05 November 2005

Points, Letters, Thespians

a lot of questions over the past week about "how do I get a Varsity letter in Theater?"

Based upon the Student Handbook, Theater Arts doesn't give a letter, but since the other performing arts (Band, Orchestra, Choir) all do, I think an argument can be made.

Conversely, the other performing arts groups do not have an international organization that particpation gains membership in.

I am under the impression that I am going to base a letter, should one be OKed, on the same criteria the Thespian Society uses to award ITS Points.

10 Points qualifies someone as a Thespian - for MOST productions, a single Major Role, exceptionally executed, will qualify (8 pts for the role and up to 2 discretionary points from the sponsor for the quality of the effort) - given the six week prooduction schedule, such a role would be the equivalent of being on a team, from a time commitment PoV. So, my tenetative thought is sophomores or older who 'make thespian' (10 points) will letter - freshmen will have a slightly steeper hill - if they manage thespian plus a star (20 points) as freshmen, they will letter.

More later...

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Anonymous said...

Mr Doty. Here is the link for the pictures.


there the first five. If theres something you dont like about them please contact me at


And also about the Letter thing, i did one show freshman year as an extra. But with this role and helping out do you think ill letter?