15 November 2005


Alys, Hills, Bree, Adam, Russ & Han, Nik & 'Stine, Garrett, Dug, Jace, Katie, Ash, other Ash, Chase, Jess, Trev, Chanelle and Chantell... and Heidi, Milla, Nic, Jake, and other other Ash - my wonderful dead people! And Sami, Ayla, and Carissa!

You rock - five shows, four days - break legs!


Anonymous said...

Opening night - wow! Congrats and break a leg, all! I can't wait to see the show this weekend. Have fun!!

Jennifer (Doty's fiancee)

John said...

Great first night!! We are post-show, milling about the auditorium...well done, all!!!

Anonymous said...

yes yes it was a good opening. some people were down about the audience size. but hey its a wednesday night...itll shoot up near the weekend.

I love this cast and its people.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Doty! For some reason I wasn't excused from my sixth block for teasers yesterday, wednesday, when I went with Hillary and Garrett. Could you do that so my mom doesn't bite my head off? I wouldn't do so well without a head, you know. Thanks so much!
I mean, Brianna

John said...

I emailed AS in attendance, your head should survive!