03 March 2006

Live blogging - Arsenic!

We are about 8 minutes in, Teddy has just brought in his trumpet for the first time...Justine is a GAS. fun fun. nice house, Adam added chairs tonight, and the audience is far fewer students and many more adults.

[Update 6:49] - Hills and Justine plotting alone for a time... Garrett -wow - yer nuts.

[Update 6:55] - Nik found the body...WooT! "We know" zoiks!!

[Update 7:10] - Jonathan has arrived, along with the good doctor. Tearing myself away from the show to update is hard to do, as it's very engaging.

[Update 8:08] - Second Intermission: (I went on a Quest for Programs during the first) So the body count has gone from one in the window seat to twelve in the cellar and trail around the world of another dozen... Some creative editing to cover a dropped scene was seamless to those who don't know the play - Very well covered! Abby and Martha are so adorably whacko, and poor Elain - she has no idea how this family really works, does she? Much good chatter - very full house room is too full to get a count, so instead I'll count EMPTY seats :)

[Update 8:15] - Eight empty seats in the house. Wow.

[Update 8:39] - Chimeo. that is all I have to say!

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Jen Wicklund said...

Hey guys - sounds like you are having fun and doing a great job with your recent shows! Wishing I could see them all and looking forward to the time when I live there again and can enjoy North Medford theater regularly. Congrats!

Jen Wicklund