12 December 2005

Tempest Auditions - specific expectations

First - Roles Available:

  • Males - Prospero (major), Caliban (major, stunts), Antonio, Sebastian, Ferdinand, Alonso
  • Females - Ariel (major, sings, stunts), Miranda, Ceres (minor, sings), Iris (minor, sings), Juno (minor, sings)
  • Either - Stephano (sings, stunts), Trinculo (sings, stunts), Adrian (minor, poss stunts), Francisco (minor, poss stunts), Boatswain (minor, stunts), Mariners (non-speaking, stunts), Airy Spirits (non-speaking, stunts)

Second - Preparation:

  • Monologue - show me you can speak and ACT Shakespeare with something from the Bard or the period - 1 minute minimum, 2 minute maximum. Memorized - not like some read parts from Fall Auditions.
  • Movement - if you are auditioning for a part that includes 'stunts', we'd like to see you move - something acrobatic, gymnastic, or dance. If you don't have something prepared, we will give you something - expect to remain an extra 15 to 20 minutes to get it ready and show us.
  • Singing - if you are auditioning for a part that 'sings', we need to know you can carry a tune, or at least tackle a melody with confidence (several of the singers needn't be tuneful)

Third - Availability

  • This show will rehearse early evenings (6pm to 8pm, usually) with some stunt rehearsals earlier in the day (4pm to 6pm). If you are cast as a player with stunt demands, you may be needed for 4 hours on some nights. Do not presume that your juggled work schedule and other commitments will be accomodated by rehearsal times.
  • For the purposes of safety, ALL persons cast in stunt demand roles will be expected at every related stunt rehearsal - for Ariel, this will be particularly demanding. Please speak with me if you have questions.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Doty,
I always have questions, you should know that by now ....;)

So, prior commitments like swim team? Because that would conflict on wed.-fri. after school stunt rehearsals....and swim team ends usually around valentines day. And I really really really want ariel, which I think you know already. So I guess I can just talk to you in class tomorrow. And of course, this is brianna. What is this, like my personal talk-to-Doty page? :)........wow I should go write my paper

see you in class

John said...

Only cuz few others are using it... HINT, others, USE THIS as a talk to Doty page!

I would guess swim and Ariel could coordinate, assuming you get the role (remember, it is a highly sought job and you aren't the only talent in the school... and others of you reading, neither are you - nothing is set, everyone needs to come in prepared in Jan)

Anywho. More details to come.

Anonymous said...

thank you Doty for not seting things in stone before auditions. it is nice to see that a teacher doesn't pick favorits to always play the leading parts, but it is baised on talent. thank you agian.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by dance or movement? and what kind of thing do we need to have prepared? what are you looking for in the dance we prepare? (sorry for all the questions). and do we need to prepare something to sing or are you going to give us something?
P.S I hope your brack is going good :)

John said...

So - dance and movement and singing...

IF you are trained in dance, go ahead and do something like a 32 count thing...no big

If not, we'll have some suggestions for things to prepare during your waiting time, and don't sweat that they aren't polished.

Singing - prepare a song of any kind - I just want to know if you can carry a tune, project, sing with confidence (even sans tune carrying). Honestly, Happy Birthday would be fine.

And break is going great!