07 July 2006

Regionals scenes...too soon? NO!!!

Hey all... I want folks to start thinking about scenes to be prepping for regionals in Feb of '07. I am not saying "get off book" right now, but I am saying think about scenes that might be fun or intense, or GOOD and run them once or twice - get a sense of how long they take - get a sense of whether they work for the kind of space we have in a competition setting.

I know I have encouraged Adam C and Milla to work up the scene from the Workshop Audition using of mice and men. I would also like people to be looking at a few select specific other items: a strong female voice for "No Good Deed" from Wicked (clocks in at about 3 1/2 minutes), a possible Kate / Petruchio scene as adapted for the TV series "Moonlighting" episode "Atomic Shakespeare" (male/female duo - still looking for a script), a duo musical of "Amazing Mayzie" and "Amazing Gertrude" from Seussical, perhaps the group acting of the bunkhouse fight from of mice and men. Also consider material from Spamalot! & The Last 5 Years, since we have the piano music for those available now.



Anonymous said...

hey doty
I already have my solo musical
and 1/2 my solo acting,
but if you have any good duo ideas I'm completely open.
by the way...
my character pretty much rocks.
in the play I mean.

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