09 April 2006

State Conference - Aftermath!

Great Event - Hannah and Adam were part of the All State Musical Number ("One" from A Chorus Line)

Hannah's scores (on two score sheets, with eight total marks, five were Superior) merit her continuing on to the National Conference in June if she wishes and can find funding ($500ish, not including travel) - more on that later.

The NMHS One Act entry was one of five (or six?) that earned two or more Superior ratings and was awarded a certificate and mentioned at closing ceremonies.

FIRST, Thanks to my Troupe, for being such a cool group to spend a weekend with.

SECOND, Thanks to my wonderful volunteer drivers, Lori and Abby Quiel, who made the whole thing work NEARLY flawlessly!!

Special thanks to Jesuit, who as a troupe was very present for and complimentary of our One Act entry.

Compliments to South Eugene's Urinetown and Westview's Brighton Beach Memoirs. Liza's 'Hope' and Chip's 'Lockstock'...and (grrr...lost the program, 'Cladwell', 'Pennywise', 'Little Sally' and 'Bobby Strong') were amazing in the Friday evening show - but honestly, not a weak spot in the whole group! 'Eugene' and 'Kate' absolutely ROCKED in BBM and the rest of the ensemble was very strong on Thursday night, as well. I would love to compliment Centennial's Handful of Rainbows, but we didn't see it, opting instead to get in rehearsals for our one act - so we owe 1114 an audience sometime soon! While commending performers, I want to add that the showcasers were all marvelous, but I want particularly to single out three(and forgive me that I don't know names): solo acting from Klamath Union (went Thurs night), solo music from Grant(?), and the mime trio from Phoenix (my fellow #1777s!!!).

Big thanks to the folks who welcomed me in my first Conference as a sponsor - particularly Jeff Hall from Jesuit and John Remington from Pendleton, as well as my fellow way-southers, Betsy Bishop (Ashland) and Sharon Michaelson (Phoenix). Not to say folks weren't ALL wonderful, I just found myself in conversation with these folks more often and it was all useful, positive, etc...

HUGE props to our hosts at South Salem HS, troupe 577, and Julianna Gibbons. We hope to see you all again next year!!

And looking forward now to Improv Festival at Sunset in September and Regionals at Grants Pass next Feb!

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