28 February 2006

Come see Arsenic & Old Lace

Opening Thursday and running thru Saturday, 6:30 curtain. In the Little Theater!

10 February 2006

Into the Woods Cast

Congratulations to the cast of the Spring Musical - the official "Announcement Posting" is here as a .pdf.

More soon!

09 February 2006



  • Wednesday - 4pm FULL RUN followed by tech call - Do Not Leave w/o being measured
  • Thursday - 4pm FULL RUN followed by tech call
  • Friday - 4pm FULL RUN followed by tech call
  • Saturday - 10am Tech Call DRY tech Q2Q; 4pm FULL CAST FULL RUN (Wet Tech - plan to remain until 8pm)
  • Sunday - 10am Tech Call - Lights and Sound - Levels


  • Monday (NO SCHOOL)- 10am Tech until 2pm, 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Tuesday - Teasers All Day 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Wednesday - OPEN DRESS 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Thursday - OPENING 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Friday - 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Saturday - 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Sunday - STRIKE STAGE for Vegas Magic Act - 10am until clear - ALL HANDS

05 February 2006

Regional Competition Notes - UPDATED

CONGRATS to State Qualifiers Hillary Burrelle (Solo Acting) and Hannah Burns (Solo Musical)!
Congrats also to Regional Finalists Adam Broud & Nik Horaites (Duo Comedic) and Brianna Houck (Solo Acting)!

Best in Round mentions: Each of the above competitors was Best in round at least once, but beyond that, Kayla Garrett (Solo Acting - Novice), Chanelle Pederson (Solo Musical), and Chanelle Pederson & Camilla Whitney (Duo Musical) earned best in round mentions, too.

Some weirdness - Hannah scored as a no-show in solo acting during one round, one judges eval of Nik & Adam was... something..., a tremendous range of scores for Justine's solo acting, and, well... yeah - but judging in all things is subjective - and in looking over the summary sheets, there were several judges who were simply sterner that others. If you happened to draw one or two of them and someone else didn't draw any of the 'tough ' ones, well - luck of the draw!

But it was fun - and woo!! set and other tech notes on South Eugene's R&J, which we saw an hour long extended preview of...