26 June 2006

Summer Workshop Cast

The cast list is UP over on the Workshop blog

Remember, Summer Workshop has it's own site for the duration. We are still moving forward on A Midsummer Night's Dream on the main stage. More info in July once my internet connectivity improves!!

23 June 2006

My Name is Bruce

Some of our troupe went to a casting call for the local production from Dark Horse Indie - My Name Is Bruce directed by and starring Bruce Campbell, known to many as Autolycus in Hercules, the Legendary Journeys and to many more as Ash in Evil Dead and sequels (Army of Darkness being my personal fave).

Word has it several will be working on the film, which goes into principal photography in July. So when the film opens, make sure to attend and look for a familiar face or three!!!

16 June 2006

Bowmer Project: We're In!!

Dear John Doty,

Congratulations! You and a group of your students have been accepted to participate in The Bowmer Project for Student Playgoers.

Our first seminar for teachers is scheduled on Saturday, November 18 from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Our second seminar for teachers is scheduled on Friday, March 2 - Sunday, March 4. We will attend a lecture and a performance of As You Like It and On The Razzle during these sessions. In September, we will be in touch with a few more details about the plays.

In the fall you will receive a copy of As You Like It and On The Razzle and suggestions for teaching the plays. Additional curriculum materials will be presented at the teachers’ workshops.

You and your students will attend On The Razzle followed by a post show discussion on either Wednesday, March 7 or Thursday, March 15, 2006. And on Thursday, March 22, Wednesday, March 28 or Wednesday, April 4, 2006, you will attend a backstage tour and As You Like It followed by a post show discussion. The OSF education staff will assign the dates that you and your students will attend the performances. Just a reminder, you and your students are expected to attend all workshops, plays, the tour and the debriefing.

We are very excited that you will be a part of this program for students in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Siskiyou Counties. Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment. Please call us if you have any questions.


06 June 2006

Summer Workshop COMPANY

The following Nine persons are selected on the strength of their prepared material and cold reads to be part of the Summer Workshop. The next few days will be focused on selecting a script.

Kayla Garrett, Jenny Warren, Erin Ebert, Brianna Houck, Camilla Whitney, and Hillary Burrelle
Jacob Schatz, Adam Chimeo, Nik Horaites, and Garrett Frierson


All Additional Workshop news will appear on the Summer Workshop site

05 June 2006

Summer Workshop Site

The Summer Workshop will have it's own blog site here. Note there is also a permalink (UPDATE: seemingly only working in Firefox and Safari...too bad, IE users) up under the masks.

Workshop Auditions are Monday and Tuesday from 4pm. Casting will be done by the end of the week. Script Selection will be on or before the last day of school. Casting will post here on the main Tornado Theater site, but for all else, go to the summer workshop page!!

01 June 2006

Thespian Inductions & Tornado Theater Awards

Last night, Troupe #358 inducted 30 new members, as well as giving the 7 current members of the troupe their ceremonial induction. Welcome to the new members:
Seniors Ashley Biele, Adam Broud, Arick Christopher, Alyssa Hutley, Justine Jensen, Brittany Kirkendoll, Chanelle Pedersen, Jessie Sarver, Jason Schelin, & Kate Warren; Juniors Devon Bignell, JJ Bowdish, Garrett Frierson, Nik Horaites, Bless Lee, Trevor Robison, Russell Wonsley, Mitchell Wiuff, & Dug Yun; Sophomores Adam Chimeo, Erin Ebert, Nichole Henselman, & Katie Sparks; and Freshmen Taylor Ashley, Kelsey Dye, Kayla Garrett, Chase Medeiros, Chantell Munoz, & Jacob Schatz.
Also our congratulations to Heidi Quiel, who "among many of worth and merit, best exemplified the motto, 'Act well your part, there all the honor lies'" and is honored as the Outstanding Thespian of 2006 for Troupe #358.

Thanks to all who made this season possible. Keep an eye here for the announcements concerning next season's productions.