11 January 2006

Tempest Cast List

Congratulations to the following performers who've been cast for the Winter 2005 Performing Arts Department production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest:

  • Alonso – Jason Schelin
  • SebastianBrianna Houck Jordan Goodin
  • Prospero – Alex Ragsdale
  • Antonio - Kyle Dolmage
  • Ferdinand – Russell Wonsley
  • Gonzalo – Taylor Ashley
  • Francisco – Jacob Schatz
  • Caliban – Garrett Frierson
  • Trinculo – Chase Medeiros
  • Stephano – Alyssa Hutley
  • Miranda – Heidi Quiel
  • Ariel – Ria Moli
  • Boatswain – Mitchell Wiuff
  • Master– Nic Henselman
  • CeresCamilla Whitney Brianna Houck
  • Iris – Kayla Garrett
  • Juno – Ashlee Klemp
  • Mariners / Airy Spirits – Katie Sparks, Ashley Moore, Chantell Munoz, Rebekkah Folsom, Tawnie Campbell, Ana Heller

As you can see, Ferdinand is not yet cast. Depending on who becomes available, several cast members may be shifted to different roles, rotating the new person into a currently filled role and a current cast member into Ferdinand. Jordan Goodin read for Ferdinand Monday morning and came to the read thru and was offered the role. This morning, however, Camilla had to withdraw from the production and Brianna moved over into Milla's role... Russell Wonsley's availability coincidentally opened up yesterday evening.

After considering options, I have offered Ferdinand to Russell and am asking Jordan to shift into the vacated Sebastian.

Hopefully more detail on Monday. Monday will also see a read-thru starting at 4pm and going until finished. Scripts will be available starting Monday morning in FA6
Schedule Notes: Thursday (4pm) - Alonso, Gonzalo, Francisco, Antonio, Sebastian; Friday (4pm) - Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo, Ariel, Prospero


Anonymous said...

thanks for the part!! and ill see you monday! im excited for another play and too see a fe wnew faces...congrats to everyone who got a part BTW!! <3

oh doty haha im alway up for another part..you know..if it comes to mind..haha but im cool eaither way hahaa

ashley moore

Anonymous said...

hey Doty~

have some production questions with regards to music. I can send you some files (which you can hear by downloading the free version of finale notepad, found at home site of finalemusic.com), and I have some other questions..... yeah, need to talk to you. so- email address? mine's actingirly43@aol.com for those who need to find me. or give me a call. :)

*the male*

Anonymous said...

hey Doty
its ashlee and sami and we were looking up tempest costume and we found a great web site its
Sami and Ashlee
P.S. ashlee wants a crown