01 December 2005

Assignments - Now 'til break


Reading: "The Tempest" (scripts available 12/01)
Lighting Design for "The Tempest" (block 5 focused on Acts I & II, block 7 on III, IV, V)

  • Scene breakdown due Dec 9
  • stage map with instrument options due Dec 13

Memorized piece, in preparation for Tempest auditions, Jan 3 & 4

  • ANY Shakespeare monologue - duration 1 1/2 minutes, ideal
  • In Class Performance (twice required) week of Dec 12
  • AUDITIONS for "The Tempest"

Prep for Regional Acting Competition

  • category Auditions (if needed) Jan 12
  • All Intro students, whether they intend to ACTUALLY compete or not, need to prepare at least ONE competition pieces (solo, duo, group, mime, musical) and perform in class on or before Jan 12.


As above, plus SECOND competition piece for Regionals.

Set/Production Design for "The Tempest" (rather than lighting)

  • Ariel flight rigging
  • Shipwreck
  • Sound FX
  • Prospero's Cell and the Island

Preliminary sketches, ideas, notes due Dec 9 (share set thoughts to Intro Classes who have lighting projects)Detailed preproduction work before winter break


Anonymous said...

hey doty
so about the regional acting competition.....its not a required thing, right? specifically intro students dont have to participate...right? also, is there any chance at all that those who do not audition will be handed parts for Tempest? because my good friend mr. grapevine has been saying some very different things, and the picture has become a bit muddled. any light you can shed on the situation would be helpful...thanks!

John said...

No part handing out... Audition for consideration for any speaking role. Hand-outs for airy spirit and mariners are dependent on who does or doesn't show and numbers needs (like a few of the non-speaking Dead or wedding guests in Our Town).

As for regionals - all Intro and Advanced students need to have SOMETHING of competition format, even if they have no intention of going. Neither Intro OR Advanced students need to compete, just prepare a competition format piece before Jan 12.

Mr. Grapevine rarely knows anything, btw... always check with me, instead :)

Anonymous said...

Doty, for prospero do you want creepy magic or almost hallaluia god like. i think he could go either way cause he is the god like figure in the play. get back to me please

Anonymous said...

hey doty
i know i know i know that mr. grapevine doesnt know anything...but he sure talks a lot. just a suggestion: you may want to make it clear to all of your students about the regional acting competition. because the majority of them think that as long as they are not competing, they do not need to prepare anything. just thought you'd like to know.....
thanks for responding so speedily. it is much appreciated by my nerves. poor things are always freaking out anyway....

Anonymous said...

I HATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( HE, HE, HE )
P.S. i asctually am looking forward to the tempest set stuff

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Doty,
The lighting assignment you gave your Intro classes is due tomorrow, I know, but I've just run into some problems, and this is my only means of reaching you. Do we have to have a page of notes per scene? Or per act? or per I don't know what?

John said...

You need to have notes for each scene - depending on what your design thoughts are, that might amount to about a page and a half to two pages total, but it may not. For the period 5 group, you have just over 20 pages of text to deal with, for period 7, you have just under 20 pages. Both groups have some FX heavy scenes (magic, storms, etc...)

Focus on what the ambient light is (day, stormy, clear, evening - the script gives you the hints you need) and then see if the natural light is in anyway going to be altered by the supernatural in the script - magic sleep, magic capture, magic confusion, etc...

Anonymous said...

hey doty~
bree again. so ash and I are doing sound......and you have our rough rough rough preliminary stuff. and I saw lights on this evening, so I tried pounding down the doors, but to no avail. so what exactly are you looking for from us? composing is not always the easiest thing to do, you know. I think we can get it all done, and have a few pieces ready for before break and some for auditions.......but can you give me a deadline> I have time mangaement problems......yeah, obviously, and so deadlines help and scare me. so i'll set one- I'll have at least two pieces ready for you before break.

ok, don't kill me if I'm like not up to par tomorrow cuz it's late and I'm exhausted and brianna w. just reminded me that I have like a whole freakin chapter of ap euro homework
night doty