12 January 2006

Into the Woods Auditions

Auditions for Acting/Singing for Into the Woods will take place on February 6 & 7, Pit Orchestra auditions are February 8, Acting/Singing Call-backs (if needed) will be held on Feb 9.

Acting/Singing Audition sign-up sheet will post in the FA 6 Lobby on Thursday morning, January 26. Please sign up for a 10 minute block. Auditions will be held Feb 6 & 7 on the main stage from 4pm until approximately 7pm. You will be expected to perform a 1 minute prepared acted piece, do a cold read, and sing. Questions about the acting portion should be directed to Mr. Doty, questions about the singing portion should be directed to Mr. Reppert.
Orchestra Audition sign up sheet will post in FA 3 on Thursday morning, January 26. further information soon - check back here.
CALL BACK lists will post on Wednesday afternoon during audition week for a Thursday evening session of approximately 2 hours, starting at 4pm.


Anonymous said...

mr doty.
when auditioning for in to the woods: "when u say a perpared acted piece" u do mean monologes im guessing?
correct me if im wrong

Anonymous said...

will the year of the auditioner be taken into priority? As in, seniors and juniors being more likely to get roles because they are older? if so, its understandable, but just checking before considering to audition.

John said...

honestly, it hasn't been a factor for me, thus far - best prepared, best presented talent gets parts.

For this show you MUST be able to sing with confidence (though your vocal quality needn't be exceptional for several of the roles) and you must be able to act well even for small roles. It's a demanding show.

I am convinced the toughest vocal demands come with the three relatively small roles of Cinderella's step-sisters and mother - discordant harmony and unusual intervals for particular voices - so three very talented young women are needed for what are ostensibly 'supporting roles'

This show is an excellent vehicle for the "Act well your part, there all the honor lies" credo of the Thespian Society.

Anonymous said...

3:12 am and I was just going to tell you that I am dying to see that cast list. Just so I know who we're working with. SAMI'S GOING STIR CRAZY!

A well I guess I'll go to bed.