26 March 2006

Baker's Wife = Pageant Queen!

NMHS senior and soon-to-be inducted Thespian Jessie Sarver had a good night on our stage last night!! Congratulations to the 2006 Pear Blossom Queen! Jessie, who will be featured in next weekend's Parade, earned a $2000 scholarship as a result of her selection. She will also share the same Sjolund Stage the final weekend in April with the cast of Into the Woods, performing two nights in the role of "The Baker's Wife" - a role which brought a Tony Award to Joanna Gleason in the original Broadway run of the show. The other two performances will feature Hannah Burns in the role. Hannah also sported a crown earlier this year as NMHS' Homecoming Queen.

24 March 2006

Into the Woods Schedule

Friday, 3/31 & Saturday, 4/1
10am - ?? Building/Tech – Main Stage and Scene Shop

Sunday, 4/2
12n - ?? Building/Tech – Main Stage and Scene Shop

Monday, 4/3
4pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 1 (#40-#48)
4pm Choir Room (Sean): Agony (both takes) – Princes
5pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (partial) (#49-#54)
6pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (cont) (#55-#59)

Tuesday, 4/4
4pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (cont) (#60-#62)
4pm Choir Room (Sean): Agony (both takes) – Princes
5pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (cont) (#63-#67)
5pm Choir Room (Sean): Our Little World – Witches, Rapunzel
6pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (Finale) (#68-#72)

Wednesday, 4/5
3pm Main Stage: Act I, Scene 1 (#1- #9)
4pm Main Stage: Act I, Scene 2 (#10-#22)
5pm Main Stage: Act I, Scenes 3-4 (#23-35)

Thursday, 4/6
OFF – Performing Arts Trips

Friday, 4/7
OFF – Performing Arts Trips

REMEMBER - GOING TO MISS? CALL or risk being re-cast!!

16 March 2006

2006-2007 Season...what do we want to do??

I am starting to put together my 2006-2007 season proposal to Mr Burrelle and am seeking suggestions. Please use the Comments link to offer scripts YOU would like to see. I can tell you we are going for FUNNY in the fall, so don’t be suggesting …of mice and men. Like this year, at least one piece will be Public Domain (meaning OLD), because the costs are so much less.

The department-sponsored production ANTICIPATED dates are planned as follows (district calender will not firm anything until April):

  • Summer Workshop - Audition May 22,23; Rehearse from Jul 31; Run Sep 14-16 (three shows, Little Theater) - cast will be 10 or fewer.
  • Fall Play - Audition Sep 18,19; Rehearse from Sep 22; Run Nov 15-18 (five shows, Main Stage)
  • Winter Play - Audition Dec 14,15; Rehearse from Jan 8; Run Feb 22-24 (three shows, Main Stage)
  • Spring Musical - Audition Feb 26,27; Rehearse from Mar 2; Run Apr 25-28 (four shows, Main Stage)
  • Short Scenes – Scenes Selected Apr 9, Run May 18 OR 19 (different each night, Little Theater)

Additionally, the Little Theater is available for Student Productions (by application) for the following ANTICIPATED dates: Oct 19-21 (you will want to cast during 1st week of school) and Mar 15-17 (cast at end of Jan)

Also remember: Improv Festival (late Sept), Regional Acting (early Feb), and State Conference (right after Spring Break)

13 March 2006

Into the Woods Schedules up

Check FA6 or FA1 for Schedule information - blocking and initial discussions of production scope on main stage staring this week, and musical rehearsals ongoing in choir room. Cast members with open 5th or 7th blocks are invited to join Intro Theater Arts classes in building and other tech tasks.

03 March 2006

Live blogging - Arsenic!

We are about 8 minutes in, Teddy has just brought in his trumpet for the first time...Justine is a GAS. fun fun. nice house, Adam added chairs tonight, and the audience is far fewer students and many more adults.

[Update 6:49] - Hills and Justine plotting alone for a time... Garrett -wow - yer nuts.

[Update 6:55] - Nik found the body...WooT! "We know" zoiks!!

[Update 7:10] - Jonathan has arrived, along with the good doctor. Tearing myself away from the show to update is hard to do, as it's very engaging.

[Update 8:08] - Second Intermission: (I went on a Quest for Programs during the first) So the body count has gone from one in the window seat to twelve in the cellar and trail around the world of another dozen... Some creative editing to cover a dropped scene was seamless to those who don't know the play - Very well covered! Abby and Martha are so adorably whacko, and poor Elain - she has no idea how this family really works, does she? Much good chatter - very full house room is too full to get a count, so instead I'll count EMPTY seats :)

[Update 8:15] - Eight empty seats in the house. Wow.

[Update 8:39] - Chimeo. that is all I have to say!