07 December 2005

It's Dec 7...do you know where your dog is?

In the finest Doty tradition, another blog entry about a stray (two earlier posts can be found on my old personal site, from July of this year and July of last year).

This girl was on campus today, very skittish and underfed. Ashlee, JJ and I tried to get her, but she bolted south to the neighborhood beyond the little Keeneway Alley.

A nice woman (Tina) on Honeysuckle with a super cute black Cocker Spaniel helped by luring this beast to her yard and feeding her, then calling me. We've given the temporary name "Harbor" in honor of the day, and are looking for owners (found ads and calls to shelters). More news as we get it.


Anonymous said...
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John said...

Thanks Bri - took your phone number down now - comment is hidden!!