28 April 2006

Three Midnights Gone...

WOW. House of nearly 300 and a near flawless performance. Wonderful!

See everyone at 5pm tomorrow!

Two Midnights Gone...

Yestereve was opening night for several of us in the doubled roles - a swap of old and young witch, of Cinderella and the mother in the tree, and of the wolf!

tech was generally smoother (though for some set dressing that fell off of one house, each time it moved).

We missed a few more lines and notes than opening night, but in all, still a solid outing and I doubt anyone went away feeling anything but pleased. I know folks who were at both nights who noted the difference, but indicated it did NOT impact the enjoyment of the show.

Half way there! Stay healthy!

27 April 2006

One Midnight Gone...

Ladies and Gentlemen, well done! three to go!

The reviews are coming in:

  • "What a wonderful, totally captivating night of entertainment." -- Carolyn Hayes
  • "What a terrific show! Congratulations to all the kids...!" -- Doug McKenzie

Get notes from me and Mr Warren during the day today - not many. I have tech notes, too, so again SEE ME. Finally, we hope to have the jumpers built to light Mom's Tree and get the stand lights into dimmer control for tonight.

See you soon!!

26 April 2006

Break a Leg

Opening Night tonight, folks! We've got a lot hof hours under our belts on this one and I am looking forward to four great shows!

Have fun, act well, and let's bring it in a success!

19 April 2006

Days - Into the Woods split cast members

Based upon preferences expressed and discussions had, the following performance dates will feature particular cast members:

Weds & Friday
Cinderella - Camilla
Old Witch - Kate
Young Witch - Hillary
Wolf - Garrett
Cinderella's Mother - Chanelle

Thurs & Sat
Cinderella - Chanelle
Old Witch - Hillary
Young Witch - Kate
Wolf - Nik
Cinderella's Mother - Camilla

Brianna is now Jack's Mom for the full run and Alyssa is Granny for the full run

17 April 2006

Cast changes

Update: 4-19

Several cast changes from the original published list.

Brittany K will portray Red Riding Hood EVERY night while Brianna and Alyssa appear as Granny on the nights they are not being Jack's Mother.

JJ has moved into the role of the Steward, after having been originally cast as a wedding guest and working as the ASM on the fly loft side.

We are sad to announce Hannah and Justine will not appear. The decision (theirs, not ours) was difficult, but we are accepting of the choice. We are pleased, though, that they will both be on stage for the Short Scenes night from the theater classes (5/19 & 5/20).

Into the Woods Schedule

Into the Woods Schedule
Monday, 4/17
4pm Main Stage: Run Act I open and finale WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm END

Tuesday, 4/18
4pm Main Stage: Run Act II open and finale WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm END

Wednesday, 4/19
4pm Main Stage: Run Act I entire WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm Tech – Sound/Lights
9pm END

Thursday, 4/20
4pm Main Stage: Run Act II entire WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm Tech – Sound/Lights
9pm END

Friday, 4/21
4pm Main Stage: Run SHOW
End time possibly as late as 9pm

Saturday, 4/22
4pm Main Stage: Wet Tech – Queue to Queue (nearly full) run with performers (PLEASE ORCHESTRA), no costumes
End time possibly as late as 9pm

Sunday, 4/23
Discuss Availability for a Sunday mid afternoon rehearsal – we only need ONE of each double cast role and partial running crew. Need to know by Weds.

PRODUCTION WEEK – Monday and Tuesday, we run on SHOW timing, meaning: run starts at 6:30pm and should go 3 hours with some over-run anticipated for polishing moments. Be in full costume and makeup for both days. Anticipate needing to arrive at the theater at or before 5pm depending on your makeup complexity (old women and wolf MUST be earlier)

09 April 2006

State Conference - Aftermath!

Great Event - Hannah and Adam were part of the All State Musical Number ("One" from A Chorus Line)

Hannah's scores (on two score sheets, with eight total marks, five were Superior) merit her continuing on to the National Conference in June if she wishes and can find funding ($500ish, not including travel) - more on that later.

The NMHS One Act entry was one of five (or six?) that earned two or more Superior ratings and was awarded a certificate and mentioned at closing ceremonies.

FIRST, Thanks to my Troupe, for being such a cool group to spend a weekend with.

SECOND, Thanks to my wonderful volunteer drivers, Lori and Abby Quiel, who made the whole thing work NEARLY flawlessly!!

Special thanks to Jesuit, who as a troupe was very present for and complimentary of our One Act entry.

Compliments to South Eugene's Urinetown and Westview's Brighton Beach Memoirs. Liza's 'Hope' and Chip's 'Lockstock'...and (grrr...lost the program, 'Cladwell', 'Pennywise', 'Little Sally' and 'Bobby Strong') were amazing in the Friday evening show - but honestly, not a weak spot in the whole group! 'Eugene' and 'Kate' absolutely ROCKED in BBM and the rest of the ensemble was very strong on Thursday night, as well. I would love to compliment Centennial's Handful of Rainbows, but we didn't see it, opting instead to get in rehearsals for our one act - so we owe 1114 an audience sometime soon! While commending performers, I want to add that the showcasers were all marvelous, but I want particularly to single out three(and forgive me that I don't know names): solo acting from Klamath Union (went Thurs night), solo music from Grant(?), and the mime trio from Phoenix (my fellow #1777s!!!).

Big thanks to the folks who welcomed me in my first Conference as a sponsor - particularly Jeff Hall from Jesuit and John Remington from Pendleton, as well as my fellow way-southers, Betsy Bishop (Ashland) and Sharon Michaelson (Phoenix). Not to say folks weren't ALL wonderful, I just found myself in conversation with these folks more often and it was all useful, positive, etc...

HUGE props to our hosts at South Salem HS, troupe 577, and Julianna Gibbons. We hope to see you all again next year!!

And looking forward now to Improv Festival at Sunset in September and Regionals at Grants Pass next Feb!

06 April 2006

State Conference - Day one

Hannah has done her Showcase audition, Hillary is getting ready for hers.

We are in the Mazama Room, rehearsing for the One Act marathon... Original hotel fell thru (reservations for wrong nights?!?), but we are in the new Howard Johnson's on Mission and got a FAR better per room rate for a much newer facility.

More later.

[UPDATE] Neither Han nor Hills made the Showcase :(, though both did do very well... We still love 'em!!