16 March 2006

2006-2007 Season...what do we want to do??

I am starting to put together my 2006-2007 season proposal to Mr Burrelle and am seeking suggestions. Please use the Comments link to offer scripts YOU would like to see. I can tell you we are going for FUNNY in the fall, so don’t be suggesting …of mice and men. Like this year, at least one piece will be Public Domain (meaning OLD), because the costs are so much less.

The department-sponsored production ANTICIPATED dates are planned as follows (district calender will not firm anything until April):

  • Summer Workshop - Audition May 22,23; Rehearse from Jul 31; Run Sep 14-16 (three shows, Little Theater) - cast will be 10 or fewer.
  • Fall Play - Audition Sep 18,19; Rehearse from Sep 22; Run Nov 15-18 (five shows, Main Stage)
  • Winter Play - Audition Dec 14,15; Rehearse from Jan 8; Run Feb 22-24 (three shows, Main Stage)
  • Spring Musical - Audition Feb 26,27; Rehearse from Mar 2; Run Apr 25-28 (four shows, Main Stage)
  • Short Scenes – Scenes Selected Apr 9, Run May 18 OR 19 (different each night, Little Theater)

Additionally, the Little Theater is available for Student Productions (by application) for the following ANTICIPATED dates: Oct 19-21 (you will want to cast during 1st week of school) and Mar 15-17 (cast at end of Jan)

Also remember: Improv Festival (late Sept), Regional Acting (early Feb), and State Conference (right after Spring Break)


John said...

On the VERY SHORT list for the fall:
A Midsummer Night's Dream.

For more on why I want to do it, google the words Missouri Dream Grease Crucible all at once...

Marvin said...

The play "Annie" would be great to see. "Hercules", "West Side Story", "Phantom of the Opera", "My Fair Lady", "Gigi", "School of rock", "Oklahoma", "Lynrd Skynrd".

Anonymous said...

instead of dream we should do A Comdey of Errors

Anonymous said...

"south pacific"~ "Susical the musical"~ "Twelvth night"~ "seven brides for seven brothers"~ "Loves lobors lost"~ "Room Service"~

Anonymous said...


too many bad memories attached to that one.