05 December 2005

Auditions - UPDATED

Tempest Auditions will be IMMEDIATELY following Winter Break. Sign Up sheets are now up at the call board - Jan 3, 4 pm to 6:30 pm Jan 4, same times. If you have schedule issues with the available times, comment here and we may arrange for something else.

Auditions will include a prepared (meaning MEMORIZED) piece of at least one minute and not exceeding two minutes length. People auditioning for Ariel, Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo will need to demonstrate movement and singing, as well.

I suggest your audition piece be Shakespeare or a contemporary of Shakespeare (Marlowe, say) to demonstrate you can do the language. Accents are NOT required (and may do you more harm than good). If you bring a modern piece, I may ask you to read something from Shakespeare cold.

The audition itself will include me and two pre-production staff, likely NOT associated with NMHS (auditioning in front of strangers is a GOOD thing).

Arsenic and Old Lace auditions will be BEFORE winter break, Wednesday of the final school week of 2005. Sign-up sheets are up in FA6, and check with Adam Broud for more details.

Arsenic auditions are from scenes from the show. Copies are available in the FA 6 Lobby.

Both shows will rehearse at close to the same time, so being in both is HIGHLY unlikely, if not impossible.


Anonymous said...

when will you have a rehearsal schedule for the tempest? i'm assuming after auditions...but would it be possible for you to post one over vacation....maybe? pretty please with something heavily caffeinated on top?

John said...

draft Rehearsal Schedule will go up during winter break and will formalize after casting is complete.

For now, anticipate various stunt/safety rehearsals for approx 2 hours following school and acting rehearsals in the early evening.

The shipwreck and Ariel flying will be the stunt rehearsals and they will likely be daily. Ariel will be a schedule-demanding role, as she is going to be onstage in nearly every scene (even when not scripted to speak, expect to have her added in as a worker of magic).

The Airy Spirits can also expect twice weekly choreography work, even when they aren't scheduled for the main stage rehearsal.

Anonymous said...

hey its ashley...haha hope i did good well actully i know i sucked today haha...but ill sing for you 2mor. maybe as my 2nd chance haha...