (some are noted)

Several smaller roles will be doubled out of the existing chorus or leads, again depending on costume change and vocal needs

Several of you are on academic probation. Please check with your counselor to determine what you need to do to remain eligible for this show

06 February 2007


We won't be doing a call back, though we mentioned one as of the dance audition.

Cast list WILL post on Friday morning.

We don't have it all figured out yet, but we are in pretty good shape and we are going to have 'make up' auditions for several who missed one session or the other due to scheduling of activities or work, so a dance session and a voice/acting session will BOTH take place during lunch tomorrow and can roll into after school if time is needed.

Camilla, Gabby, and Bridget are doing the dance portion (more mayhap not known to me) and Amanda C, Emily, and ??? (I know there was at least one more) are going to catch the voice portion.

05 February 2007

Heroes Thread

Time for me to decompress from Auditions and to watch some ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.

03 February 2007

Regionals!!! State!!!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Southern Regional acting competition this weekend at Grants Pass HS. It was a WONDERFUL day with some amazing performances.

I am thrilled with how we did as a troupe, but I am also very pleased with the level of work I saw from every competitor in the rounds I sat in on as an observer and in the round I judged.

Four North Medford Thespians are going north for State as Showcase Audition qualifiers: Garrett Frierson (Solo Acting, Solo Music), Hillary Burrelle (Solo Acting), Nik Horaites (Solo Acting), and Jen Warren (Solo Music). Additionally, Nik and Garrett were Regional Finalists for Duo Music, Adam Chimeo was a Regional Finalist in Solo Acting, and Amanda Cyr and Erin Ebert's Duo Comic - Novice entry merited Finalist status, as well

We got strong performances from everyone, with Kayla (Solo Acting) and Hillary (Solo Music) ranking 1st in rounds on several scoresheets. I think there may have been one or two more 1st in round people - I'll amend on Monday after I go over the sheets again. EVERYone did work to be proud of, but I want to single out a few more as noteworthy: Shelby, who's first and second round scores were incredible, given the fact she was sick and it didn't become clear until round 3; Sami, who stepped in on three days notice to Solo Acting (exp), and got some very complimentary comments on her work; and Bless, who stepped into Solo Acting (nov), with equally little warning, and who also delivered solid work.

Our final thanks goes to our three accompanists: freshman Carol O'Hare, who played for Hillary's solo entry; junior Erin Ebert, who played for Katie's solo entry, and Jodi French, who played for Garrett, Nik, Camilla, & Sarah's solos, Nik & Garrett's duet, and Bless, Hillary & Camilla's trio. Our musical work was gorgeous to listen to (well except Garrett, who was SCARY).

Well done, all!

01 February 2007

"...there is nothing you can swear you’ll never do..."

Like, say, come back to the palace of Thebes... or... oh... like Battlestar Galactica. Idn't dat right? You know who you are.

31 January 2007

Sooner or later...foul is fair

and fair is foul...

We draw closer and closer to the opening of Antigone.

Feb 12 Full Run - 4pm until 7pm, All Cast
Feb 13 Full Run - 4pm until 7pm, All Cast
Feb 14 Full Run - 4pm until 7pm, All Cast
Feb 15 Full Run - 4pm until ???, Cast, Crew, as much costume and makeup as possible
Feb 16 Full Run - 4pm until ???, Cast, Crew, as much costume and makeup as possible
Feb 17 DRY TECH, NOON (Crew Only), Dinner (ALL) 5pm, WET TECH (ALL) 6pm to 9pm
Feb 18 TECH if needed
Feb 19 FULL DRESS, Full Cast 5:00, Crew 5:30, 7:00 Curtain, ? End
Feb 20 FULL DRESS, Full Cast 5:00, Crew 5:30, 7:00 Curtain, ? End
Feb 21 OPEN DRESS, Full Cast 5:00, Crew 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm
Feb 22 OPENING, Full Cast 5:00, Crew, 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm
Feb 23 SHOW, Full Cast 5:00, Crew, 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm
Feb 24 CLOSING, Full Cast 5:00, Crew, 5:30, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, End before 9pm

28 January 2007

BSG/Heroes Thread

Baltar in the pre-credits sequence... wow...again.
[UPDATE] OK, all you BSG-haters, find me one other TV show with this many Oscar winners and nominees who can chew scenery with even junky scripts, and then give them a award winning writing staff, and then... and this episode is LOADED already. You don't know what you're missing. (but the back epsiodes are on DVD and on Univesal HD, so stop missing)

26 January 2007

NO Scripts MONDAY, plus regionals

just a reminder.

Also, Audition Sign-up sheets go up Monday AM

Also, Sarah S - the CD arrived today!!

Also, Sparky - do you have an accompanist? (ask Erin? ask Carol?)

Thespian Scholarship apps are coming due - check the Oregon Thespians site for more info.

note - if I named you, use comments to let me know you saw

25 January 2007

2007-2008 Season

It's early, I know to be thinking of next year, but honestly, this is when the thinking needs to begin. I have a sense of the talent base that will carry over, and I have a sense of the technical challenges I want to tackle.

So, the calendar, first of all: We again will have SIX full length productions
  • The Summer Workshop, beginning rehearsals at the end of July and going on stage in the Little Theater the second week of school
  • A fall date for a Senior Project, in the Little Theater the 3rd weekend in October
  • The Fall Play, a main stage production the weekend before Thanksgiving
  • The Winter Play, a main stage production the final weekend in February
  • A spring date for a Senior Project, in the Little Theater the 2nd or 3rd week of March
  • The Musical, on the main stage two weekends spanning the end of April and beginning of May
In addition, we will have regional competition exhibition in late January, a one act to take to State, and two or three nights of short scenes later in May -- plenty of opportunity to act!!

So the question: What to do? One show is already selected already - in early June, we will audition The Fantasticks, a musical with 9 roles. 2 must be male, 1 must be female. The remainder have some flexibility.

Beyond that? I want your thoughts

Free polls from Pollhost.com
What should we do? (select three)
Fall - Macbeth Fall - King Lear Fall - Romeo + Juliet
Winter - Philadephia Story Winter - The Play's the Thing
Winter - Much Ado About Nothing
Musical - Kiss Me, Kate Musical - The Wizard of Oz
Musical - Bugsy Malone

Schedule Info [UPDATED]

Antigone Rehearsals
Thu Jan 25 - 4pm: p 26 to END, Main Stage
Fri Jan 26 - BUILD, Noon to 5pm - NO REHEARSAL, NO SCHOOL
Sat Jan 27 - OFF
Sun Jan 28 - OFF
Mon Jan 29 - 4pm: CHORUS, Main Stage
Tues Jan 30 - 4pm: p 1-25, Main Stage
Weds Jan 31 - 4pm: p 26-51, Main Stage
Thu Feb 1 - 4pm: FULL RUN, Main Stage
Fri Feb 2 - 4pm CHORUS, Main Stage - OUT EARLY
Sun Feb 4 - OFF
Mon Feb 5 - 4pm: Speed Thru, Band Room; Seussical Audtions - Acting/Voice, Main Stage
Tue Feb 6 - 4pm: Run Thru, paced, Band Room; Seussical Audtions - Dance, Main Stage
Wed Feb 7 - LUNCH: Chorus;, OFF After School - Carmina Burana
Thu Feb 8 - 4 pm: First day with GUARDS, p 1-24, Main Stage
Fri Feb 9 - 4pm: p 26-51, Main Stage
Sat Feb 10 - BUILD Noon to 4pm
Sun Feb 11 - BUILD Noon to 4pm

24 January 2007

Seussical Audition Info

Seussical will audition on Monday, February 5 (acting and voice) and Tuesday, February 6 (dance). Both sessions start at 4pm and sign-up sheets will post in FA6 on January 29 (Monday).

You are expected to be at BOTH auditions.

For the Monday session, you will need a short memorized acting piece (under a minute), a prepared song from the show (you may select from either How Lucky You Are, Alone in the Universe, or The Military). There will also be a brief sight reading component. 5 minute slots will be available from 4pm until 7pm. COPIES OF THIS MUSIC IS AVAILABLE FROM MR. REPPERT.

For the Tuesday session, please come with appropriate shoes and clothes for dance. You will be taught a piece and then will perform it in a mid-sized group. This audition will use six 10 minute slots from 4:30 to 5:30. The first half hour (from 4) will be spent in instruction.

22 January 2007

Geek Zone - Galactica (Sun), Heroes (Mon)

Helo/AthenaSharon? I didn't see that coming and (sad to say) totally should have. Wow.
[update] CapSix/BoomerSharon?!?! I didn't see that one coming either...woooo!!!
[Update] Tonight - Are you on the list? - We're minutes away...
[Update] Just not having the wooooo moments tonight, though Nikki is clearly a total nutjob and Hiro is awesome as always... but I am thinking I got a better solid hour last night...the end of show might make the net payoff worth it, but...
Discuss - oh wait, only ONE OF YOU watched last night, so nevermind

16 January 2007

Weather Updates [UPDATED WEDS AM]

Click here for the District / School website for school cancellation updates.

[UPDATE] We are now cancelled for tomorrow - NO SCHOOL.

I will be there from 9am until 1pm building, for any who care to join me. Given the roads this AM, I am going to get in when I can. Please DON'T try to get there to help unless you call first and confirm I am there. (we've lost two days of stagecraft now, so are behind. anything we can accomplish is worth something, but risking the drive may not be THAT worth it)

13 January 2007

For JJ & Kayla, mostly

Yes, it's a Battlestar Galactica post, Schatz. Deal with it. Yeah, Nik & Mitchell - you, too :).
A marathon of Season 3 episodes (Occupation through Eye of Jupiter) will air on Monday, January 15th starting at 8AM/7C on the SciFi Channel.

Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far will air in HD on Saturday, January 20th at 9PM/8C and 12AM/11C on Universal HD.

Season 3 begins airing in HD on Saturday, January 27th at 9PM/8C and 12AM/11C with Occupation on Universal HD.