21 December 2006

Script Updates

As I get 'final' drafts of the script, I will be uploading them here as .pdf files.

PLEASE download and print them. If you have access to three hole punched paper, you can build your own rehearsal script from these files.

These are consolidated from the Fagels and Watling translations, primarily, with additional works consulted, as well. (To open these, download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don't already have it)

FIRST UPLOAD -pg 1 to pg 10 (antigone1.pdf) updated (spelling errors) 12/20
SECOND UPLOAD - pg 11 to pg 20 (antigone2.pdf) posted 12/20
THIRD UPLOAD - pg 21 to pg 30 (antigone3.pdf) posted 12/21
FOURTH UPLOAD - pg 31 to pg 40 (antigone4.pdf) posted 12/23
FIFTH (Final) UPLOAD - Pg 41 - 51 (antigone5.pdf) posted 12/24


Anonymous said...

i thought i left a comment already. weird. kayla can vouch for me, she was there...(surprise) but anyway....
is this the absolute-official-go-get-memorizing script? so i should print it and get on it?
merry christmas!

John said...

YES...this is the official one. Carry on!!

And good tidings for Christmas to you and Kayla both!

Anonymous said...

my computer will not open the files and I tryed saving them and then opening it, but it still won't work. What should I do?

Amanda K.

^_^ merry x-mas

Devon said...


John said...

Amanda - do you have Adobe Acrobat installed? if not, it is a freedownload from here. It works on all machines (Mac, PC, new or old versions of OS). If that still doesn't let you get it open, post back here again.

John said...

And Devon.... get some help, dude :)