19 May 2006

Funny, Grim, Funny - and ideally in the public domain...

Next year's play poll, which isn't 100% "We are down to these three" yet, for any of the three dates, is leaning hard to Antigone and Penzance with Dream and Much Ado neck and neck. Why so much public domain content? Well we paid about $2000 in Rights this year, and it occurs to me that we might use a season without such expense as a way to generate some seed money for the program.

The hope is to do something very FUN to kick off the main stage season in November, then to shift gears and really give the actors and designers something to chew on with one of the classic Greek pieces. All three in the poll are very grim, and on the whole, the grim Greek stuff seems to work for me better than the comedies, so, there it is... The spring production (as of now) may not actually be a musical -- the school district funds a musical every other year and 06-07 is our off year. But we are working on that :).

If you are not familiar with the plot of any of the proposed scripts, I suggest a little time with Google (at the very least), but you might also consider some light summer reading.

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