24 December 2006

'Twas the night before Christmas...

...and all through the house, not creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Unless, of course, you live in the Little Theater, in which case, the mice are probably moving in during these two weeks of unhindered liberty. Hopefully a Rosencratz work day will put a fast end to that, eh?

Download your scripts. Use the published schedule to get your work / life time commitments sorted thru. And have a wonderful remaining week of 2006.

21 December 2006

Antigone Rehearsals

NOTE - we will be generally meeting with TWO groups per day, one on the main stage with me, one elsewhere with staff.

Don't forget to get your script updates online - the post just below this one has 40 pages ready to download and will have 10-12 pages (the completed rehearsal script) ready by Christmas day. You need Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to open them.

T Jan 02, 4pm - READ THRU, full cast & staff - Main Stage
W Jan 03, 4pm - Antigone, Ismene, Chorus - Main Stage; Creon, Haemon - space TBD
R Jan 04, 4pm - Creon, Sentry, Chrous - Main Stage; Antigone, Ismene - space TBD
F Jan 05, 4pm - Creon, Antigone, Ismene - Main Stage; Chorus - space TBD
S Jan 06 - OFF
S Jan 07 - OFF
M Jan 08, 4pm - Creon, Haemon - Main Stage; Antigone, Chorus - space TBD
T Jan 09, 4pm - Antigone, Chorus - Main Stage; Creon, Tiresias - space TBD
W Jan 10, 4pm (early Weds) - Creon, Tiresias - Main Stage
R Jan 11, 4pm - Creon, Messenger, Eurydice, Chorus - Main Stage; all remaining cast - space TBD
F Jan 12, 4pm - Antigone, Ismene, Chorus - main stage
S Jan 13, 10am - BUILD
S Jan 14 - OFF

Script Updates

As I get 'final' drafts of the script, I will be uploading them here as .pdf files.

PLEASE download and print them. If you have access to three hole punched paper, you can build your own rehearsal script from these files.

These are consolidated from the Fagels and Watling translations, primarily, with additional works consulted, as well. (To open these, download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don't already have it)

FIRST UPLOAD -pg 1 to pg 10 (antigone1.pdf) updated (spelling errors) 12/20
SECOND UPLOAD - pg 11 to pg 20 (antigone2.pdf) posted 12/20
THIRD UPLOAD - pg 21 to pg 30 (antigone3.pdf) posted 12/21
FOURTH UPLOAD - pg 31 to pg 40 (antigone4.pdf) posted 12/23
FIFTH (Final) UPLOAD - Pg 41 - 51 (antigone5.pdf) posted 12/24

Activities Fees & Eligibility

This is a reminder to everyone - NMHS Activities Participation fees ($50) must either be paid or alternative arrangement made with Mr. Burrelle before the first week of January, or you cannot be part of rehearsals.

It is also a reminder to PASS ALL YOUR CLASSES. I've been cautioned that some of this cast are in danger of losing spots due to grades. PLEASE work to keep your homework on time and pass your tests. We can provide study group support, if you need / ask.

13 December 2006

Cast - Antigone -- UPDATED 12/22

Ismene . . . Amanda Kulmac
Antigone . . . Hillary Burrelle
Creon . . . Brady Walters
Haemon . . . Brian Fernandez
Tiresias . . . Kayla Garrett
A Sentry . . . Jacob Schatz
A Messenger . . . Paige Doshier
Eurydice . . . Natasha Minor
Chorus . . . Shelby Mock
Chorus . . . Jen Warren
Chorus . . . John Criswell
Chorus . . . Sa'Rina Roth
Chorus . . . Devon Bignell
Chorus . . . Ashlee Klemp
Chorus . . . Amanda Cyr
Boy . . . Kane Garrett

Gabriella Mahon
Kim Zerkel
TJ Todd
Jazmin Barker
Angela Sword
Ariel Ibarra
Kylee Hackett

Please try to get as much off book as possible. Actual Off Book Deadline is January 8.

The OFFICIAL REHEARSAL SCRIPT is available for download at this site (look for the Antigone Script post). For those of you actually getting off book over the break, work from those files, please. If you are reading for the 'what is this play even about' angle, the photocopied script you got from me on the last day of school is fine.

Enjoy vacation! Come back ready to work!

Cast Lists - Expect them by tonight

Nik and I should both have lists up tonight - keep your eyes here :)

01 December 2006

Dream Pics

Some production stills from the recent "A Midsummer Night's Dream" taken by Tonya Noon-Toledo, the NMHS yearbook advisor.