24 December 2006

'Twas the night before Christmas...

...and all through the house, not creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Unless, of course, you live in the Little Theater, in which case, the mice are probably moving in during these two weeks of unhindered liberty. Hopefully a Rosencratz work day will put a fast end to that, eh?

Download your scripts. Use the published schedule to get your work / life time commitments sorted thru. And have a wonderful remaining week of 2006.

21 December 2006

Antigone Rehearsals

NOTE - we will be generally meeting with TWO groups per day, one on the main stage with me, one elsewhere with staff.

Don't forget to get your script updates online - the post just below this one has 40 pages ready to download and will have 10-12 pages (the completed rehearsal script) ready by Christmas day. You need Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to open them.

T Jan 02, 4pm - READ THRU, full cast & staff - Main Stage
W Jan 03, 4pm - Antigone, Ismene, Chorus - Main Stage; Creon, Haemon - space TBD
R Jan 04, 4pm - Creon, Sentry, Chrous - Main Stage; Antigone, Ismene - space TBD
F Jan 05, 4pm - Creon, Antigone, Ismene - Main Stage; Chorus - space TBD
S Jan 06 - OFF
S Jan 07 - OFF
M Jan 08, 4pm - Creon, Haemon - Main Stage; Antigone, Chorus - space TBD
T Jan 09, 4pm - Antigone, Chorus - Main Stage; Creon, Tiresias - space TBD
W Jan 10, 4pm (early Weds) - Creon, Tiresias - Main Stage
R Jan 11, 4pm - Creon, Messenger, Eurydice, Chorus - Main Stage; all remaining cast - space TBD
F Jan 12, 4pm - Antigone, Ismene, Chorus - main stage
S Jan 13, 10am - BUILD
S Jan 14 - OFF

Script Updates

As I get 'final' drafts of the script, I will be uploading them here as .pdf files.

PLEASE download and print them. If you have access to three hole punched paper, you can build your own rehearsal script from these files.

These are consolidated from the Fagels and Watling translations, primarily, with additional works consulted, as well. (To open these, download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don't already have it)

FIRST UPLOAD -pg 1 to pg 10 (antigone1.pdf) updated (spelling errors) 12/20
SECOND UPLOAD - pg 11 to pg 20 (antigone2.pdf) posted 12/20
THIRD UPLOAD - pg 21 to pg 30 (antigone3.pdf) posted 12/21
FOURTH UPLOAD - pg 31 to pg 40 (antigone4.pdf) posted 12/23
FIFTH (Final) UPLOAD - Pg 41 - 51 (antigone5.pdf) posted 12/24

Activities Fees & Eligibility

This is a reminder to everyone - NMHS Activities Participation fees ($50) must either be paid or alternative arrangement made with Mr. Burrelle before the first week of January, or you cannot be part of rehearsals.

It is also a reminder to PASS ALL YOUR CLASSES. I've been cautioned that some of this cast are in danger of losing spots due to grades. PLEASE work to keep your homework on time and pass your tests. We can provide study group support, if you need / ask.

13 December 2006

Cast - Antigone -- UPDATED 12/22

Ismene . . . Amanda Kulmac
Antigone . . . Hillary Burrelle
Creon . . . Brady Walters
Haemon . . . Brian Fernandez
Tiresias . . . Kayla Garrett
A Sentry . . . Jacob Schatz
A Messenger . . . Paige Doshier
Eurydice . . . Natasha Minor
Chorus . . . Shelby Mock
Chorus . . . Jen Warren
Chorus . . . John Criswell
Chorus . . . Sa'Rina Roth
Chorus . . . Devon Bignell
Chorus . . . Ashlee Klemp
Chorus . . . Amanda Cyr
Boy . . . Kane Garrett

Gabriella Mahon
Kim Zerkel
TJ Todd
Jazmin Barker
Angela Sword
Ariel Ibarra
Kylee Hackett

Please try to get as much off book as possible. Actual Off Book Deadline is January 8.

The OFFICIAL REHEARSAL SCRIPT is available for download at this site (look for the Antigone Script post). For those of you actually getting off book over the break, work from those files, please. If you are reading for the 'what is this play even about' angle, the photocopied script you got from me on the last day of school is fine.

Enjoy vacation! Come back ready to work!

Cast Lists - Expect them by tonight

Nik and I should both have lists up tonight - keep your eyes here :)

01 December 2006

Dream Pics

Some production stills from the recent "A Midsummer Night's Dream" taken by Tonya Noon-Toledo, the NMHS yearbook advisor.

27 November 2006

Antigone Auditions

Are happening JOINTLY with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. December 11 & 12, 4pm to roughly 6pm.

1 1/2 to 2 minutes prepared material appropriate to the plays you are auditioning for.

R&G is fast and required a good grasp of language, nuance, and pace. Antigone has some VERY long segments requiring good shifts of mood and motive DURING the monologue. A good audition for both should do something to show you can do both. If you are really only reading for one of us, then craft your audition accordingly.

Note to the experienced folks - don't think you can dodge one show by auditioning with a monologue skewing HARD to the style of one :)

Be Prepared!

28 October 2006

Dream Rehearsals

UPDATED - 10/28
ALL START TIMES 5pm, unless noted. We will ATTEMPT to end by 7pm, unless noted
Monday (10/30)
Atheneans, Acts I & IV - MAIN STAGE
Oberon, Titania, & Puck, lines - LITTLE THEATER
(also Act V during block 6)
Monday (11/06)
Tuesday (10/31)
Rustics - MAIN STAGE
ALL Faeries, movement, LITTLE THEATER
(also Act V during block 6)
Tuesday (11/07)
Wednesday (11/01)
BUILD from 3pm until 5pm - MAIN STAGE
Titania, Titania's Faeries & Bottom - MAIN STAGE
Lovers, Lines - LITTLE THEATER
(also Rustics during block 6)
Wednesday (11/08)
Thursday (11/02)
Rustics - MAIN STAGE
ALL Faeries, movement - LITTLE THEATER til 6
Add Faeries to MAIN STAGE at 6pm
Thursday (11/09)
Friday (11/03)
Lovers plus Oberon, Obie's Faeries, & Puck

UPDATED Friday (11/10) No School
FULL RUN (ALL CALL) 3pm til finished

Saturday (11/04)
BUILD n PAINT, Main Stage 10am to 3pm
SATURDAY (11/11)
Tech Run (CREW ONLY) 10am to 2pm
FULL RUN (ALL CALL) 5pm til finished
All costumes available
Sunday (11/05)
BUILD n PAINT, Main Stage 12n to 5pm
SUNDAY (11/12)
FINAL TOUCHES - SET - Main Stage 11am to 4pm

FULL RUNS ON Mon (11/13) and Tues (11/14), starting at 7pm, with actors in the theater by 4:30 for costume and makeup
We OPEN on WEDNESDAY (11/15) night and run thru Saturday (11/18), with shows starting at 7pm and actors in the theater by 4:30 for costumes, makeup, and warmups on main stage at 6:15.

House Opens at 6:30

*All rehearsals are 5pm-7pm unless stated otherwise*

18 October 2006

Just a Friendly Reminder...

All you Midsummer people, the off book date is by the end of this week! Please try and be off book by rehearsals next week, it's really important we start working without scripts in our hands.

20 September 2006

Casting - Current

Music Lesson casting can be found here, on the Workshop / Senior Project site

A Midsummer Night's Dream Cast - congratulations!!
Cast is posted on the Call Board, scripts can be picked up from me.

Theseus . . . Corey Dalton
Hippolyta . . . Ashlee Klemp
Philostrate . . . J J Bowdish
Egeus . . . Erin Ebert
Hermia . . . Camilla Whitney
Lysander . . . Nik Horaites
Demetrius . . . Adam Chimeo
Helena . . . Hillary Burrelle
Puck . . . Mitchell Wiuff
Oberon . . . Mitchell Price
Titania . . . Jen Warren
Quince (Prologue) . . . Sami Pollock
Bottom (Pyramus) . . . Dug Yun
Flute (Thisbe) . . . Taylor Ashley
Starveling (Moonshine) . . . Devon Bignell
Snug (Lion) . . . Garrett Frierson
Snout (Wall) . . . Jacob Schatz
Mustardseed . . . Sarah Schwarz
Peaseblossom . . . Jon Lawson
Cobweb . . . Katie Sparks
Other Faeries and Attendants (please see me)
. . . Elodia Caballero
. . . Tiffany Blazer
. . . Ana Heller
. . . Aly Zeitler

Troupe Meeting, Concession Stand

Just two quick FYIs: We have a Thespian Troupe / Drama Club meeting at Lunch on Thursday in the Little Theater, bring your food. And we have the concession stand at Friday's football game and we need at least FIVE MORE people to sign up to work.

19 September 2006

The cast of The Pen is Deadlier, from left, Nik Horaites as Detective Maples, Hillary Burrelle as Clair Clarendon, Kayla Garrett as Virginia Morrow, Erin Ebert as Isabel Isley, Jenny Warren as Wilma Hood, Brianna Houck as Mrs. Griggs, Adam Chimeo as London Horton, Jacob Schatz as Jeff Oxford, Camilla Whitney as Phyllis Johnson, and in front, Garrett Frierson as George O. Grenoff. (photographer: Diana Garrett)

The production runs Thursday and Saturday night this week.

25 August 2006

Pen is Deadlier - COME SEE IT!!!

CLOSING WEEK (Mon, Sep 18 thru Sun, Sep 24)
Monday - OFF, Dream Auditions
Tuesday - OFF, Dream Auditions

WEDNESDAY - Dress Rehearsal Call 6pm, Curtain 7pm
THURSDAY - SHOW Call 5pm, Curtain 7pm
FRIDAY - Speed Thru @ 4pm til done, NMHS Football (drama concession)
SATURDAY - SHOW Call 5pm, Curtain 7pm
SUNDAY - STRIKE 10am until done

17 July 2006

Materials Available to Check Out [UPDATED]

From My Personal Collection
The Stagecraft Handbook – Ionazzi - Checked Out, Wiuff
Theatrical Design and Production – Gillette
Patterns for Theatrical Costumes – Holkeboer

The Contemporary Monologue: Women – Earley, Keil
The Contemporary Monologue: Men – Earley, Keil
The Faber Book of Monologues: Women – Edwards
The Faber Book of Monologues: Men – Edwards
The Methuen Book of Modern Monologues for Men – Salt
The Methuen Book of Modern Monologues for Women – Salt
NEW The Methuen Book of Classical Monlogues for Men - Salt
NEW The Methuen Book of Classical Monlogues for Women - Salt
Moving Parts – Shengold, Lane
Under Thirty – Lane, Shengold
Contemporary Scenes for Student Actors – Schulman, Mekler
New Short American Plays, 2005 – Lucas

Doll’s House – Ibsen, trans Rudall
Bacchae – Euripides, trans Sutherland
Greek Tragedies (collection)
. . Aeschylus' Agamennon, Prometheus Bound
. . Sophocles' Oedipus the King, Anitgone
. . Euripides' Hippolytus
NEW Ten Greek Plays
. . Aeschylus' Agamennon, Prometheus Bound
. . Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, Anitgone, Philoctetes
. . Euripides' Alcestis, Suppliants, Andromache, Bacchae
. . Aristophanes' Lysistrata
Sophocles, trans Greene and Lattimore (Three Tragedies)
Sophocles, trans Fagels (Three Theban Plays) (2 copies)
Sophocles, trans Wattling (The Theban Plays) (3 copies)
NEW Sophocles, trans Arrnott (Antigone and Oedipus)
Orestia – Aeschylus, trans Lattimore
. . The Clouds, The Birds, Lysistrata, The Frogs
Ben Jonson’s Plays and Masques
Friar Bacon & Friar Bungay – Greene
Faustus – Marlowe
. . Macbeth (Pelican)
. . Much Ado (Pelican)
. . Dream (Pelican)
. . Tempest (Pelican)
The Misanthrope – Moliere (2 copies)
. . also includes The Sicilian, Tartuffe, A Doctor in Spite of Himself, & The Imaginary Invalid
Rostand – Cyrano de Bergerac, trans Hooker
Sartre – No Exit, trans Bowles
Ionesco – Exit the King
The Chamber Plays – Strindberg
Ibsen:Four Major Plays (2 copies)
. . A Doll House, Wild Duck, Hedda Gabbler, The Master Builder
Plays of Ibsen Vol IV (trans Meyer)
. . Peer Gynt, Rosmersholm, The Lady from the Sea, Little Eyolf
Ibsen: Hedda Gabbler and Other Plays
. . Wild Duck, Pillars of the Community
Bertolt Brecht Plays Vol I
. . Baal, Drums of the Night, In the Jungle of Cities, The Life of Edward the Second, & Five One-Act Plays
Chekov: The Major Plays
. . Ivanov, The Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard
O’Neill – Long Day’s Journey into Night
Helman – Toys in the Attic
NEW Helman - The Children's Hour
NEW Rogers - It's a Wonderful Life
NEW Wilde - The Importance of Being Earnest
Williams – Camino Real
Miller – Crucible
Miller – Death of a Salesman
Inge – Bus Stop
NEW Inge - Picnic
NEW Inge - Splendor in the Grass
Stoppard – Traveties
Stoppard – Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
NEW Blessing - A Walk in the Woods
Henley – Crimes of the Heart (2 copies)
NEW Sorkin - A Few Good Men
NEW Martin - Picasso at the Lapin Agile
NEW Corrie/Rickman - My Name is Rachel Corrie

NEW Seussical: The Musical - Vocal Selections
NEW Wicked - Piano/Vocal selections
NEW Pirates of Penzance - Full score
NEW Musical Theater Anthology for Teens
. . Young Women's edition (with CD)
. . Young Men's edition (with CD)
. . Duets

A Chorus Line (Garrett)
Sweeney Todd (Frierson)
Sunday in the Park with George (2 copies)
Into the Woods (2 copies)
NEW Urinetown

Comedia dell’Arte – Rudlin
The Stanislavski System - Moore
Respect for Acting – Hagen

Dream (RSC) – DVD
Dream (Kline, etc…) – DVD
Much Ado (Branagh) – DVD
Phantom – DVD
Salesman (Hoffman) – DVD
R+J (Luhrmann) – DVD
Richard III (McKellan) – DVD (Frierson)
Macbeth (McKellan) – DVD (Frierson)
Othello (Branagh) –DVD
Henry V (Branagh) – DVD (Frierson)
NEW Kiss Me, Kate - DVD
NEW Sunset Blvd. - DVD
NEW Apartment - DVD (Quiel)
NEW Penzance(Stage version w/ Kline) - DVD
Into the Woods - DVD
Snnday/George - DVD

07 July 2006

Regionals scenes...too soon? NO!!!

Hey all... I want folks to start thinking about scenes to be prepping for regionals in Feb of '07. I am not saying "get off book" right now, but I am saying think about scenes that might be fun or intense, or GOOD and run them once or twice - get a sense of how long they take - get a sense of whether they work for the kind of space we have in a competition setting.

I know I have encouraged Adam C and Milla to work up the scene from the Workshop Audition using of mice and men. I would also like people to be looking at a few select specific other items: a strong female voice for "No Good Deed" from Wicked (clocks in at about 3 1/2 minutes), a possible Kate / Petruchio scene as adapted for the TV series "Moonlighting" episode "Atomic Shakespeare" (male/female duo - still looking for a script), a duo musical of "Amazing Mayzie" and "Amazing Gertrude" from Seussical, perhaps the group acting of the bunkhouse fight from of mice and men. Also consider material from Spamalot! & The Last 5 Years, since we have the piano music for those available now.


26 June 2006

Summer Workshop Cast

The cast list is UP over on the Workshop blog

Remember, Summer Workshop has it's own site for the duration. We are still moving forward on A Midsummer Night's Dream on the main stage. More info in July once my internet connectivity improves!!

23 June 2006

My Name is Bruce

Some of our troupe went to a casting call for the local production from Dark Horse Indie - My Name Is Bruce directed by and starring Bruce Campbell, known to many as Autolycus in Hercules, the Legendary Journeys and to many more as Ash in Evil Dead and sequels (Army of Darkness being my personal fave).

Word has it several will be working on the film, which goes into principal photography in July. So when the film opens, make sure to attend and look for a familiar face or three!!!

16 June 2006

Bowmer Project: We're In!!

Dear John Doty,

Congratulations! You and a group of your students have been accepted to participate in The Bowmer Project for Student Playgoers.

Our first seminar for teachers is scheduled on Saturday, November 18 from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Our second seminar for teachers is scheduled on Friday, March 2 - Sunday, March 4. We will attend a lecture and a performance of As You Like It and On The Razzle during these sessions. In September, we will be in touch with a few more details about the plays.

In the fall you will receive a copy of As You Like It and On The Razzle and suggestions for teaching the plays. Additional curriculum materials will be presented at the teachers’ workshops.

You and your students will attend On The Razzle followed by a post show discussion on either Wednesday, March 7 or Thursday, March 15, 2006. And on Thursday, March 22, Wednesday, March 28 or Wednesday, April 4, 2006, you will attend a backstage tour and As You Like It followed by a post show discussion. The OSF education staff will assign the dates that you and your students will attend the performances. Just a reminder, you and your students are expected to attend all workshops, plays, the tour and the debriefing.

We are very excited that you will be a part of this program for students in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Siskiyou Counties. Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment. Please call us if you have any questions.


06 June 2006

Summer Workshop COMPANY

The following Nine persons are selected on the strength of their prepared material and cold reads to be part of the Summer Workshop. The next few days will be focused on selecting a script.

Kayla Garrett, Jenny Warren, Erin Ebert, Brianna Houck, Camilla Whitney, and Hillary Burrelle
Jacob Schatz, Adam Chimeo, Nik Horaites, and Garrett Frierson


All Additional Workshop news will appear on the Summer Workshop site

05 June 2006

Summer Workshop Site

The Summer Workshop will have it's own blog site here. Note there is also a permalink (UPDATE: seemingly only working in Firefox and Safari...too bad, IE users) up under the masks.

Workshop Auditions are Monday and Tuesday from 4pm. Casting will be done by the end of the week. Script Selection will be on or before the last day of school. Casting will post here on the main Tornado Theater site, but for all else, go to the summer workshop page!!

01 June 2006

Thespian Inductions & Tornado Theater Awards

Last night, Troupe #358 inducted 30 new members, as well as giving the 7 current members of the troupe their ceremonial induction. Welcome to the new members:
Seniors Ashley Biele, Adam Broud, Arick Christopher, Alyssa Hutley, Justine Jensen, Brittany Kirkendoll, Chanelle Pedersen, Jessie Sarver, Jason Schelin, & Kate Warren; Juniors Devon Bignell, JJ Bowdish, Garrett Frierson, Nik Horaites, Bless Lee, Trevor Robison, Russell Wonsley, Mitchell Wiuff, & Dug Yun; Sophomores Adam Chimeo, Erin Ebert, Nichole Henselman, & Katie Sparks; and Freshmen Taylor Ashley, Kelsey Dye, Kayla Garrett, Chase Medeiros, Chantell Munoz, & Jacob Schatz.
Also our congratulations to Heidi Quiel, who "among many of worth and merit, best exemplified the motto, 'Act well your part, there all the honor lies'" and is honored as the Outstanding Thespian of 2006 for Troupe #358.

Thanks to all who made this season possible. Keep an eye here for the announcements concerning next season's productions.

19 May 2006

Funny, Grim, Funny - and ideally in the public domain...

Next year's play poll, which isn't 100% "We are down to these three" yet, for any of the three dates, is leaning hard to Antigone and Penzance with Dream and Much Ado neck and neck. Why so much public domain content? Well we paid about $2000 in Rights this year, and it occurs to me that we might use a season without such expense as a way to generate some seed money for the program.

The hope is to do something very FUN to kick off the main stage season in November, then to shift gears and really give the actors and designers something to chew on with one of the classic Greek pieces. All three in the poll are very grim, and on the whole, the grim Greek stuff seems to work for me better than the comedies, so, there it is... The spring production (as of now) may not actually be a musical -- the school district funds a musical every other year and 06-07 is our off year. But we are working on that :).

If you are not familiar with the plot of any of the proposed scripts, I suggest a little time with Google (at the very least), but you might also consider some light summer reading.

12 May 2006

Some Choices for Next Year...

NOW with Added PLOT SUMMARY Links!!!

Free polls from Pollhost.com
Next Year? Select THREE...
 FALL: A Midsummer Night's Dream  FALL: Taming of the Shrew  FALL: Much Ado About Nothing  WINTER: Antigone  WINTER: Agemnemnon  WINTER: Medea  SPRING: Pirates of Penzance  SPRING: Wizard of Oz  SPRING: Sound of Music  OTHER - explain in Comments

I've knocked Shrew off the the list as a certain other rather large theater company locally will be doing it next season...

04 May 2006

Troupe #358 News

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Troupe #358

  • Camilla Whitney - President
  • Nik Horaites - Vice President
  • Sami Pollock - Secretary
  • Katie Sparks - Clerk
  • Hillary Burrelle - Historian

This quintet will officially assume duties as of the Induction on May 31, though for two jobs unoccupied currently (clerk and secretary) some tasks are already being taken on.

28 April 2006

Three Midnights Gone...

WOW. House of nearly 300 and a near flawless performance. Wonderful!

See everyone at 5pm tomorrow!

Two Midnights Gone...

Yestereve was opening night for several of us in the doubled roles - a swap of old and young witch, of Cinderella and the mother in the tree, and of the wolf!

tech was generally smoother (though for some set dressing that fell off of one house, each time it moved).

We missed a few more lines and notes than opening night, but in all, still a solid outing and I doubt anyone went away feeling anything but pleased. I know folks who were at both nights who noted the difference, but indicated it did NOT impact the enjoyment of the show.

Half way there! Stay healthy!

27 April 2006

One Midnight Gone...

Ladies and Gentlemen, well done! three to go!

The reviews are coming in:

  • "What a wonderful, totally captivating night of entertainment." -- Carolyn Hayes
  • "What a terrific show! Congratulations to all the kids...!" -- Doug McKenzie

Get notes from me and Mr Warren during the day today - not many. I have tech notes, too, so again SEE ME. Finally, we hope to have the jumpers built to light Mom's Tree and get the stand lights into dimmer control for tonight.

See you soon!!

26 April 2006

Break a Leg

Opening Night tonight, folks! We've got a lot hof hours under our belts on this one and I am looking forward to four great shows!

Have fun, act well, and let's bring it in a success!

19 April 2006

Days - Into the Woods split cast members

Based upon preferences expressed and discussions had, the following performance dates will feature particular cast members:

Weds & Friday
Cinderella - Camilla
Old Witch - Kate
Young Witch - Hillary
Wolf - Garrett
Cinderella's Mother - Chanelle

Thurs & Sat
Cinderella - Chanelle
Old Witch - Hillary
Young Witch - Kate
Wolf - Nik
Cinderella's Mother - Camilla

Brianna is now Jack's Mom for the full run and Alyssa is Granny for the full run

17 April 2006

Cast changes

Update: 4-19

Several cast changes from the original published list.

Brittany K will portray Red Riding Hood EVERY night while Brianna and Alyssa appear as Granny on the nights they are not being Jack's Mother.

JJ has moved into the role of the Steward, after having been originally cast as a wedding guest and working as the ASM on the fly loft side.

We are sad to announce Hannah and Justine will not appear. The decision (theirs, not ours) was difficult, but we are accepting of the choice. We are pleased, though, that they will both be on stage for the Short Scenes night from the theater classes (5/19 & 5/20).

Into the Woods Schedule

Into the Woods Schedule
Monday, 4/17
4pm Main Stage: Run Act I open and finale WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm END

Tuesday, 4/18
4pm Main Stage: Run Act II open and finale WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm END

Wednesday, 4/19
4pm Main Stage: Run Act I entire WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm Tech – Sound/Lights
9pm END

Thursday, 4/20
4pm Main Stage: Run Act II entire WITH ORCHESTRA
7pm Tech – Sound/Lights
9pm END

Friday, 4/21
4pm Main Stage: Run SHOW
End time possibly as late as 9pm

Saturday, 4/22
4pm Main Stage: Wet Tech – Queue to Queue (nearly full) run with performers (PLEASE ORCHESTRA), no costumes
End time possibly as late as 9pm

Sunday, 4/23
Discuss Availability for a Sunday mid afternoon rehearsal – we only need ONE of each double cast role and partial running crew. Need to know by Weds.

PRODUCTION WEEK – Monday and Tuesday, we run on SHOW timing, meaning: run starts at 6:30pm and should go 3 hours with some over-run anticipated for polishing moments. Be in full costume and makeup for both days. Anticipate needing to arrive at the theater at or before 5pm depending on your makeup complexity (old women and wolf MUST be earlier)

09 April 2006

State Conference - Aftermath!

Great Event - Hannah and Adam were part of the All State Musical Number ("One" from A Chorus Line)

Hannah's scores (on two score sheets, with eight total marks, five were Superior) merit her continuing on to the National Conference in June if she wishes and can find funding ($500ish, not including travel) - more on that later.

The NMHS One Act entry was one of five (or six?) that earned two or more Superior ratings and was awarded a certificate and mentioned at closing ceremonies.

FIRST, Thanks to my Troupe, for being such a cool group to spend a weekend with.

SECOND, Thanks to my wonderful volunteer drivers, Lori and Abby Quiel, who made the whole thing work NEARLY flawlessly!!

Special thanks to Jesuit, who as a troupe was very present for and complimentary of our One Act entry.

Compliments to South Eugene's Urinetown and Westview's Brighton Beach Memoirs. Liza's 'Hope' and Chip's 'Lockstock'...and (grrr...lost the program, 'Cladwell', 'Pennywise', 'Little Sally' and 'Bobby Strong') were amazing in the Friday evening show - but honestly, not a weak spot in the whole group! 'Eugene' and 'Kate' absolutely ROCKED in BBM and the rest of the ensemble was very strong on Thursday night, as well. I would love to compliment Centennial's Handful of Rainbows, but we didn't see it, opting instead to get in rehearsals for our one act - so we owe 1114 an audience sometime soon! While commending performers, I want to add that the showcasers were all marvelous, but I want particularly to single out three(and forgive me that I don't know names): solo acting from Klamath Union (went Thurs night), solo music from Grant(?), and the mime trio from Phoenix (my fellow #1777s!!!).

Big thanks to the folks who welcomed me in my first Conference as a sponsor - particularly Jeff Hall from Jesuit and John Remington from Pendleton, as well as my fellow way-southers, Betsy Bishop (Ashland) and Sharon Michaelson (Phoenix). Not to say folks weren't ALL wonderful, I just found myself in conversation with these folks more often and it was all useful, positive, etc...

HUGE props to our hosts at South Salem HS, troupe 577, and Julianna Gibbons. We hope to see you all again next year!!

And looking forward now to Improv Festival at Sunset in September and Regionals at Grants Pass next Feb!

06 April 2006

State Conference - Day one

Hannah has done her Showcase audition, Hillary is getting ready for hers.

We are in the Mazama Room, rehearsing for the One Act marathon... Original hotel fell thru (reservations for wrong nights?!?), but we are in the new Howard Johnson's on Mission and got a FAR better per room rate for a much newer facility.

More later.

[UPDATE] Neither Han nor Hills made the Showcase :(, though both did do very well... We still love 'em!!

26 March 2006

Baker's Wife = Pageant Queen!

NMHS senior and soon-to-be inducted Thespian Jessie Sarver had a good night on our stage last night!! Congratulations to the 2006 Pear Blossom Queen! Jessie, who will be featured in next weekend's Parade, earned a $2000 scholarship as a result of her selection. She will also share the same Sjolund Stage the final weekend in April with the cast of Into the Woods, performing two nights in the role of "The Baker's Wife" - a role which brought a Tony Award to Joanna Gleason in the original Broadway run of the show. The other two performances will feature Hannah Burns in the role. Hannah also sported a crown earlier this year as NMHS' Homecoming Queen.

24 March 2006

Into the Woods Schedule

Friday, 3/31 & Saturday, 4/1
10am - ?? Building/Tech – Main Stage and Scene Shop

Sunday, 4/2
12n - ?? Building/Tech – Main Stage and Scene Shop

Monday, 4/3
4pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 1 (#40-#48)
4pm Choir Room (Sean): Agony (both takes) – Princes
5pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (partial) (#49-#54)
6pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (cont) (#55-#59)

Tuesday, 4/4
4pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (cont) (#60-#62)
4pm Choir Room (Sean): Agony (both takes) – Princes
5pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (cont) (#63-#67)
5pm Choir Room (Sean): Our Little World – Witches, Rapunzel
6pm Main Stage: Act II, Scene 2 (Finale) (#68-#72)

Wednesday, 4/5
3pm Main Stage: Act I, Scene 1 (#1- #9)
4pm Main Stage: Act I, Scene 2 (#10-#22)
5pm Main Stage: Act I, Scenes 3-4 (#23-35)

Thursday, 4/6
OFF – Performing Arts Trips

Friday, 4/7
OFF – Performing Arts Trips

REMEMBER - GOING TO MISS? CALL or risk being re-cast!!

16 March 2006

2006-2007 Season...what do we want to do??

I am starting to put together my 2006-2007 season proposal to Mr Burrelle and am seeking suggestions. Please use the Comments link to offer scripts YOU would like to see. I can tell you we are going for FUNNY in the fall, so don’t be suggesting …of mice and men. Like this year, at least one piece will be Public Domain (meaning OLD), because the costs are so much less.

The department-sponsored production ANTICIPATED dates are planned as follows (district calender will not firm anything until April):

  • Summer Workshop - Audition May 22,23; Rehearse from Jul 31; Run Sep 14-16 (three shows, Little Theater) - cast will be 10 or fewer.
  • Fall Play - Audition Sep 18,19; Rehearse from Sep 22; Run Nov 15-18 (five shows, Main Stage)
  • Winter Play - Audition Dec 14,15; Rehearse from Jan 8; Run Feb 22-24 (three shows, Main Stage)
  • Spring Musical - Audition Feb 26,27; Rehearse from Mar 2; Run Apr 25-28 (four shows, Main Stage)
  • Short Scenes – Scenes Selected Apr 9, Run May 18 OR 19 (different each night, Little Theater)

Additionally, the Little Theater is available for Student Productions (by application) for the following ANTICIPATED dates: Oct 19-21 (you will want to cast during 1st week of school) and Mar 15-17 (cast at end of Jan)

Also remember: Improv Festival (late Sept), Regional Acting (early Feb), and State Conference (right after Spring Break)

13 March 2006

Into the Woods Schedules up

Check FA6 or FA1 for Schedule information - blocking and initial discussions of production scope on main stage staring this week, and musical rehearsals ongoing in choir room. Cast members with open 5th or 7th blocks are invited to join Intro Theater Arts classes in building and other tech tasks.

03 March 2006

Live blogging - Arsenic!

We are about 8 minutes in, Teddy has just brought in his trumpet for the first time...Justine is a GAS. fun fun. nice house, Adam added chairs tonight, and the audience is far fewer students and many more adults.

[Update 6:49] - Hills and Justine plotting alone for a time... Garrett -wow - yer nuts.

[Update 6:55] - Nik found the body...WooT! "We know" zoiks!!

[Update 7:10] - Jonathan has arrived, along with the good doctor. Tearing myself away from the show to update is hard to do, as it's very engaging.

[Update 8:08] - Second Intermission: (I went on a Quest for Programs during the first) So the body count has gone from one in the window seat to twelve in the cellar and trail around the world of another dozen... Some creative editing to cover a dropped scene was seamless to those who don't know the play - Very well covered! Abby and Martha are so adorably whacko, and poor Elain - she has no idea how this family really works, does she? Much good chatter - very full house room is too full to get a count, so instead I'll count EMPTY seats :)

[Update 8:15] - Eight empty seats in the house. Wow.

[Update 8:39] - Chimeo. that is all I have to say!

28 February 2006

Come see Arsenic & Old Lace

Opening Thursday and running thru Saturday, 6:30 curtain. In the Little Theater!

10 February 2006

Into the Woods Cast

Congratulations to the cast of the Spring Musical - the official "Announcement Posting" is here as a .pdf.

More soon!

09 February 2006



  • Wednesday - 4pm FULL RUN followed by tech call - Do Not Leave w/o being measured
  • Thursday - 4pm FULL RUN followed by tech call
  • Friday - 4pm FULL RUN followed by tech call
  • Saturday - 10am Tech Call DRY tech Q2Q; 4pm FULL CAST FULL RUN (Wet Tech - plan to remain until 8pm)
  • Sunday - 10am Tech Call - Lights and Sound - Levels


  • Monday (NO SCHOOL)- 10am Tech until 2pm, 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Tuesday - Teasers All Day 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Wednesday - OPEN DRESS 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Thursday - OPENING 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Friday - 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Saturday - 5:30 ACTORS, 7:00 CURTAIN
  • Sunday - STRIKE STAGE for Vegas Magic Act - 10am until clear - ALL HANDS

05 February 2006

Regional Competition Notes - UPDATED

CONGRATS to State Qualifiers Hillary Burrelle (Solo Acting) and Hannah Burns (Solo Musical)!
Congrats also to Regional Finalists Adam Broud & Nik Horaites (Duo Comedic) and Brianna Houck (Solo Acting)!

Best in Round mentions: Each of the above competitors was Best in round at least once, but beyond that, Kayla Garrett (Solo Acting - Novice), Chanelle Pederson (Solo Musical), and Chanelle Pederson & Camilla Whitney (Duo Musical) earned best in round mentions, too.

Some weirdness - Hannah scored as a no-show in solo acting during one round, one judges eval of Nik & Adam was... something..., a tremendous range of scores for Justine's solo acting, and, well... yeah - but judging in all things is subjective - and in looking over the summary sheets, there were several judges who were simply sterner that others. If you happened to draw one or two of them and someone else didn't draw any of the 'tough ' ones, well - luck of the draw!

But it was fun - and woo!! set and other tech notes on South Eugene's R&J, which we saw an hour long extended preview of...

22 January 2006

Tempest Schedule - delayed

Important points (for FULL Schedule, check the Board in FA6)

BUILDING 10AM - 2PM Friday
Acting Call 2pm to 6 pm Friday (2 sessions, confirm which you are called for in FA6)

BUILDING 10AM - 4PM Saturday

12 January 2006

Into the Woods Auditions

Auditions for Acting/Singing for Into the Woods will take place on February 6 & 7, Pit Orchestra auditions are February 8, Acting/Singing Call-backs (if needed) will be held on Feb 9.

Acting/Singing Audition sign-up sheet will post in the FA 6 Lobby on Thursday morning, January 26. Please sign up for a 10 minute block. Auditions will be held Feb 6 & 7 on the main stage from 4pm until approximately 7pm. You will be expected to perform a 1 minute prepared acted piece, do a cold read, and sing. Questions about the acting portion should be directed to Mr. Doty, questions about the singing portion should be directed to Mr. Reppert.
Orchestra Audition sign up sheet will post in FA 3 on Thursday morning, January 26. further information soon - check back here.
CALL BACK lists will post on Wednesday afternoon during audition week for a Thursday evening session of approximately 2 hours, starting at 4pm.

11 January 2006

Tempest Schedule


  • 4 pm call - Read Thru - Full Cast

Tuesday (1/10): OFF

Wednesday (1/11):

  • 4pm call - Ariel, Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand
  • 6pm call - NONE

Thursday (1/12):

  • 4pm call - Alonso, Gonzalo, Francisco, Antonio, Sebastian
  • 6pm call - NONE
Friday (1/13):
  • 4pm call - Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo, Ariel, Prospero
  • 6pm call - NONE
Saturday (1/14):
  • 10am call - NOT REQUIRED - Cleaning and shop prep; food for people who put in 3+ hours. Finished at 4pm.
Sunday (1/15): OFF
Monday (1/16):
  • 10am call - NOT REQUIRED - Cleaning and shop prep - some building; no food. Finished at 2pm.
Tuesday (1/17):
  • 4pm call - Ariel, Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand, Caliban
  • 6pm call - Alonso, Gonzalo, Francisco, Antonio, Sebastian, Airy Spirits
Wednesday (1/18):
  • 3pm - shop prep & building
  • 4pm call - Boatswain, Master, Alonso, Gonzalo, Francisco, Antonio, Sebastian
  • 6pm call - Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo, Ariel, Prospero
Thursday (1/19):
  • 4pm call - Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo, Ariel, Prospero
  • 6pm call - Ariel, Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand, Caliban, Ceres, Iris, Juno
Friday (1/20):
  • 4pm call - Boatswain, Master, Alonso, Gonzalo, Francisco, Antonio, Sebastian, Ariel, Airy Spirits;
  • 6pm call - NONE
Saturday (1/21):
  • 2pm call - BUILDING. Finished at 6pm.
Sunday (1/22): OFF

Tempest Cast List

Congratulations to the following performers who've been cast for the Winter 2005 Performing Arts Department production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest:

  • Alonso – Jason Schelin
  • SebastianBrianna Houck Jordan Goodin
  • Prospero – Alex Ragsdale
  • Antonio - Kyle Dolmage
  • Ferdinand – Russell Wonsley
  • Gonzalo – Taylor Ashley
  • Francisco – Jacob Schatz
  • Caliban – Garrett Frierson
  • Trinculo – Chase Medeiros
  • Stephano – Alyssa Hutley
  • Miranda – Heidi Quiel
  • Ariel – Ria Moli
  • Boatswain – Mitchell Wiuff
  • Master– Nic Henselman
  • CeresCamilla Whitney Brianna Houck
  • Iris – Kayla Garrett
  • Juno – Ashlee Klemp
  • Mariners / Airy Spirits – Katie Sparks, Ashley Moore, Chantell Munoz, Rebekkah Folsom, Tawnie Campbell, Ana Heller

As you can see, Ferdinand is not yet cast. Depending on who becomes available, several cast members may be shifted to different roles, rotating the new person into a currently filled role and a current cast member into Ferdinand. Jordan Goodin read for Ferdinand Monday morning and came to the read thru and was offered the role. This morning, however, Camilla had to withdraw from the production and Brianna moved over into Milla's role... Russell Wonsley's availability coincidentally opened up yesterday evening.

After considering options, I have offered Ferdinand to Russell and am asking Jordan to shift into the vacated Sebastian.

Hopefully more detail on Monday. Monday will also see a read-thru starting at 4pm and going until finished. Scripts will be available starting Monday morning in FA6
Schedule Notes: Thursday (4pm) - Alonso, Gonzalo, Francisco, Antonio, Sebastian; Friday (4pm) - Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo, Ariel, Prospero

09 January 2006

Tempest Script

Lost your copy? Want to print JUST your pages? Download it here (.pdf format).

02 January 2006

Ready for Tomorrow?!?

School is back! Yay!! No, really!! :)

And Red Day, so Theater clases from start to finish!

And Auditions!

See you all very soon!