01 June 2006

Thespian Inductions & Tornado Theater Awards

Last night, Troupe #358 inducted 30 new members, as well as giving the 7 current members of the troupe their ceremonial induction. Welcome to the new members:
Seniors Ashley Biele, Adam Broud, Arick Christopher, Alyssa Hutley, Justine Jensen, Brittany Kirkendoll, Chanelle Pedersen, Jessie Sarver, Jason Schelin, & Kate Warren; Juniors Devon Bignell, JJ Bowdish, Garrett Frierson, Nik Horaites, Bless Lee, Trevor Robison, Russell Wonsley, Mitchell Wiuff, & Dug Yun; Sophomores Adam Chimeo, Erin Ebert, Nichole Henselman, & Katie Sparks; and Freshmen Taylor Ashley, Kelsey Dye, Kayla Garrett, Chase Medeiros, Chantell Munoz, & Jacob Schatz.
Also our congratulations to Heidi Quiel, who "among many of worth and merit, best exemplified the motto, 'Act well your part, there all the honor lies'" and is honored as the Outstanding Thespian of 2006 for Troupe #358.

Thanks to all who made this season possible. Keep an eye here for the announcements concerning next season's productions.


JJ Bowdish said...

my name is'nt on there....

just thought i would point it out


always forgetting me


John said...

Bah...it's there... always has been, yeah, that's it... that's the ticket