19 November 2005

Don't Come to My House

So...this morning's Mail Trib, on page C1 (Life - Things to Do) gives us a plug for the show.

Unfortunately, no one who reads said plug will SEE our show, instead they will visit my home. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

The Trib Contains Errors:
  • Location - NOT at North Medford HS, but rather, at my house... WRONG
  • Time - No Saturday Matinee listed, but a SUNDAY one is... WRONG
  • Location again - The John Doty NMHS Theater. Sorry Lynn Sjolund, I guess my monumental impact in the first three nights of my career warranted taking your name OFF the Auditorium... WRONG
Anyway - they do include this website (and my phone number, which a nice lady called at 9am to inform me there is no Eastwood Drive...(having owned a home there since 1998, this was of some surprise to me)) and I am hoping some folks will be perplexed enough to check one or the other and discover the following
FACTS about the remaining performances of "Our Town":
  • WHEN - 2pm and 7pm, SATURDAY, Nov 19, 2005
  • WHERE - the LYNN SJOLUND AUDITORIUM on the campus of NORTH MEDFORD HS, 1900 N Keeneway Drive, Medford, OR
  • and NO new NMHS THEATER in the residential neighborhood near Bear Creek Park in SOUTH Medford

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